What Body Type Am I? How To Explore Your Genetic Body Type

What Body Type Am I? How To Explore Your Genetic Body Type

Have you ever found yourself wondering: what body type am I?

Beyond the basic pear, apple, hourglass charts you’ll find in magazines, there are three basic somatotypes: endomorph, mesomorph, and ectomorph.

These three body types were first proposed by American psychologist William Herbert Sheldon 1940s. The somatotypes categorization is still relevant today, especially when it comes to identifying the best exercise and diet routines.

Are you ready to find out which of the three body types you possess? Read on to find out more. 

How Do You Know Your Body Type?

Most people don’t know much about their body type. But finding out more is simply a matter of asking yourself a few key questions. 

Start with your physical appearance. Are you quite tall and lean or round and somewhat plump?

Next, think about how your body responds to nutrition and exercise. For example, are you prone to gaining weight and find it hard to build muscle?

If you’d like to know: what body type am I, you’ll need to be honest with yourself.

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What Are The 3 Types Of Bodies?

Now that you know what to look for, it should be easier for you to identify your body type.

The three basic somatotypes have the following features:

1. Endomorph

Endomorphs tend to have a round physique with a large abdomen and short limbs. They often gain weight in the thighs and upper arms. And endomorphs usually have thin ankles and wrists.

The endomorphic metabolism makes it challenging for them to burn fat but easier to build muscle. 

2. Ectomorph

This somatotype can be described as linear. Ectomorphs are usually the tallest and leanest of the three types. An extreme representative may have a high forehead, thin face, and receding chin.

Overall, their bodies have lower muscle mass and very little body fat. Contrary to endomorphs, ectomorphs have a fast metabolism and may struggle to gain weight.

3. Mesomorph

People who are mesomorphs fall somewhere between ectomorphs and endomorphs. Their metabolism is optimal, which gives them an ability to control their weight easily with diet and exercise.

In addition, mesomorphs physical traits are tailored for athletic achievements. They have strong limbs with well-defined musculature.

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How Do I Know My Body Type For Females?

What’s my body type? If you are female, your body can also be categorized as endomorph, ectomorph, or mesomorph.

It’s slightly more challenging for females to determine their somatotype since the three primary body types were initially based on male waist to hip to shoulder ratios.

Women and men inherently have different body shapes and proportions. Women are more inclined to gather excess fat on their hips and buttocks, where men are more inclined to store fat in the abdomen.

Nevertheless, females can still determine their somatotype based on the way their body responds to diet and exercise.

Am I an endomorph, mesomorph, or ectomorph?

If you are still not sure about your body type, take a quick look in the mirror.

Extreme representations of each body type are quite rare. So you probably belong somewhere in between.

Nevertheless, there are a couple of common somatotype combinations.

Endo-ectomorphs usually have an apple-shaped physique. Their bodies tend to store excess fat in the torso and have lean legs.

Ecto-endomorphs are completely different. They mostly store excess fat in the thighs and hips and have very lean torsos.

Remember that the key to a truly healthy lifestyle is balance.

The key to staying healthy is your purpose. It’s not the how, everybody knows the how. It’s the why.

So, what’s your body type?