Vishen Lakhiani Transformed His Life With The Silva Ultramind System and Now, So Can You

Vishen Lakhiani Transformed His Life With The Silva Ultramind System and Now, So Can You


As a student, Vishen was so mind-blown with the Silva Method’s effects on his psyche, (not to mention his career success), that he felt inspired to share it with the world.

There’s no doubt about it–the silva secret’s out.

And while there are hundreds of ways you can manipulate your mind to become stronger, healthier, more productive and peaceful, we doubt there’s any other program in the world of psychology that comes close to this…

It goes by the name of The Silva Ultramind System.

What Is The Silva Ultramind System?

The Silva Ultramind System is a highly optimized framework for awakening your mind’s fullest potential. Based on ‘The Silva Method’, a pioneering mind empowerment methodology founded in 1960 by Jose Silva, the mind programming system has over 6 million students all over the world.

Comprised of brain-powered techniques for mind control, mental projection, inner peace and heightened awareness, the Silva Ultramind system is meditation, but not as you know it. 

Via an easy-to-follow process, the Silva Ultramind System guides you through the four primary states of human consciousness, allowing you to use them for performance and personal evolution.  

The four levels are:


Your default level of consciousness when you’re awake and alert.


A calm and receptive state experienced during relaxation and light sleep. The optimal state for learning, growth, and self-awareness.


The state of meditation and deep sleep. Enables enhanced introspection, self-hypnosis, mind-body healing, and more.


The deepest state of unconsciousness and dreamless sleep.

After decades of observation and research, the Silva Method has found that the Alpha and Theta levels of consciousness play the biggest roles in a person’s self-evolution. And that’s what the modern-day Silva Ultramind Quest by Vishen Lakhiani focuses upon. 

Undergoing rigorous studies, this system has been proven to evoke mental skills that are considered uncommon or even impossible for the average brain.

Where Did The Silva Method Come From?

The Silva Method was founded by José Silva in 1960, and has been expanding and evolving ever since. As a radio technician in Laredo, Texas, José’s passion for electronics was accompanied by a deep interest in subjects like psychology, hypnosis, intuition, and clairvoyance.

In the beginning, José was far from supported in his psychorientology studies. His findings were new, and therefore a threat to the world of science of the 50s–that at the time claimed the brain to be a mere computer-like organ producing useful (or unuseful) thoughts to aid human survival.

José claimed that, with the right scientific instruction, anyone could develop the ability to take control of their own life by tuning into crystal-clear, compass-like intuition, enhanced creativity and even psychic abilities. 

The key to unlocking all of these abilities was the surprisingly simple practice of manipulating brainwaves, that in turn, pave the way to higher states of consciousness.

So you can understand why Vishen Lakhiani wanted in. 

How Vishen Lakhiani Discovered The Silva Method

Vishen’s very first encounter with the Silva Method was when he was just 14 years old. But it was by no means on purpose. As he curiously explored his father’s study one afternoon, a copy of ‘The Silva Mind Control Method’ published in 1977 fell off the shelf and onto Vishen’s head!

If that’s not a sign, we don’t know what is. But just like the typical teen, he flicked through nonchalantly before returning to his Play Station. Luckily for him, Vishen came across the Silva Method again, but under very different circumstances.

Vishen Lakhiani stumbled across the Silva Method for the second time as a struggling over-the-phone Silicon Valley Salesman. With high hopes of living and performing at his peak (and landing more sales at the time), Vishen signed up for a crash weekend Silva Method course as a last resort.

Because, quite frankly, he was failing miserably at his job. And he was just about ready to throw in the towel on his dreams of becoming a successful young businessman that would make his family proud.

But from his rented college student’s sofa (that’s right, he couldn’t even afford to rent a bed), Vishen turned to Google in his time of need. And as if by magic, there was the Silva Method advertisement. The promises were steep.

‘Learn how to use the untapped power of your mind to increase your sales and income to put more money in your pocket.’

And the rest, as they say, is history.

From being rejected by hundreds of customers, hearing the words “f*ck off, kid” on a daily basis to doubling his sales in a matter of days, Vishen knew there was something very special about these particular mind programming techniques.

Through a combination of enhanced performance, a deeply calm disposition and razor-sharp intuition, Vishen blew his employers away. Although the Silva Method facilitated his unbelievable success in sales, Vishen went on to leave the corporate life of Silicon Valley to become a Silva Method instructor himself.

With the life-changing results he’d experienced, how could he not?

Vishen credits a lot of his personal and business success to the Silva Method, claiming that the techniques he learned facilitated the most mind-blowing manifestations in his life.

Bringing The Silva Ultramind To Mindvalley

The Silva Method, and soon after modernized Silva Ultramind System, boosted Vishen Lakhiani’s health, emotional wellbeing, finances and career. That’s why he was absolutely taken aback when the family of José Silva himself asked Vishen to become the new face of the Silva Ultramind System.

The Silva Ultramind System was one of José Silva’s last ever programs. The techniques he shared brought about even more clarity and structure to the already powerful Silva Method, and touchingly, a lot of the ideas came to him on his deathbed. 

So Vishen made a commitment to himself and the late José Silva there and then, that he’d spread the Silva word to as many people as possible.

Vishen Lakhiani transformed his life with the Silva Method, and now, so can you. 

Watch the First Lesson of the Silva Ultramind System Quest

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Written by
Amy White