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Kids, Teens & Parenting How Mindvalley Is Rethinking Education For Kids And Teens

How Mindvalley Is Rethinking Education For Kids And Teens


Today, schools don’t teach children how to thrive in the modern world; they teach children how to be good workers for an outdated one.

The modern school system is long past its expiration date. But at Mindvalley University, we’re offering kids and teens programs that are designed to provide them the tools they need to live a modern and fulfilling life.

About The Video

What do kids and teens need to learn in order to live their most fulfilling lives?

Today, schools don’t teach children how to thrive in the modern world; they teach children how to be good workers for an outdated one.

As Jim Kwik, Author of Mindvalley’s Superbrain Program explains, “School teaches you what to learn, but there are zero classes on how to learn.”

That’s why at Mindvalley University, we’ve created kids and teens’ programs that cover topics not taught by traditional school systems. Topics like entrepreneurship, mindful living, emotional intelligence, and nutrition.

In the video above, parents explain why they decided to bring their children to Mindvalley University and why providing the community is just as important as the curriculum.

How Mindvalley University Is Changing Modern Education

The ambition behind this project is huge. We’re reinventing people’s way of learning, the concept of a university, the life skills we acquire in life, and of community living. 

—Tanya Lopez, Mindvalley Events Coordinator

Have you ever stopped to think about how outdated our modern education system is?

Not a lot of people question it because it’s a system that’s been in place for such a long time.

Our world has changed so rapidly over the last 100 years and while technology has co-evolved alongside us, our education system has continued to fall behind.

Mindvalley University seeks to change modern education with an entirely different approach. And education for kids and teens plays a huge role in that.

Vishen Lakhiani and children at MVU Pula 2019

Why Parents Pick Mindvalley University For Their Kids

“We’re trying to cover topics that aren’t covered in the traditional school system,” explains Jennie Harland-Khan, transformational coach and educator for adults and children alike.

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“We’ve got yoga, energy work, sessions on empowerment and self-confidence. We’ve got children from so many different countries here so we’re learning about each other and where everyone’s coming from,” says Jennie Harland-Khan.

Teaching children not only how their minds work but about the best ways to put their minds to work in the world around them is key.

“Kids already know what they need. We should be asking them more what they need,” says Chad Myers, co-founder of Mindworks Performance Group.

JB Owen, a parent, and attendee of Mindvalley University explains that her son had a habit of questioning his teachers — a habit that often got him into trouble.

My son was in private school and kept challenging what was going on because he was so curious and inquisitive. Sadly, the teachers didn’t see that as a gift,” says JB Owen. “Their answer was medication. They actually told me that unless I was prepared to medicate him, he wasn’t welcome back in the school.

The modern education system needs to change. Mindvalley University offers a new approach that just might be the solution.

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