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Mindvalley member with her child at Mindvalley for Kids at Mindvalley Universirty
Gigi Márquez Suárez
Gigi Márquez Suárez
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Summary: Seeking beyond textbooks for your child? Consider Mindvalley for Kids, a transformative, fun, and beloved learning program at Mindvalley University.

Textbooks. Tests. Repeat. 

That seems to be the hamster wheel of traditional education, year in and year out. And it’s no wonder that children get uninspired, unenthused, and lackluster.

Now imagine if there was an educational pit stop, a breather from this incessant spin. A place where education is more than grades—it’s about growth, it’s about joy, it’s about life. 

That’s the very foundation of Mindvalley for Kids, a program at the annual Mindvalley University for children ranging from three to 12-year-olds. 

The brainchild of Vishen, the founder and CEO of Mindvalley, it started as a way to expose his children to high-level conversations, like entrepreneurship, creation mindset, and so on. The kinds of topics covered at Mindvalley events like A-Fest and Mindvalley Live. 

He was very frustrated about the fact that his kids were not able to join him,” explains Gigi Márquez Suárez, the events lead for Mindvalley Youth Programs. “So he created the space for them to be able to have that.”

It eventually became one of the trademarks of Mindvalley University, starting with Barcelona in 2016. And with toddlers, kids, and teens joining in on the experience, it’s a place where, as Gigi puts it, “you come and learn with your whole family.”

The Psychology Behind Mindvalley for Kids

Let’s put the traditional education system on the shelf for a moment. Instead, let’s look at learning this way:

What if education for kids wasn’t just about acing exams and forgetting everything after? What if it was about helping kids understand their emotions, navigate their relationships, and, well, learn how to be happy, successful human beings?

That’s the reality of the Mindvalley Youth Program—it’s essentially a reimagining of a summer program for kids and teens that prioritizes experiences over grades. Here are a few ways it goes beyond the traditional education system:

  • EQ over IQ. One essential aspect of the Mindvalley education for kids is its focus on emotional intelligence, often overlooked by traditional education. A study from the University of Illinois found that this type of intelligence plays a significant role in children’s success, both academically and personally.
  • Fun over stress. The workshops are designed based on experiential learning and hands-on experience. The focus is not on lessons from textbooks but on immersive and impactful educational experiences your little ones will carry with them for life.
  • Connection over isolation. Mindvalley education for kids promotes collaborative learning, which has been shown to boost empathy, communication, and self-esteem. So they’re all encouraged to build meaningful relationships with their peers, fostering a sense of community.

In contrast to a typical kids’ summer program, Mindvalley University is an adventure, a quest, and an epic tale of personal growth. They’ll be the heroes of their own stories, equipped with the knowledge and skills to conquer the world—one challenge at a time.

Children at the Mindvalley for Kids program at Mindvalley University

What Kids Will Be Learning at Mindvalley University

Traditional education has its pros. It provides children with knowledge like how to read and write, a fixed schedule dedicated to learning, and an atmosphere where they can interact with students and teachers alike. 

However, it falls short in a myriad of areas that are essential for their well-being. It’s like craving a rainbow but only receiving shades of gray.

That’s where the Mindvalley for Kids program fills in the gap. It comes in like a burst of color, providing a holistic approach to learning and proving that experiences make us happier than rote memorization. 

You can check out the full schedule, but here’s what your toddler or kid can expect:

Toddlers Program (ages three to five)

Imagine this: pint-sized explorers diving headfirst into the grand adventure of learning with the Toddlers Program. Led by bona fide child whisperers who are experts in education, this program isn’t your average nursery rhyme session—it’s a full-on immersive experience.

Borrowing a page or two from the Waldorf method, this program gives a nod to holistic learning, putting creativity and imagination center stage. No dull drills here—toddlers are treated to hands-on experiences that could give the sandbox a run for its money.

From honing their chatterbox skills (also known as communication) to learning the arts of empathy, kindness, confidence, and playing nice, your tiny tot will have their little hands full.

Why? Because Mindvalley believes in stoking the flames of curiosity and innovative thinking from the get-go. 

You see, this program’s not just about teaching—it’s about nurturing future Einsteins, Picassos, and Mother Teresas. Your toddler will step into the world with their hearts full of the joy of learning, their minds buzzing with new ideas, and their tiny hands clutching the invisible trophy of lifelong friendships.

Call it a solid foundation for their future victories or a brilliant launchpad to the stars. Either way, it’s a heck of a start.

Kids program (ages six to 12)

Mindvalley and Apollo School are teaming up to help transform your kids from everyday children to full-blown explorers, builders, and problem-solvers. 

This three-week extravaganza held in Tallinn, Estonia, is more than just a summer program. It’s a mission to inspire the next generation of Kid Cudis, Greta Thunbergs, and Steve Jobs. And to do that, your youngster will be exposed to what’s really going on in the world and armed with tech knowledge that would put your geeky uncle to shame. 

The program will be jampacked with interactive sessions and workshops spanning the vast lands of science, technology, entrepreneurship, expression, and health. Through hands-on experiences (because kids love getting their hands dirty), they’ll learn to collaborate, solve problems, and cultivate resilience.

But wait—it’s not just about the brain; they’ll also learn how to be attuned to the body and soul. There’ll be daily practices like meditation, breathwork, yoga, and fitness challenges. And it’s all in the name of broadening their horizons and cultivating a healthy mindset.

So growth mindset? Check. Problem-solving skills? Check. Making new friends? Check.

Talk about the total package.

Kids’ Transformation at Mindvalley University

Guess what I learned today?” That could be your kid telling you all about the tales of emotional intelligence, teamwork skills, and everything else that they learned at the Mindvalley for Kids program.

That’s our dream as parents, isn’t it? To have your kids come home all excited to tell you what newfound knowledge they’ve picked up.

And that’s what happens at Mindvalley University. Here are a few stories from parents whose kids have experienced just that:

Anne-Sophie Reinhardt, Mindvalley member and participant of Mindvalley University, with son

After a couple of hours of feeling intimidated by all the English-speaking wild children, feeling insecure in his own English abilities, and yes, asking me to go straight back home again, he completely blossomed. Day after day, he got more confident, running around Kultuurikatel with the other children, making friends for life, and falling in love with the team. 

He cried when we left and speaks of the next MVU almost daily now. Little Timmy, who knows Iron Man, energy healing, breathwork, and especially the field trips to the museums, left a huge impact on him.

Anne-Sophie Reinhardt, Germany
Joana Matos and daughter, participant of Mindvalley for Kids at Mindvalley University

We had the most amazing time at Mindvalley University! We took our 7-year-old daughter with us, and she loved the kids’ program so much that she begged us with tears in her eyes to not go back to her school in Iceland and to stay at her new school at MVU. 

Joana Matos, Iceland
Akira Chan, wife, and child at Mindvalley University

Mindvalley University is radically and successfully breaking the mold of what learning looks like. To invite 100s of ‘students’ of all ages to another country and provide weeks of enriching content and experiences is bold, risky, and beyond ambitious—and they did it beautifully. 

Akira Chan

I believe Mindvalley University will one day be looked upon as one of the most important social movements in the history of education.

Why Parents Pick Mindvalley University for Their Kids

Every toddler’s tantrum can be pacified with an iPad. And every teenager’s social life exists mostly within the confines of their smartphone.

So the Mindvalley Youth Program brings something more substantial to the table. Something human, wholesome, and well-rounded, that can’t be downloaded from an app store.

The truth is, our world will only become more and more digitized, so the importance of providing our kids with more meaningful learning experiences only intensifies. And Mindvalley is not just responding to that call; it’s dialing the numbers and setting the ringtone to a catchy tune. 

As Gigi puts it, “It’s our responsibility as adults in the world to ensure the next generations get access to the best possible options out there.”

The reality is, we’re living in a world where Wi-Fi connections often seem stronger than human ones. So programs like Mindvalley for Kids (or Mindvalley for Teens, even) champion the idea that youngsters need more than good broadband to thrive.

It’s where kids, alongside their parents, learn the same tools to live their best lives, according to Mindvalley member Stacey Sellar.

What a gift to expose my children to leading experts and such amazing principles, values, and skills at such a young age,” she adds. In addition, we were surrounded by a tribe of like-minded parents and kids who we instantly connected with (and will be friends with forever!)

Mindvalley for Kids: Parent-Approved, Kid-Loved

Here’s the thing about Mindvalley University: Children aren’t just students, they’re explorers, dreamers, and visionaries. Plus point? The program doesn’t just check boxes, it tosses the box out the window and says, “We can do better.”

Your kids deserve a learning environment that doesn’t shrink them into categories or labels. Instead, it should expand their horizons and encourage them to color outside the lines. After all, isn’t life just one big, messy, beautiful canvas?

So, here are some questions you should ask: 

Are you ready to embark on a journey that could reshape your child’s outlook on learning, nay, on life itself? Are you prepared to disrupt the status quo and leap towards an educational experience as unique as your child’s? 

If your heart is whispering (or screaming) a resounding yes, then it might be time to check out Mindvalley University in Tallinn, Estonia. After all, education isn’t just about molding minds; it’s about inspiring hearts.

Welcome in.

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Tatiana Azman

Tatiana Azman

Tatiana Azman is the SEO content editor for Mindvalley and a certified life coach. With a background in spa and wellness as well as having gone through a cancer experience, she's constantly on the lookout for natural, effective ways that help with one's overall well-being.
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Tatiana Azman

Tatiana Azman is the SEO content editor for Mindvalley and a certified life coach. With a background in spa and wellness as well as having gone through a cancer experience, she's constantly on the lookout for natural, effective ways that help with one's overall well-being.
Gigi Márquez Suárez
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Gigi Márquez Suárez is the event lead for the Mindvalley Youth Programs at Mindvalley University. Passionate about conscious education and actively involved in the field for 10 years, she’s responsible for partnerships with over 60 educational organizations in more than 20 countries, deploying Mindvalley’s model of education to thousands of students.

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