Reinventing Education for Children: How the Kids’ Program Will Look Like at Mindvalley U

Reinventing Education for Children: How the Kids’ Program Will Look Like at Mindvalley U


Mindvalley U is the first transgenerational university in the world where kids learn with their parents in the transformative Mindvalley U Kids’ Program.

Each year, Mindvalley brings its global campus, Mindvalley U to a different city around the world in order to build a new model for today’s education. This year we’re heading to Tallinn, Estonia.

Mindvalley U is more than a month-long educational event — it’s a month-long transformative life experience.

And one of the best things about Mindvalley U is that this transformational education is not just designed for adults, but for kids too.

Mindvalley U created an educational revolution by introducing one of the first transgenerational universities in the world.

Miriam Gubovičová, Director of Programming for Mindvalley Events, explains:

Mindvalley believes that kids and teens are the future of the world, they are the future generation. And the earlier you introduce holistic learning in their lives, the better.

As their parents learn from some of the world’s most innovative entrepreneurs, teachers, and spiritual leaders, kids are going through a program designed to mirror the profound lessons their parents experience at a level designed for their age group.

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The Psychology Behind the Kids’ Program

Modern education falls short of a myriad of areas that are essential for living well.

Traditional schools teach our children how to read, write, and complete math equations but they lack key components that we as a global tribe so desperately need.

If we want our children to grow up to be creative, innovative, and passionate people, we need to teach them about personal growth, global consciousness, emotional intelligence, and self-care. We have to bridge the gaps of modern education to redesign their learning experience.

That’s what the kids’ program at Mindvalley U is about: To build the foundation of skills children need to live life on their own terms and create a positive impact around them in the world.

The focus of this year’s kids’ program in Tallinn, Estonia, is conscious parenting and emotional intelligence.

To make this happen, Miriam (below, on the right) has worked with the widely popular parenting expert, Rhea Lalla (below, on the left) on the curriculum who will personally present at the event as well.

“Every week has a theme,” explains Miriam. “This year we’re focusing on emotional intelligence, global intelligence, body intelligence, and creative intelligence. Children are learning things that schools forget to teach them.”

The workshops are designed based on experiential learning and hands-on experience. As Miriam says:

It’s not just sitting behind your books and studying from dusk to dawn. There is a different way.

At Mindvalley U, the focus is not on lessons from textbooks but on immersive and impactful educational experiences your little ones will carry with them for life.

One of the founding principles of those experiences is the focus on community.   

Group learning or collaborative learning has been proven to improve higher-level thinking, self-esteem, oral communication, and empathy.

At Mindvalley U, kids are encouraged to connect with their peers and frequently take part in tribe-building exercises.

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What Kids Will Be Learning at Mindvalley U

Here’s the full schedule for the kids’ program at Mindvalley U. Each week has a different theme but these areas will intertwine throughout the program so whether you can make it for the whole time with your little ones or only for one part of it, you won’t miss out on any of them.

Week 1: meeting the tribe and exploring Estonian culture

Once your family arrives in Tallinn, you’ll have a few days to explore the city together at your leisure. After registration, children meet their fellow peers and tribe members at Mindvalley U. They’ll get to partake in a board-games social and will embark on a guided exploration of Tallinn’s music, history, and culture.

Week 2: the game of emotional intelligence

Too often, traditional education places the emphasis on academic performance and we forget the different forms intelligence can take. Emotional intelligence is a powerful tool for children to develop, empowering them to navigate challenging circumstances.

During Week 2, they will develop emotional expression and empathy by learning the emotive language and exploring self-expression. They can also take part in a specially designed yoga program to help them learn how to connect with their bodies.

Also during this week, Dr. Shefali Tsabary, one of the most renowned parenting experts will coach parents on how they can support their children on their journey of personal development. Shefali is a sought-after keynote speaker who’s passionate about conscious parenting and has even shared her unique approach on Oprah’s couch about how we can raise extraordinary children.

Shefali Tsabari
Dr. Shefali Tsabary

Week 3: the game of global intelligence

Mindvalley U is all about global learning, which is why this month-long event takes place in a different city every year.

Week 3 of the kids’ program at Mindvalley U focuses on global intelligence, where the kids will learn about global issues, climate change, and will delve into the culture of Tallinn on an Old Town Tour with their parents.

They’ll also have the opportunity to visit the Estonian Open Air Museum and to learn about the environment on a beach walk.

Week 4: the Game of body intelligence and creative intelligence

In Week 4, kids will learn about proper nutrition and how stress can manifest through the fight or flight response in their bodies.

They’ll also develop their creative intelligence with brainstorming games, artistic expression exercises, and playtime yoga sessions to keep them active and think in tandem.

They’ll even have the chance to practice mindfulness with the Buddhist monk who trained the crew of Dr. Strange, Gelong Thubten.