Boost Your Day With Morning Meditation

Boost Your Day With Morning Meditation

Boost Your Day With Morning Meditation

Want a more productive day? Start it off with morning meditations. Follow these three simple guided meditation session a pick-me-up first thing in the morn.

We all want to be more productive.

Not just for the sake of being a productive person, but because getting things done efficiently means you have more time for other things, such as quality time with family or working towards higher levels in your career.

Whatever your reasons might be, you are probably familiar with the feeling that you’re just not as productive as you’d like to be.

As much as you try, you feel like you can’t keep your focus on your goals long enough to get them done.

If this is familiar to you, it’s time to consider morning meditation.

guided morning meditation

Using Morning Meditation To Kick-Start Your Day

Science and technology have led us into an age of incredible innovation and convenience. Unfortunately, alongside this progress, we have become inundated with distractions.

When you’re sitting at your desk, attempting to be productive, you might find yourself checking emails or social media every couple of minutes.

We all fall victim to these distractions.

In fact, research regarding a person’s ability to work consistently for 8 hours has come up with a few surprises.

It has been determined that you are most productive in the first 3 hours of your morning.

After that, most people begin to feel fatigued and a lack of inspiration. Expert psychologists believe the best contribution you can make to your entire day is early in the morning.

Morning meditation can help you utilize those 3 hours and more.

Consider the fact that MRI scans have shown that practiced Zen Buddhists are ALWAYS meditating on some level. This means they are always attempting to understand and work with their emotions, distractions, and thoughts.

In this conscious, mindful and relaxed state,  they function with a totally clear mind.

Meditation provides you with the tools you need (and already have) to be efficient, productive, calm, and focused.

By making meditation part of your morning ritual you’ll be giving your day the best start it can possibly have.

Begin Your Morning Ritual With Meditation

If you were under the impression that meditating requires endless hours of sitting still, think again.

You can have a powerful session in 20 minutes and then go about your day.

One of the main goals of meditation is to gain power over any and all distractions. It helps you to get focused on a goal and follow through.

Studies have shown that the moment you wake up is your most creative moment of the day.

If you had a good night’s sleep and your subconscious was allowed to wander freely and make necessary connections, you are at your best when you open your eyes.

You can enhance this feeling by implementing morning meditation.

Set 20 minutes aside to calm your mind and reflect on the goals you’ve set for yourself.

Once you master the skill of meditation, you’ll be able to use it anytime, anywhere, to get your focus back.

Consider every time you meditate as a dose of refreshment for your brain and a boost of energy for your body.

morning meditation for beginners

Guided Morning Meditation

In order to help you get into the right mindset, you can use a guided meditation. This really helps if you are at the beginner level and you are still practicing patience with your thoughts.

However, these meditations are also helpful for the mornings when you feel it’s going to be too difficult to get into a focused state of mind.

To help you get started, here are 4 short-guided meditation sessions you can use. They are only about 10 minutes long and they should aid you substantially on your new journey.

Kick-Start Your Day Meditation Session

If you love the sound of crashing waves and ocean winds, you’ll find this session very appealing.

The sounds and music immediately calm your thoughts, while a woman guides you through the whole process.

This is the type of session you want to use when you’ve got a hectic schedule ahead of you.

Meditation For Anxiety, Fear, And Worries

Many people wake up with worries and fear, which is more than just a small problem.

It means they are caught in a vicious cycle and they need to get past these feelings if they are going to achieve anything.

This is a beautiful session with guided instructions on how to gain control of these emotions. No matter how you look at it, starting your day with fear and urgency will only render negative consequences.

Meditation For Positive Thinking

Once you discover the power meditation has, you’ll also realize how important positive thinking is. In this session, you won’t just focus on your goals, but you’ll build positive affirmations toward them as well.

As with the other clips, there is subtle music in the background while an instructor guides your thoughts.

Great Overall Guided Meditation

This is a meditation guided by the legendary Vishen Lakhiani. In this 20 minute meditation, he takes you through 6 different phases; each phase having its own great significance – it is a combination of the best meditation techniques out there, a great way to start every day!

You’re not going to find the answer for productivity in a cup of coffee or an energy drink. The only place where you can find it is inside your mind, which you can tap into through meditation.

If you are ready to make a big change in your life, then use your inspirational mornings to meditate.

Written by
Irina Yugay