How To Pursue Your Dreams Using The Manifest Definition?

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Manifest destiny.

We’ve all heard this statement before, one commonly thrown around in small social gatherings as we discuss our desires for the future.

Often used to showcase the true power of the individual, it’s an uplifting and encouraging statement, which we all intrinsically comprehend on some level.

But really, what does manifest mean?

What is the manifest definition?

And how can we actually apply it in a pursuit of making our dreams become a reality?

What Does It Mean To Manifest Something?

If we are to properly define manifest, we must first look at the term in its simplest of understandings.

In order to pinpoint this simplicity, let us first look at the vast usage of the term itself.

Define manifest

As an adjective, our manifest meaning is most basically portrayed as an insinuation that what is manifest,

is clearly true and that no one could readily disagree with or debunk such.

As a verb, the Collins Dictionary does a rather good job of providing this definition of manifest.

If you manifest a particular quality, feeling, or illness, or if it manifests itself, it becomes visible or obvious.

Here we can see clearly, that although the term may be variously utilized to demonstrate its essence, at the core of its representation lies a centralized construct.

With this, we can come to understand our manifest definition most simply, by asserting that — to manifest, is to make apparent and real.

Dialing back to a pursuit of using this purposefully simplified information, in an attempt to make our dreams become a reality, we should also ensure that we understand the definition of manifest outwardly from its absolute core.

That is, we want to overlap this simplicity with the most basic of basics.

The ‘basics’ come twofold here, in that we want to ensure we are capable of comprehending the manifest meaning on both a psychological and a spiritual level.

What Does Manifest Mean In Psychology?

So, what does manifest mean in psychology?

It’s worthy of note that however we choose to define manifest, we will always inevitably bring ourselves back to the ‘most simple’ understanding from above, naturally.

 manifest meaning

Psychology does however come to this conclusion in its own unique way, as it deviates from our more traditionally metaphysical methods of explaining manifestation.

In psychology, the manifest definition runs akin to a concept which has been cleverly coined “the self fulfilling prophecy”.

Through the lens of a self fulfilling prophecy, our manifest meaning is this — your current way of thinking naturally affects your performance in any given moment and will inevitably produce a specifically related unfolding of events, as a result.

What Does Manifestation Mean Spiritually?

Which is ironically and quizzically so, a near perfect match to what manifestation means spiritually.

Spiritual manifestation holds that if you really want something and truly believe it’s possible, it will happen. On the other hand, if you dwell on what you don’t want to happen, giving it lots of thought and attention, that will probably happen, too.

— Amanda Isbitt

Although when we speak of our definition of manifestation in terms of spirituality we often lean more on the side of an intuitive essence, as opposed to psychology’s overtly logical methods of deduction.

Spiritual manifestation runs more in line with the power of the mind, and focuses on its influential components of perception there within. A hard focus on creative visualization is maintained, for example. Or an extended acknowledgment of the role which karma will play in our lives, as another example.

Spiritual manifestation requires us to bypass our logical and rational methods of perception, to move beyond our five basic senses, and into a realm of something more.

It asks us to enter a higher level of consciousness, one where we are more aware of everything which currently constitutes our reality.

Which also means that both the spiritual and psychological attributes of the manifest definition should be held in high regard.

And in doing so we will find that using the manifest definition to pursue our dreams becomes something of a rather naturally occurring phenomenon.

Manifesting Your Dreams

What can we do to get ourselves to this place of a natural occurrence, then?

More importantly than anything else, we must take action.

Action is the answer here.

what does manifest mean

If you can think it, if it can be imagined, then it faces a potential of becoming real.

And in the pursuit of our potentialities, we must always remember, that potential is nothing without action.

What Is Manifest Wisely?

We must take such action wisely, though. For frivolous and premature energy expenditure is only going to leave us defeated and dwindling.

To manifest wisely, we need to remain cognizant of the necessity that is both a physical and a mental initiation of said action. We must also maintain our faith, a positive outlook, and a determined resilience.

Wise manifestation embodies the 3 P’s:

  • Patience
  • Presence
  • Persistence

It Starts In The Mind

It all starts in the mind, and these “three p’s” are here to help us find a centered balance within this arena of inherent chaos.

First and foremost, one must come to truly believe that the dream itself is something attainable.

According to our manifest definition from above, you must convince yourself, beyond any reasonable doubt or indifference, that the reality which you seek is indeed plausible.

Creative Visualization

We can do this in a rather simple four step process, referred to as creative visualization:

  1. Close your eyes
  2. Visualize your current reality
  3. Erase the scene that is step number 2
  4. Visualize the new scene, the dream or now becoming, goal.

Remember these steps, write them down even, for they will allow you to truly fathom the entirety of such a shift in your mindset.

It [creative visualization] seems to be a really effective way to help people move towards goals, to help people feel positive about their lives, and to help [them] do more in less time.

— Vishen Lakhiani, Mindvalley Founder and CEO

In acknowledging the current reality, allowing its disassembly, and envisioning a new reality (the dream), you familiarize your being with that which is soon to become.

You are now prepared.

Through this preparation, and your newly established belief in the dream itself, there soon becomes only one thing left to do.

Take Action.

The Physical Role Of Manifestation

Earnestly ask yourself, what are the necessary steps to be taking along the path of this dreams becoming?

Write these steps down.

Solidify a plan of action.

From here, repeat the process for every step along the way, allowing yourself to isolate a focus on each one individually. Enter a state of creative visualization for each, and allow yourself to truly feel them unfolding, as if it were all already a reality.

Here is where our 3 P’s become of the utmost importance.

Remain present with the current status of your vision. Do not let the past weigh too heavily upon the beauty of where you actually are. Likewise, do not let yourself “future trip” about whether or not it will all come to be.

Be patient, and have faith that it will all unfold precisely as it should.

And stay persistent, in both your actions and your positive outlook.

However, you must also remain unattached to the outcome, and allow the universe to do it’s part, as well.

As step one then becomes a reality, time for step two. Then step three, and so on. Until before you know it, you have successfully manifested your dream.

It’s All Up To You

The more you tell yourself you can, the more you tell yourself you are, the more you will begin to believe it.

Ask yourself, “Are my thought patterns constructive? Are they positive? Am I present? Am I being patient?”

And if not, “why not?”

It’s up to you to make this change, certainly, but you should also know that you do not necessarily have to do it alone.

There is an entire network of human beings who are also in a pursuit of using the manifest definition to make their dreams come true.

Can you think of an instance in your life where you may have already manifested a dream into reality? Share these stories with us in the comments below, as we’d love to hear all about your personal path towards becoming limitless.

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