How to Break Away From a Big Ego and Into Your True Being

How to Break Away From a Big Ego and Into Your True Being

How to Break Away From a Big Ego and Into Your True Being

Do you know what’s living on the other side of a big ego? One’s truest, highest self. In this article, we will teach you how to reach that higher self.

Believe it or not, you can become truly limitless in every which way limitless in the pursuit of your material and personal goals, and limitless in your pursuit of happiness.

The fact that you can be limitless and have whatever you desire is a fact of life and has nothing to do with having a “big ego.”

Your desires aren’t necessarily the outcome of a big ego. A person’s sojourn on earth, of course, is dominated by the wish to satisfy a myriad of desires. These desires are partly the result of instinct, and partly the outcome of a healthy ego.

There is nothing wrong (or immoral) with having desires. That is what makes a person what or who he/she is. But it is possible, however, to transcend this ego tune into higher levels of your being. 

First, we will further discuss and dissect the concept of “ego.” Then, we will explore how we can overcome it and become limitless.

What does it mean when someone says you have a big ego?

What Is the Ego of a Person?

The sum of the beliefs we hold about ourselves is what constitutes our ego.

These beliefs pertain to our very personality, talents, and skills. It is something that is personal to us.

While ego has it’s role in our evolutionary progress, it is limited by the boundaries it sets for us. For instance, you may think that you are good at math, so you should have a career in finance. Or you may think that you are good at science, so you should have a career in technology.

You see, perhaps you are good at math, but you can achieve something far greater than being someone’s accountant. You are much more than your math skills. In this way, our egos can certainly hold us back.

In fact, you could far exceed these boundaries set by your ego, no matter how big of an ego it is.

So, what is it, then, that can help you become truly limitless?

How to Break Away From Ego and Into Your True Being

Introducing… Mindvalley’s life-changing program, Becoming Limitless! This much-heralded program shows you exactly how to break the boundaries of your ego and become limitless.

Created by Vishen Lakhiani (founder of Mindvalley), the program walks you through the four stages of conscious evolution, from “early man” to “God mind,” and can put anyone on the fast-track to becoming limitless.

How to get rid of a big ego

With each level up, more and more of the ego sheds.

Level 0: Early Man
Level 1: Modern Man
Level 2: The Culture Hacker
Level 3: The State Of Limitless
Level 4: The God Mind

Stage 1 pertains to that of the modern man.

The “modern man” is conditioned by his upbringing, education, and society to behave in a certain way. To go to a good school, get a college degree, and take up a good job. To marry and have kids. To buy a car and a house… You’ve heard the story.

To reach to stage 2, a culture hacker, you must start questioning the restraints put upon you by conventions and your ego.

You start exploring new avenues of personal growth. You begin to explore how your mind can excel at things, like memory. You meditate, focus on your physical fitness, and realign your focus and personal values. 

Stage 3 is truly the state of limitless.

To be in this state, you have long since questioned the status quo and charted newer courses in life that are closer to your true calling. You feel, and actually experience, the fact that you can do no wrong. Every decision of yours happens organically and turns out to be the right decision.

Stage 4 is beyond the self-actualization stage (3) and has mystic dimensions to it. You become The One. You become the “God Mind.” This is something that is experienced, but rarely.

Written by
Irina Yugay