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Mind Learn Best Meditation Practices From One Of The World’s Best Meditation Teachers

Learn Best Meditation Practices From One Of The World’s Best Meditation Teachers

Learn Best Meditation Practices Through A World-Class Meditation Program

What would the best meditation program in the world look like?

We made a promise to you in 2017 that we would prioritize quality, not quantity. Now, we’re focused on bringing you the best meditation program of its kind. If we want to learn the best meditation practices for our personal health, we need to invest our energy into pursuing the best guidance available. To bring you the best meditation program possible, we knew we needed one of the best meditation teachers in the world: Emily Fletcher.

Catch these highlights from this 5-minute video where Vishen Lakhiani introduces Emily, the founder of Ziva Meditation:

  • (0:30) — Vishen shares the amazing benefits of meditation;
  • (2:00) — Emily shares her background as a teacher and how meditation has created a profound change in her life;
  • (2:56) — What you can expect from The M Word, including the science behind having a meditation practice;
  • (3:30) — Learn to differentiate between the two types of mediation styles and adopt the one best suited for modern-day living.
Learn best Meditation practice

Here’s the main reason why Emily is such a unique meditation teacher: She understands the challenges and needs of the modern world.

She knows that there are two different meditation styles: monastic and modern.

Most people are introduced to a meditation style that is meant for monks instead of the modern world. While the monastic style of meditation is a beautiful spiritual practice, it’s not useful for most of us. A life of quiet and solitude would work for monks but it can be quite difficult to integrate into our modern-day stresses.

Because we hustle in our daily life — we take care of our children, go to work, respond to messages, take care of assignments and more.

Our busy lives make clearing the mind more challenging.What we’ll need is a meditation practice that can help us function better in the real world. One that can help with all aspects of our lives, including love, family, and career.

That’s why Emily’s meditation training is so powerful — you learn tangible tools for your daily life.

Meditate To Become The Best At Anything

At Mindvalley, we feel passionate that meditation improves every dimension of your well-being — and it’s not just us. As of 2015, over 1500 studies show meditation’s countless benefits.

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Meditation can:

  • Make you happier and healthier
  • Improve your relationships
  • Reduce your stress and anxiety
  • Enhance your decision-making skills
  • Boost your creative potential
  • Strengthen your resilience and emotional intelligence

It’s time to take your meditation training to the next level.

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Emily Fletcher