7 Most Effective Ways to Receive Spiritual Guidance

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Jeffrey Allen
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Summary: Here are 7 effective mindsets to cultivate to receive spiritual guidance and make it a natural part of your human experience, explained by a spiritual teacher.

Learning to receive spiritual guidance is like learning to walk.

When learning to walk, you aren’t given special instructions for it; it’s innate. But it takes some time for your muscles to strengthen and coordination to develop before you walk naturally. 

In the same way, to start receiving spiritual help, you must keep trying until it becomes natural.

Remember that it’s a journey, not a destination point. So you want to have fun along the way.

What Is Spiritual Guidance?

Spiritual guidance is the process of receiving transcendental wisdom beyond one’s physical senses and individual experiences. In fact, the presence of higher beings is always available for you, but this topic is highly sensitive and charged due to people’s beliefs about religion and spirituality.

You can also look at it from the perspective of the main seven chakra system, where your third eye is a gateway to receiving spiritual guidance.

As you start exploring your energy identity, you move beyond the bounds of time and space, your pictures and beliefs.

— Jeffrey Allen, trainer of Mindvalley’s Duality Quest

Jeffrey Allen, energy healer and trainer of Mindvalley’s Duality Quest, explains that it comes through your third eye chakra, representing your intuition.

In other words, you access higher wisdom through your intuition. This is why spiritual guidance is also known as an intuitive one. 

Who exactly does it come from?

It may come from your higher self or spiritual guides.

What are spiritual guides?

Spirit or spiritual guides are your personal guides to the energy world. Believe it or not, they are constantly assisting you on your human journey — from your very birth and beyond this lifetime.

According to Jeffrey, they are assigned specifically to you. They are your spirit family members, moving with you from life to life. 

They are your trusted friends who always have your best interest in mind and Spirit. But unlike your human friends or family members, they aren’t localized in time and space and have no personal agenda.

In essence, they fulfill two roles:

  • Share insights and provide options as advisors
  • Help plan, organize, and implement the perfect timing for you

Your guides can help you understand:

  • Yourself
  • Other people
  • Situations 
  • How to coordinate and organize your life
  • What actions to take and when

It’s important to know that your guides are kind but honest. So their messages aren’t always easy. So if you seek spiritual guidance but aren’t open to receiving it, don’t ask for it to begin with.

Jeffrey Allen at Mindvalley A-Fest in Mexico, 2016
Jeffrey Allen, trainer of Mindvalley’s Duality Quest, at Mindvalley A-Fest in Mexico, 2016

Why Do You Need It?

We all want to experience this human life with ease and grace, especially when things get tough, don’t we? And when things do get challenging, your family, friends, and community help you get through them.

But your human support system often operates from a sole personality level, limited to one perspective. Also, your people may have their own agendas, different from yours.

What’s more interesting is that you, too, may have conflicting agendas within yourself.

Jeffrey explains that sometimes your body personality and energy personality have polar opposite interests. This is why life gets challenging. So you need spiritual guidance to get them on the same page.

Life is overwhelming when you don’t work with your spirit guides. On the contrary, when you work with them, you trust that your life is on track, even when you don’t see it with your physical eyes.

— Jeffrey Allen, trainer of Mindvalley’s Duality Quest

Still, your human experience isn’t just about overcoming hardships. It’s about living your best life effortlessly, which is mission impossible if you do everything on your own.

There’s a massive difference between making an effort to achieve your desires and effortlessly manifesting them.

According to Jeffrey, manifesting comes naturally when you relax and let your guides help you. On top of that, when you work with your guides, you trust your timing and wait patiently.

What You Will Get From Spiritual Guidance: 13 Benefits 

Accessing your higher self or spirit guides for spiritual guidance is like having a panoramic view of yourself, specific situation, other people, and life in general from the top of the mountain. 

Here are some of the benefits of receiving spiritual guidance:

  1. Show up more powerfully in your life
  2. Have a deeper understanding of self and situations
  3. Improve your relationships
  4. Become more compassionate to others 
  5. Transition easier in life with less stress
  6. Get creative ideas and solutions
  7. Find a profound sense of joy and amusement
  8. Feel loved and supported
  9. Stop feeling guilty
  10. Manifest your desires
  11. See your reality unfiltered and the world clearly
  12. Attract new opportunities
  13. Understand divine timing

When you see things from a higher perspective, there’s no room for guilt. You’ve done the best you can and are here to shine and grow.

— Jeffrey Allen, trainer of Mindvalley’s Duality Quest
Jeffrey Allen
Jeffrey Allen, trainer of Mindvalley’s Duality Quest

7 Most Effective Mindsets to Receive Spiritual Guidance

Deep meditation is one of the most effective tools for receiving spiritual guidance. It creates the environment needed for proper attunement. In other words, it’s through meditation that you connect with your higher self or spirit guides.

But receiving spiritual guidance is the process that goes beyond this connection point. It requires certain mindsets or attitudes to cultivate this ability and make this spiritual experience conscious and intentional.

Mindset #1: Be open and patient

One of the most common reasons people don’t receive spiritual guidance is their lack of patience. We get naturally frustrated when we don’t hear anything back instantly. 

Even if you try to talk to your higher self or spirit guides quite a few times but get no response, don’t declare yourself (or them!) a failure. 

It may take longer than you expect to receive your intuitive guidance. So, enjoy the journey. When you do get it, be excited and deeply grateful for your guide’s presence.

Mindset #2: Be open to receiving spiritual guidance in any form

Your spirit guides are very clever and know you better than you know yourself. Even if you can’t hear them, they will find a way to get through to you if you let them.

It might be a thought, a dream, or an inspired answer coming through your friend. Your attention might be drawn to words on a sign or a specific article or book. You might overhear a conversation and get your answer. Maybe you’ll see the light around someone who can help you.

Pay attention to something that seems a little funny — like a glitch in the Matrix. You are likely right next to your answer, and all you need to do is to think about your question to find your answer.

Mindset #3: Validate your successes

Think back to the times in your life when you already made perfect choices, where you succeeded in unlikely circumstances.

Maybe you thought it was your excellent brain that helped you succeed, but did you ever wonder where your brain got all those great insights and answers?

It was your intuitive guidance that paved the way to success. So whenever things flow in your life, attribute this easiness and effortlessness to the higher wisdom that’s always supporting and guiding you.

Mindset #4: Follow your spiritual guidance, even if you’re unsure

Jeffrey explains that intuitive guidance often feels like you are making it up. “You are to a certain degree because you’re perceiving things beyond time and space,” he adds.

So you want to follow it, even if it feels like you imagine things. If guidance feels light and comforting, even if it’s incredibly random and doesn’t make sense at the moment, you can still trust it and have fun with it.

The more you practice it, the more real it becomes. 

Mindset #5: Try NOT following your spiritual guidance

It may sound contradictory, but consciously not following your guidance can provide great validation too.

For example, when stuck in traffic, you can ask guidance on which road to take and then intentionally go the opposite way.

These choices can take you into standstill traffic, roadside accidents, unusual road closures, and other unexpected delays.

Seeing the alternatives will encourage you to follow your guidance even more.

This approach is suitable for situations where a little difficulty or delay is acceptable for you.

Mindset #6: Relax and have fun

Don’t expect to get it perfect right away. You are learning, and you are going to make mistakes. Sometimes, you will make up your answers or just hear what you want to hear. Especially if you are a beginner, you won’t know the difference.

Even when you are getting clear guidance, there are times when you will be surprised or disappointed by the initial results.

Some guidance can only be understood later — sometimes much later — when you have the perspective to see how the situation was perfect for you.

With experience and practice, you will learn to trust your guidance and be grateful for any experience it brings. 

Mindset #7: Get help from a psychic or energy worker

It always helps to spend time with energy healers who have already learned what you’ve just started to explore.

Want to clear blockages or resistance to receive intuitive guidance? Sign up for a healing or a reading session with an experienced psychic or energy worker. It can also help clear blockages or resistance to receiving intuitive guidance.

There’s no need to learn on your own when there are great people available to help you. 

a man standing on top of the hill

How Do I Know If I’m Hearing My Guides?

Messages from your guides are often funny, kind, non-judgmental, usually a bit surprising, and always insightful

They will always respond to you in light, positive, familiar, and comfortable ways. If the guidance is pushy or negative, sounding like…

  • Take choice A! Or else!
  • Why are you such an idiot? Take choice B.
  • It doesn’t matter. You’ll fail either way.
  • That’s a stupid question.

… these are not coming from your spirit guides. That’s likely just your pain talking.

Imagine you are turning a dial and tuning in to different radio stations. Keep trying until you get a better station. 

Be Guided by Your Spirit Guides and Human Fellows

You don’t have to walk this human life alone. As a matter of fact, you are never alone but always supported by your higher self and spirit guides. 

You can learn how to connect with them intentionally and cultivate this unique bond in Mindvalley’s Duality Quest with Jeffrey Allen. By joining the Mindvalley community, you can also learn from other experts in transformational growth on Mindvalley Talks and The Mindvalley Podcast.

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Irina Yugay

Irina Yugay

As a former self-development and self-transcendence writer at Mindvalley, Irina uses words to transpire empowering ideas, transcendental feelings, and omniversal values. She's also an ascension coach who helps her clients grow their spiritual awareness and actualize their true nature. With a deep empirical understanding of the spiritual journey, Irina shares her insights and experiences with the readers to inspire them to transcend their limiting beliefs and achieve higher states of consciousness.
Written by

Irina Yugay

As a former self-development and self-transcendence writer at Mindvalley, Irina uses words to transpire empowering ideas, transcendental feelings, and omniversal values. She's also an ascension coach who helps her clients grow their spiritual awareness and actualize their true nature. With a deep empirical understanding of the spiritual journey, Irina shares her insights and experiences with the readers to inspire them to transcend their limiting beliefs and achieve higher states of consciousness.
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Jeffrey Allen is the trainer of Mindvalley’s Duality Quest and Unlocking Transcendence Quest. He’s a global authority on spirituality, energy healing, and intuition. He’s known as The Healers’ Healer, who pioneered online energy training.

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