Understanding Positive and Negative Energy in People

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Positive and negative energy
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Summary: Sensing positive and negative energy in ourselves and others is key when it comes to protecting our energy fields. Here’s how to spot the difference.

Do you remember a time when you met someone and instantly had a good feeling about them? You’ve probably experienced a completely reverse situation as well: you interact with someone and you don’t know how to rationally explain it, but something’s off.

That happens because people have the innate ability to feel positive and negative energy in other humans. Although energy isn’t something you can see, it’s not necessarily an otherworldly concept either. 

Your body is a living energy field. The “subtle energy” can be felt inches or feet from the body, though it’s invisible.

Good energy can boost our feelings of well-being, dissolve anxiety, and improve communication. Bad energy creates conflict and resentment.

While you may or may not be consciously aware of different energies, it doesn’t hurt to pay attention to how others respond to you and, if necessary, re-evaluate how you show up in your life. On another side, understanding how people affect you means that you can do a better job matching what you need to what your energy requires.

What Is Positive Energy?

Positive energy is everything about an uplifting, encouraging, radiant vibe and attitude that brings on good feelings and situations. People with positive energy tend to be very present in their lives, radiating their beautiful energy in everything they do.

You intuitively feel safe, happy, and relaxed around them. Their vibe is welcoming. You love being around them because, knowingly or not, you feed off those good vibes. 

Generosity, kindness, empathy, calm, optimism, and enthusiasm are all aspects of positive energy. Some people seem to access it naturally, while others must work harder to cultivate a positive outlook on life. 

Imagine giving every person you see today 100% permission to be themselves. You’ll be surprised by how clean and happy you feel.

— Jeffrey Allen, trainer of Mindvalley’s Duality Quest
Jeffrey Allen on positive and negative energy
Jeffrey Allen, trainer of Mindvalley’s Duality Quest

How to increase the amount of positive energy flow in your life?

Positive and negative energy is stored in the human body. Whether you have both positive and negative energy within, you carry that energy with you, impacting all the people you come in contact with.

While your energy is a combination of your past, mindset, dominant thoughts, and perception of the world, at one point, you need to take responsibility for the present moment and, if needed, work on shifting your energy.  

You can increase the amount of positive energy flow in your life by: 

  • Surround yourself with uplifting people. While no one is happy 24/7, people with a positive outlook send out more positive energy and are easier to be with than “Debbie Downers” and “Negative Nancys.” Make sure you nurture relationships with positive influences in your life — people who have an approach similar to yours, or if you’re not there yet, an approach that you’d like to develop for yourself as well. 
  • Music. It’s one of the easiest ways to shift your energy quickly. Create your personal “Good Vibes” playlist of songs you know always lift your mood. 
  • Being here now. Becoming fully present in your life is the surest way to notice even the smallest of good things that you might otherwise have overlooked. Meditating, mindfulness techniques, yoga, being in nature, creative writing, keeping a dream journal, reading, gratitude, or whatever works for you. 
  • Embracing compassion and kindness. Research shows that kind and compassionate people are more satisfied with their lives, enjoy better physical and mental health, and have stronger relationships. Giving creates a positive feedback loop — the more you give, the more good feelings you receive in return. 
  • Aligning your current self with your future self. If you want to have positive energy flowing through you, you need to start making decisions to steer yourself in that direction — to become the person you want to be with the job and relationships you want to have. For this, you need to ask yourself the right questions. 

What Is Negative Energy?

Negative energy means the so-called “off vibes.” It refers to the moments and situations when you’re feeling drained, tired, and uncomfortable. And the thing is, negative vibes are as contagious as positive vibes. 

Think of a time when you visited a friend who was having a hard time. Regardless of how you felt going into the encounter, you likely left it feeling pretty bummed out. 

Negative people are judgmental, insecure, dissatisfied complainers, likely putting others down, and often all about doom and gloom. You intuitively feel insecure, unhappy, and tense around them. Their vibe is off-putting. 

For example, one of the forms that negative energy can take is “being realistic.” While being realistic isn’t automatically negative, if your version of “reality” is negative, focusing on all the possible worst-case scenarios, and you view the world from your “realistic” negative standpoint, you can’t help but radiate that same negative energy. 

Negative thinking can be hard to stop. It’s very easy to get lost in pessimism or resort to indifference. But it can disrupt your sense of well-being and drain you of your joy and happiness, not to mention your overall energy. Eventually, it’s bound to impact your relationships. While it may be subtle, the attitude you approach others with will usually be reflected back at you. 

What are the symptoms of negative energy in a body? 

While it’s completely normal to feel sad and angry from time to time — and you definitely shouldn’t avoid feeling the full spectrum of your feelings — when these feelings occur more often than their counterparts, you may be harboring negative energy in your body. 

Some of the symptoms of negative energy can include: 

  • Restlessness
  • Sleepiness
  • Nervousness
  • Headaches
  • Stomach aches
  • Fatigue and exhaustion
  • Heavy breathing
  • Confusion and tension
  • Sudden mood swings
  • Anxiety or depression

In the same way as you can increase positive energy, you can take mindful steps to get rid of negative energy.

Why Does It Matter? 

Emotional energy is contagious and can make a difference between a toxic and healthy relationship. So, after understanding what positive and negative energy is, it’s important to know what type of energy you give off to people. Or even what kind of energy you’re surrounded by. 

Sometimes people’s energies can speak louder than words. Think of a person you just met who goes out of his or her way to charm you, but you feel that their intentions are not sincere. It’s important to keep in mind that what you see is not always what you get. But your intuition will guide you with more accuracy.

You can’t expect to attract good vibes if you’re giving off loads of bad vibes. The more at peace with yourself you are, the better your energy comes across. This means working on releasing the negative energy you’re holding onto from the past, be it distant or recent, and letting yourself be guided by the positive. 

The better your connection with your own emotional self, the easier it is for you to read other people’s energy. All in all, the better energy manager you are, the better your relationships are and the happier your life is.

It’s a no-brainer. Does it feel good? Because your energy always feels good to you. So if it doesn’t, there you go: It’s not your energy. It’s not your problem. Feeling good is the primary intention.

— Jeffrey Allen, trainer of Mindvalley’s Duality Quest
Jeffrey Allen on positive and negative energy
Jeffrey Allen, trainer of Mindvalley’s Duality Quest

Books on Positive and Negative Energy

To understand more in-depth wisdom on positive and negative energy, here go some books that can help you explore the topic more thoroughly:

  1. Energy Medicine by Donna Eden and David Feinstein. The book written by Donna and David, energy healers and trainers of Mindvalley’s Energy Medicine Quest, comprises the wisdom behind balancing the energy in your body for great health and vitality. 
  1. The Energy Bus by Jon Gordon. This particular read will take you on an empowering bus ride that will reveal ten secrets to living your best life and increasing the positive energy flow.
  1. Psychic Protection by William Bloom. The book is for those willing to feel their energy grounded, protected, and connected to their spiritual self. You can learn how to preserve your energy and let go of the negative blockages holding you back.
  1. Positive Energy by Judith Orloff. Through this book, you can learn to transform the energy of stress and fear into positive, uplifting energy, such as feelings of love, connection, and gratitude.
  1. The Second Circle by Patsy Rodenburg. Learn how to focus your energy on success and deeply connect to the people around you. The book guides you through a profound understanding of how to get out the positive energy from every situation and channel it for growth and prosperity.

If you want to look further into nurturing more positive energy in your life, any personal development book that will expand your mind could support you along your journey.

Great Change Starts With Positive Energy

You may not always be in the good-vibes-only mindset, but the more positive energy you can create, the more extraordinary your life will be. Everything you want to feel is already within you. The only thing you need to learn is how to nurture more of what you want to experience.

All of your emotions are inside you. They are playing all the time like different radio frequencies. And with practice, you can choose how to dial up the emotion that you want to feel.

— Jeffrey Allen, trainer of Mindvalley’s Duality Quest

Positive and negative energy will be easy to master and understand with some guidance along the way. And it takes just some practice to make it happen. Here’s where Mindvalley can come into play.

You can sample out FREE classes of transformational Quests, such as Duality guided by Jeffrey Allen. And you can gather pieces of wisdom from this program and many others to power up your growth and life-changing journey.

Welcome in.

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Alexandra Tudor

Alexandra Tudor

Alexandra Tudor is a former content writer for Mindvalley and a psychology enthusiast. From clinical experience working with both children and adults, she's now in the process of becoming a licensed psychotherapist, specializing in the IFS method and family constellation therapy.
Written by

Alexandra Tudor

Alexandra Tudor is a former content writer for Mindvalley and a psychology enthusiast. From clinical experience working with both children and adults, she's now in the process of becoming a licensed psychotherapist, specializing in the IFS method and family constellation therapy.
Jeffrey Allen - Trainer
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Jeffrey Allen is the trainer of Mindvalley’s Duality Quest and Unlocking Transcendence Quest. He’s a global authority on spirituality, energy healing, and intuition. He’s known as The Healers’ Healer, who pioneered online energy training.

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