Exploring the 5 Layers of the Human Energy Field

Exploring the 5 Layers of the Human Energy Field

5 layers of the human energy field

Are you aware of your multiple bodies? Awareness of your invisible energy bodies can create a huge change in your life and connect you to higher wisdom.

Your Spirit isn’t in your body – your body is in your Spirit.

— Jeffrey Allen, author of Mindvalley’s Duality Quest

Are you a body that has a soul… or a soul that has a body? 

C.S. Lewis once said, “You don’t have a soul. You are a Soul. You have a body.” (This statement has made the rounds on the internet and in print.) Though it sounds rather religious or metaphysical, this statement is now backed up by science. At least, partially.

Think of a human being as a body-mind-spirit complex that store the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of your entire being:

  • The body represents the physical and energy layers
  • The mind represents the emotional and mental layers
  • The spirit represents the spiritual layer

Although four of these layers (also referred to as ‘body’) — energy, emotional, mental, and spiritual — are invisible and intangible, they work in synergy with the physical layer.

If any of these is out of balance, it can manifest on a visceral level — as a physical ailment, emotional or mental distress, or a sense of disconnection with self, others, and reality in general. And that will directly affect your human experience.

So what does it mean to have all these multiple bodies in a more practical sense? And what does it take to have them all in balance?

Let’s explore each layer separately and holistically.

The Physical Layer

This is your visceral body composed of flesh, skin, bone structure, organs, and blood. In other words, it’s a physical representation of what you perceive as self. And for most people, it’s the only self-perception that they have.

This limited perception of self has been programmed by society that has taught us to focus on our physical bodies alone. So we feed our vessels, exercise to keep fit, take a shower, and brush our teeth to ensure that this vessel functions properly. Yet, most people aren’t even looking after this physical aspect well enough.

Woman lying in meditation to represent the physical layer of energy

Although we are quite aware of our physical bodies, our eating, drinking, breathing, and moving patterns leave much to be desired.

But if you don’t set them right, it will affect your mental, emotional, and even spiritual bodies.

Jeffrey Allen, a world-renowned energy healer and author of Mindvalley’s Duality Quest, explains that when we go through painful experiences, we store energy from those experiences in our bodies. Whatever we store in our body spreads out into the world through our process of self-expression. 

That’s why it’s so important to heal ourselves and release negativity from our body and consciousness and nurture our bodies in ways that serve our highest good.

The Energy Layer

Your body is surrounded by the energetic layer known as your energy body.

Jeffrey explains that energy is the motivating force that drives everything. Being aware of it will allow you to shift your consciousness and, through that, your external world, including your body.

Woman standing with a rainbow behind her back

Because our energetic selves are invisible — like wifi and radio waves — we don’t give them much attention.

He calls this energy your spirit.

Your spirit is actually bigger than your body, it is in and around you,” he explains. “People who are radiating with their energy have a very whole spirit. Getting in touch with your body through eating, exercise, or physical touch – all help get more in touch with yourself in your everyday life.

Why is it important to become aware of your spirit?

When your body and spirit are integrated, they operate coherently, and your physical body doesn’t fail you. Most importantly, healing your body through energy body awareness can create a huge change in your life.

In other words, the more coherent you become, the more abundant and effortless your life will be. You will move through life with more confidence as if the Universe has your back. Once you create change in your life, people around you will change too. 

Jeffrey says, “often, the key to changing our relationships is to change ourselves and things will automatically realign around us. This creates a ripple effect through which we can heal the world.”

The body-spirit connection

The most important answers we can find are within us, not outside of us.

— Jeffrey Allen, author of Mindvalley’s Duality Quest

Why do you think actors, athletes, and newborn babies are so mesmerizing?

When you look at them, they are so anchored in the present moment that it makes them so captivating.

We often hear about the importance of being present, but what does it mean? Being present means being in your body because your physical body is the only body that has time and space.

And the number one reason people can’t sense energy is that they aren’t present in their body. Moreover, being out of your body makes your presence less powerful as if you aren’t noticeable to others.

So the secret to a powerful presence is being actually present in your physical body. This presence creates a strong energetic field around you that not only attracts people to you but also pulls synchronicities and opportunities into your life. 

The Emotional Layer

This is the layer where your emotions, feelings, and fears reside, and this is the most volatile layer of all. Although we are seemingly experiencing emotions inside, they are both inside and outside of us at the same time.

Jeffrey explains that people don’t allow themselves to feel their emotions out of fear of becoming them. But you aren’t your emotions.

He says, “emotions are the foundation of authenticity, and by allowing yourself to feel your emotions, you are helping yourself and others.”

What does it mean to have a balanced emotional layer?

It means that you have emotional awareness – you don’t hide or ignore your emotions but allow yourself to feel and acknowledge them as valid.

They serve as signposts along the way that help you navigate through life.

The key is to become aware of them without reactivity. As you cultivate your emotional awareness, you become more in control of your strong emotions. On top of that, emotional tools enable you to dial in a particular emotion to feel more joyful, grateful, and content in life from within.

Having a balanced emotional body means being resilient to any external circumstances and turbulences in life that will inevitably happen. 

When it comes to your emotional energy, you want to become aware of your default unconscious emotions that get stuck in your body and manifest as physical ailments.

It’s called the mind-body connection

Scientists explain that your body responds to the way you feel – when you are stressed, anxious, or upset, your body reacts in a way that might tell you that something isn’t right.

According to the mind-body or biopsychosocial paradigm, there is no real division between mind and body because of networks of communication that exist between the brain and neurological, endocrine, and immune systems,” said Oakley Ray, Professor Emeritus of Psychology, Psychiatry, and Pharmacology at Vanderbilt University.

Thus, “too much stress makes you sick” holds more than a grain of truth.

The Mental Layer

This is where all your ideas, thought forms, and belief systems are stored, assimilated, and sorted out. Your truths and perceptions are formed in your mental body.

Your mental body is that very engine that drives your behaviors and creates your experiences. 

It’s also known as your mindset which becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy that can either keep you stuck in life or propel you forward.

It’s important to understand that it also serves as a filter between your mental and spiritual bodies.

The link between these two is known as intuition which connects you with the higher consciousness.

Woman with her eyes closed concentrated mentally

So your mental body doesn’t imply mental awareness as it is run by your programs, patterns, and belief systems that you inherit, adopt in childhood and develop during your life.

In other words, your mind can be unaware, and an unaware mind can get you in a lot of trouble because it gives you a feeling of being right all the time.

Moreover, an unaware mind results in mental chatter, or noise, that keeps you stuck in negative scenarios and robs you of mental clarity and focus.

So developing awareness of your mental body is crucial for having a balanced mind.

Cultivating intuition and a balanced mind

The second reason why people can’t tune into energy (besides not being in their bodies) is noise and distraction.

It’s that mental chatter or noise within us, known as overthinking.

Overthinking can result in arguments with people, poor decision-making, and health issues. So balanced thinking means bringing thinking and intuition into harmony.

Not only will it enhance your relationships, but it will also take your creativity to a whole new level. 

The Spiritual Layer

This is the final layer of the human energy field. It is your higher awareness that connects you to universal consciousness. And intuition is that very tool that helps you pull information from a universal field. 

From a chakra system perspective, it’s your crown chakra that’s connected to the heavens through which you’re pulling energies into your body down from above. 

Man flashing into the night

Jeffrey explains that this chakra is about inspiration and spirit connection. It also connects you to the rest of the chakras. 

He compares it with your cosmic inbox, where you are receiving ideas. It also stores information about your past lives and connections. 

When this energy point is blocked, people don’t believe that there’s something beyond them and that they are part of divinity.

They often don’t trust their wisdom and higher guidance.

On the contrary, if you have a spiritual awareness, you live from that meta understanding that you really are a Spirit.

You easily go beyond your body and mind with your perception and move along your life with a strong sense that everything is divinely orchestrated and works out for your highest good.

Jeffrey calls it a Spirit Connection that serves as your guidance system. It’s essential for feeling deeply and unconditionally loved by something larger than you.

He says, “your Spirit Connection is your sense of connection with others and the Universe.”

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