Using Rose Quartz to Attract Love, According to Feng Shui

Using Rose Quartz to Attract Love, According to Feng Shui


How can you use the benefits of rose quartz to open your heart and attract love to your life? Feng shui masters reveal their ancient secrets.

All living beings are made of energy, having a frequency and vibration. And crystals “are living beings at the beginning of creation,” according to Nikola Tesla. 

So crystals, too, are made of energy. And when we connect with them, we can amplify our personal field and space to create positive changes in all areas of our lives.

In feng shui, crystals are used to magnify four directions: success, health, wisdom, and relationships.

Marie Diamond, one of the Western world’s most in-demand feng shui masters, explains whatever you have in your space, your unconscious mind takes it as reality. 

So if you want to attract love into your reality, you can connect with the power of rose quartz and reap rose quartz benefits using the ancient practices of feng shui.

What Is Rose Quartz?

Rose quartz is a colored type of quartz, also known as hyaline quartz. It gets its name due to its rosy translucent color as it combines manganese or titanium. 

In Chinese stone medicine, quartz crystal is considered an outstanding stone for its ability to magnify other stones. 

Colored quartz such as rose quartz has been used to direct thoughts to awaken more love within and around oneself. Because it embodies feminine energy and holds the vibration of universal love, one of the most powerful rose quartz benefits is an amplification of these qualities in your life.

What is rose quartz good for?

Rose quartz benefits are attached to universal love, self-love in particular, joy, motherhood, and abundance.

There are numerous rose quartz benefits:

  • Prevents heart attacks and thrombosis;
  • Improves your circulation system;
  • Aids in pregnancy as it protects the unborn baby as well as the mother;
  • Helps heal from trauma and emotional wounds;
  • Attracts romantic love and other forms of love, such as friendship;
  • Cultivates inner peace and joy.
raw rose quartz

How to Use Rose Quartz to Attract Love

Crystallization is one of the most important dimensions of the illusion of form.

— Walter Russel

Marie Diamond explains that based on your personal energy number, there are four pillars of feng shui:

  • Blue: Success, income, career, future, success money from surviving to thriving
  • Green: Health, wellbeing
  • Rose: Relationships
  • Yellow: Wisdom, inspiration, connection, education, creativity

Since the color rose is associated with the relationship (also referred to as Kun) direction on the feng shui bagua map, it’s connected to self-care, feminine energy, and love. That’s why in feng shui, rose quartz is called yin qi, or feminine energy.

The Relationship direction also includes marriage, partnerships, the mother, self-love, the internal, and reproductive organs.

And because of its connection to the Kun area, rose quartz is perfect to attract a partner if you’re single. 

Ways to use rose quartz to attract love

  • Carry a tumbled piece of the stone in your pocket.
  • Wear a necklace with the rose quartz pendant over your heart.
  • Place the stone near the bed or underneath the mattress to open your heart chakra.
  • Find the bagua position for Kun in your bedroom. Place a pair of rose quartz in the Kun position of the bedroom — the two pieces represent you and your future partner. Make sure they aren’t placed too far away from each other.
  • Use a piece of rose quartz during your meditation with the intention to heal your heart and attract true love, reciting the healing affirmation “I am loved, and I am loving.”

Marie’s general tips for your romantic relationships

  • Do not place single images above your bed. Instead, place an image of a happy couple looking towards each other.
  • If you have two objects, don’t place them too far away but slightly facing each other.
  • Too many pictures of saints and angels aren’t good for romance.
  • Add warm colors in the bedroom – orange for men and rose for women. Put some colors on the bed or the carpet.
  • For single people, ensure you have prepared enough space for a future partner in the closet and bathroom.
  • Make sure you have two nightstands or two lamps beside your bedroom.
  • Ensure there is enough space around the bed for both partners.
  • Remove items connected to your previous relationships to welcome a new love. 
  • Do not place live plants in the bedroom as they create too much active energy.
  • Place candle lights or any objects that symbolize romance on your nightstands.
  • Do not light your fireplace in the Northwest direction as it weakens the masculine energy. You can place blue objects around it or still water when you use it to calm the energy.

Whether it’s the beginning of new love or the beginning of the new chapter of your existing relationship, you can always reap an abundance of rose quartz benefits. 

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