Akashic Records, Explained By Spirituality Teacher Jeffrey Allen

Akashic Records, Explained By Spirituality Teacher Jeffrey Allen

Jeffrey Allen

What are the Akashic records and how can they serve you in your spiritual growth? Spirituality teacher and energy healer Jeffrey Allen answers your questions.

When we need to find information in the online world, we google it. Whatever is available in cyberspace can be accessed with a simple electronic device connected to the internet.

But where do you go to access information from the Universe? Is it a place at all?

The Akashic records have the answer.

Referenced by spiritual genius Helena Blavatsky, metaphysician Rudolf Steiner, and contemporary physicist Ervin Laszlo, the Akashic records are described as the universal library.

It’s like a database that stores all the information about everything and every living being — all universal events, thoughts, words, emotions, and intents ever to have occurred in the past, present, or future, in and beyond the physical plane of existence.

So how can you access it, and what can it be useful for?

Here’s what you need to know:

We interviewed Jeffrey Allen, spiritual teacher and Mindvalley’s trainer of Duality and Unlocking Transcendence Quests, to get answers to the most frequently asked questions about the Akashic records.

What Are the Akashic Records?

Jeffrey Allen: “Akashic records” is a term that describes how the Universe is organized. It’s where:

  • All information is available from anywhere (because everything is inside of us)
  • We are all connected to everything on a quantum level
  • Everything overlaps in time and space in a zero point — the center of all atoms, stars, galaxies, etc.

Although science cannot fully explain how everything is organized in the Universe, you can tune into it experientially with your awareness.

Your awareness is what you perceive as you, and it can move independently from your body as it’s not bound by time and space. And you can move it consciously and intentionally.

— Jeffrey Allen, trainer of Mindvalley’s Duality Quest
Jeffrey Allen

What Information Is Available to You in the Akashic Records?

Jeffrey Allen: The Akashic records aren’t what we think they are. It’s not a place or a book you read to get information.

It’s a label we use to describe the reality where all information is available in all places — in the past, present, and future. 

Everything is available within us because everything is connected. And we can access it.

This is how intuition works, especially when you have the ‘Spidey sense’ of what’s happening to someone who’s far away. 

You can say they are accessing the Akashic records or are in tune with the available information.

What Are the Most Common Misconceptions About the Akashic Records?

Jeffrey Allen: Most people falsely believe that:

  • It is difficult to access them
  • They are only available to a few people
  • There’s a special process for accessing them
  • You need to be at a certain high level — spirituality or purity-wise
  • You need to be intuitive

These misconceptions are understandable. But the truth is that to access the information from the Universe, you need to turn down your mental noise — your thoughts, beliefs about how the world works, and even emotions.

By turning it down and becoming a blank slate, you will be able to understand what’s truly happening.

What Are Methods of Accessing the Records?

Jeffrey Allen: There are many different methods. I teach accessing it through meditation, designed to help you clear your beliefs in the first place.

There are four parts to this meditation:

  1. Becoming present in your body
  2. Calming down your mind
  3. Expanding your awareness
  4. Embarking on a journey to access them

It doesn’t mean you need to go somewhere else to access the Akashic records. But I like to use a journey metaphor because it works for many people.

As opposed to sitting in your room and thinking about things, when you imagine you’re going somewhere, it gives you a sense of expansion.

So these visualizations are the pathways that help you get into the right mindset. 

First, you become comfortable with the steps, and then, you cultivate the certainty of following the same process to access information available at all times.

It helps you sharpen your intuition to discern what’s coming from your mind and what’s not.

Can Anyone Learn the Akashic Records Reading?

Jeffrey Allen: Yes. And there are many methods to learn to read the Akashic records.

In fact, we are accessing them all the time without realizing it. The trick is to stop overriding this information with our own beliefs, thoughts, and emotions.

To do the Akashic records reading, you need to stop overthinking.

Other obstacles and distractions include: 

  • Other people’s words and ideas
  • Social norms
  • Need for validation and acceptance
  • Your memories
  • Forgetfulness

Essentially, you can learn to access the Akashic records when you eliminate your internal noise and any preconceived notions about them.

Jeffrey Allen

What’s the Difference Between Reading and Healing the Akashic Records?

Jeffrey Allen: The Akashic records reading means accessing the information, while the healing means changing the information. 

While you can’t change history, you can change how history is thought about. To be specific, you can change:

  • The pictures of the history
  • The energy around something that happened
  • Your understanding or interpretation of something

From an abstract perspective, healing means reframing or adjusting your belief system to have a more healthy or productive relationship with information that’s available everywhere. 

What Are the Most Practical Applications of Accessing/Reading the Akashic Records?

Jeffrey Allen: From a spiritual teacher’s perspective, the most practical application is to help you develop a connection with the information available to you beyond your normal senses.

You develop certainty with accessing the Akashic records and start to trust that information rather than trusting your thoughts, beliefs, and emotions. 

From a student’s perspective, it’s accessing a new set of information transcending your rationality.

It’s finding a way to get information unfiltered by your experience or beliefs. 

For example, if you are in a relationship, you can tap into the energy between you and the other person and learn a whole new level of information. 

As a business owner, you can look at your business without any charge and see things more honestly.

Methods of accessing akashic records

Know Thyself

Essentially, the Akashic records reading is a great way to know yourself better — your personality, your journey as a Spirit, and your purpose in life.

Accessing the Akashic records can help you:

  • Deeper understand your patterns: if you have reoccurring patterns or feel stuck, you can always find clues in the Akashic records for healing these patterns.
  • Explore your past lives: if past lives aren’t part of your beliefs, you can see them as a metaphor for your unrealized potential.

Whatever tool you choose for your spiritual growth and evolution, you want to remember that the tool isn’t an ultimate goal.

The ultimate goal is you.

And if you aspire to evolve yourself into a greater version and make a more significant impact in the world, you can start with Mindvalley’s most spiritual quests: Duality, Unlocking Transcendence, Chakra Healing, and many others.

Mindvalley is the place where you will constantly learn, grow, and evolve alongside like-minded and like-spirited people to propel humanity forward.

Welcome in.

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