50 Quotes About Gratitude to Inspire and Motivate You

50 Quotes About Gratitude to Inspire and Motivate You

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Gratitude is a powerful tool that can propel you towards happiness and abundance. A list of 50 gratitude quotes from people who practice what they preach.

Gratitude is a powerful tool that can propel you towards happiness and abundance. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of 50 gratitude quotes from people who practice what they preach!

Being grateful for what you already have is the key to becoming a more fulfilled and satisfied person.

We often think that searching for more will lead us to more, but in reality, being grateful for what’s here right now is the key that really opens the door to abundance.

Even though gratitude is as simple as looking around at the things in your life and expressing how happy you are because of them, it’s not always easy to know where to start or how to proceed.

To inspire you to get started with your own gratitude practice, check out what others – who have already turned to be grateful into a habit – have to say about it:

#1: Attitude of Gratitude

Developing an “attitude of gratitude” is one of the simplest ways to improve your satisfaction with life.

Amy Morin

#2: Notice the Little Things

Gratitude should not be just a reaction to getting what you want, but an all-the-time gratitude, the kind where you notice the little things and where you constantly look for the good even in unpleasant situations.

Marelisa Fabrega

#3: Simple, Yet Effortless

Maybe the simplest and most effortless habit for living a happier life is to take one or a few minutes every day to focus on what is already here and that you can be grateful for in your life.

Henrik Edberg

#4: Greatness

Gratitude leads to greatness. It can literally turn what you have into more than enough, jobs into joy, chaos into order, uncertainty into clarity, and bring peace to an otherwise chaotic day.

Marc Chernoff

#5: Think and Move Differently

Despite my extreme skepticism, practicing gratitude changed my life. It didn’t turn me into some happy-go-lucky person I was never meant to be (or, frankly, wanted to be). But I developed a fundamentally different way of thinking and moving through life, one in which I stopped taking for granted all the tiny good moments that were already part of it. I stopped looking for happiness out there and learned to find it right here.

Nataly Kogan

#6. Life Is Abundant

“My husband and I lay in bed each night and list our things, ask each other about them and expand them. Suddenly, life is abundant and what’s lacking is taken over by what is gained. Because what we appreciate, appreciates. What we focus on, expands.”

Angela Simson

#7: Today’s Positive Attitude: Gratitude

Gratitude is where every positive attitude starts.

Michael Hyatt

#8: An Antidote

Gratitude is an antidote to negative emotions, a neutralizer of envy, hostility, worry, and irritation. It is savoring; it is not taking things for granted; it is present-oriented.

Sonja Lyubomirsky

#9: Virtue of Happiness

Cicero said that gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues but the parent of all others. If that’s true, then my happiness does not cause me to be grateful for what I have. My gratitude for what I have causes me to be happy. Gratitude births the virtue of happiness.

Jennifer Dukes Lee

#10: Unconditional

In practical terms, I’ve found that as my gratitude has become more unconditional, my life circumstances improve to keep pace.

Steve Paulina
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#11: Consider It a Gift

Don’t merely regard happy events in your life as moments that should occur. Consider all the good that comes to you as a gift, as something you have been fortunate enough to receive. This is how you ensure that you don’t take gratitude for granted. You will always appreciate the moments in your life because you know you are lucky to have them.

Mike Oppland

#12: Open Your Eyes to the World

Opening your eyes to more of the world around you can deeply enhance your gratitude practice.

Derrick Carpenter

#13: Grow the Garden of Your Inner Abundance

Summoning gratitude is a sure way to get our life back on track. Opening our eyes to affirm gratitude grows the garden of our inner abundance, just as standing close to a fire eventually warms our hearts.

Alexandra Katehakis

#14: Rich Beyond Words

Slowly, over time we awoke to the true value of our health, our deeply comforting long-distance love, the air we breathed, and the hot water that flowed in our homes. Slowly over time, we came to see that, even amidst the loss and seeming deprivation, we were actually rich beyond words.

Helen Russell

#15: Blessing In Every Curse

If we never experience the chill of a dark winter, it is very unlikely that we will ever cherish the warmth of a bright summer’s day. Nothing stimulates our appetite for the simple joys of life more than the starvation caused by sadness or desperation. In order to complete our amazing life journey successfully, it is vital that we turn each and every dark tear into a pearl of wisdom, and find the blessing in every curse.

Anthon St. Maaren

#16: Key to Happiness

Not having the best situation, but seeing the best in your situation is the key to happiness.

Marie Forleo

#17: When You Are Grateful

When you are grateful, fear disappears and abundance appears.

Tony Robbins

#18: When You Focus on Gratitude

When you focus on gratitude, positive things flow in more readily, making you even more grateful.

Lissa Rankin

#19: Truly Happy People

It is relatively easy to be thankful for the most important and obvious parts of life — a happy marriage, healthy kids, or living in America. But truly happy people find ways to give thanks for the little, insignificant trifles.

Arthur C. Brooks

#20: Beyond Manners

Gratitude goes beyond good manners — it’s a mindset and a lifestyle.

Andrea Reiser
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#21: Kindness

The best way to forget your own problems is to be kind to someone else!

JJ Virgin

#22: The Universe Conspires

When you think of all of the people and experiences and factors that have unknowingly conspired to get you to exactly where you are right now, it’s pretty awe-inspiring. It causes you to look at the world and the people around you in an entirely new way and to have a heightened sense of appreciation for this amazing universe in which we live.

Dr. Patricia Thompson

#23: Strength Training for the Heart

Being thankful is not always experienced as a natural state of existence, we must work at it, akin to a type of strength training for the heart.

Larissa Gomes

#24: Feeling Insanely Grateful

Today, I shall keep my perspectacles super-glued to my face and feel insanely GRATEFUL instead of LACKING and I will look at my home and my people and my body and say: THANK YOU. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. THIS IS ALL MORE THAN GOOD ENOUGH, ALL OF IT.

Glennon Doyle Melton

#25: The Skill of Happiness

Gratitude is the skill of happiness. It’s the cure for an emotional vampire. And it is indeed a skill. It requires practice and effort and habit. But it’s a skill anyone can learn and anyone can do. And you can start it today, right now.

Mark Manson

#26: The Simple Rule to Happiness

There’s a very simple rule to happiness: the more you need to be happy, the more work it takes to fulfill that happiness. Often becoming more happy is just as much about letting go of certain desires, as it is about fulfilling them.

Steven Handel

#27: Be Something Bigger Than Yourself

Express gratitude to people at every opportunity. It strengthens the bonds of goodwill and connection on which we humans thrive. It allows us to be part of something bigger than ourselves, and to attempt good and important things as we join others in working for meaningful causes.

Joel Almeida

#28: A Stronger Person

Having problems at work? Be grateful you have work. Be grateful you have challenges, and that life isn’t boring. Be grateful that you can learn from these challenges. Be thankful they make you a stronger person.

Leo Babauta

#29: Benefits of Gratitude

The more gratitude practice you perform in daily life, the deeper the benefits go and the more profound and life-altering the benefits truly are.

Carla Clark

#30: Foundation of Abundance

Acknowledging the good that you already have in your life is the foundation for all abundance.

Eckhart Tolle
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#31: Be Grateful Now

Be grateful for what you already have while you pursue your goals. If you aren’t grateful for what you already have, what makes you think you would be happy with more.

Roy T. Bennett

#32: Enjoy Every Moment

Dance. Smile. Giggle. Marvel. TRUST. HOPE. LOVE. WISH. BELIEVE. Most of all, enjoy every moment of the journey, and appreciate where you are at this moment instead of always focusing on how far you have to go.

Mandy Hale

#33: Achieve Greatness

Those who have the ability to be grateful are the ones who have the ability to achieve greatness.

Steve Maraboli

#34: Privilege vs. Entitlement

What separates privilege from entitlement is gratitude.

Brené Brown

#35: How to Find Happiness

If you want to find happiness, find gratitude.

Steve Maraboli

#36: The Habit of Saying ‘Thank You’

Being in the habit of saying “Thank you,” of making sure that people receive attention so they know you value them, of not presuming that people will always be there–this is a good habit, regardless…make sure to give virtual and actual high-fives to those who rock and rock hard.

Sarah Wendell

#37: Don’t Worry, Be Happy

Gratitude always comes into play; research shows that people are happier if they are grateful for the positive things in their lives, rather than worrying about what might be missing.

Dan Buettner

#38: Give Freely

Gratitude and love are always multiplied when you give freely. It is an infinite source of contentment and prosperous energy.

Jim Fargiano

#39: Suffer No More

One may suffer the long-term in order to grow in appreciation for the small things. For in short-term suffering, one only notices the large.

Criss Jami
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#40: Catalyst for Happiness

Gratitude is a powerful catalyst for happiness. It’s the spark that lights a fire of joy in your soul.

Amy Collette

#41: Time to Be Grateful

It is very sad that most of us just aren’t grateful for what we have. If you’re reading this, I think it’s safe to assume that you’re not homeless. You’re not blind. You might be ill, but you’re still alive. And yet, we find it hard to be thankful. To see the gift each day brings us. It is from this lack of true gratitude that we become sad. We have told ourselves over and over that we aren’t happy. That our lives aren’t good. That we’re no good.

S.R. Crawford

#42: Be In the Moment

I looked around and thought about my life. I felt grateful. I noticed every detail. That is the key to time travel. You can only move if you are actually in the moment. You have to be where you are to get where you need to go.

Amy Poehler

#43: Grateful for the Chaos

Chaos brings movement to whatever is stagnant in your life. Stagnation leads to apathy, numbness, illness, suffering, etc. Be grateful for the situations in your life that may seem chaotic in the present moment, and realize that, in the greater scheme of things, chaos is Spirit giving you an opportunity… or possibly pushing you to move, grow, and be in the flow.

– Alaric Hutchinson

#44: It’s a Choice

It’s up to us to choose contentment and thankfulness now—and to stop imagining that we have to have everything perfect before we’ll be happy.

Joanna Gaines

#45: Gratitude = Abundance

We can never bring anything to us unless we are grateful for what we have. In fact, if somebody were completely and utterly grateful for everything, they would never have to ask for anything, because it would be given to them before they even asked.

Rhonda Byrne

#46: The Kumbaya Effect

Gratitude is a “nice” habit to adopt, warming your heart and all, but the Kumbaya effect is just the beginning. Gratefulness goes wayyyyyyy beyond the momentary feeling good, offering plenty of long-term and “practical” benefits we may never have intuited.

Kelly Corbet

#47: Don’t Forget

Never let the things you want make you forget the things you have.

Sanchita Pandey

#48: Thank You, Life

Life is both beautiful and painful. In whatever situation we find ourselves in, no matter how unfortunate it may seem, there is always something to be thankful for – if we only choose to see it.

– Frederick Espiritu

#49: Count Your Blessings

Your life looks like a prison because you focus on the things you wish you had and thus, don’t appreciate what you already have. So why don’t you try to see the abundance in your life? Because, if you haven’t noticed, you’ve got many things to thank for. Just look around.

Lidiya K.

#50: Cup Runneth Over

When I give thanks for good things in my life, I am filled to overflowing. Love and gratitude spill over into the lives around me.

Alysa Bajenaru
Written by
Irina Yugay