Compelling Evidence Of The True Intuitive Meaning

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It’s something so powerful and present in our everyday lives, yet something so elusive and so commonly underestimated.


Most people think of “intuition” as being some kind of new-agey, hippy, guru, blah blah… And they also believe that it’s so elusive that its validity is immeasurable.  

But guess what?

Science is beginning to turn the tables. As they unveil more and more of the true intuitive meaning, it’s power and presence are becoming nearly impossible to deny.

In this article, we will briefly discuss just a few of science’s latest discoveries in regard to intuition, it’s role in our lives, and it’s true meaning.

3 Scientific Experiments On The True Intuitive Meaning

What does intuitive mean?

1. On Sending Messages Via The Mind

The University of Edinburgh, one of the world’s most prestigious universities, has an entire academic division (the Koestler Parapsychology Unit) dedicated to studying intuitive meaning.

In one experiment, they aimed to study whether or not we have the ability to “send” messages with just our minds, alone.

So, they conducted this experiment by dividing their participants into two separate groups. One group was the “senders” and the other group was the “receivers.”

The groups were as separated as could be. They were in two completely different rooms, and the receivers listened to white noise, wore eye-shields, and were bathed in red light so that zero sensory information could be transmitted to or from the “senders.”

The “senders” were shown a specific video. Then, they were then asked to send the images of the video to the “receivers” using only their minds.  

Next, the “receivers” were shown four different videos and were told to choose which of the four videos they believed the senders watched.

Now, generally, we would expect a 25% “hit” rate. However, that’s not what the experiment observed.

Actually, the “receivers” reached a 33% “hit” rate. That’s a 7% increase.

When the founder of Mindvalley, Vishen Lakhiani, shared this information, he explained, “Now, you may be thinking that 7% isn’t like a big deal. But when you put this into a real-world context, 7% can be incredibly significant. It shows that the odds of intuition being real are billions to 1 in favor of intuition.”

And this experiment was with the ‘Average Joe’ of Intuition. You can actually learn to strengthen your intuition and greatly increase that 7%. To learn how, take Vishen’s Mindvalley program, Becoming Limitless, and become an Intuition Superhero.

You can learn more about these telepathic studies via the Ganzfeld Experiments.

Excited? Just wait, there’s more…

2.  On Predicting The Future

Another study to find intuitive meaning in the world was conducted by having participants attempt to predict whether an image was hiding behind curtain #1 or curtain #2. However, this done in a completely randomized fashion on a computer, so there were no actual curtains involved.

The researchers measured the participants’ (subtle) physiological responses, such as the opening of sweat glands on their palms.

The participants struggled to consciously decide which “curtain” the image was behind. Remarkably, however, their bodies knew the correct answer 2-3 seconds before the randomizing system on the computer decided which curtain to use.

Although the participants weren’t always consciously aware of the intuition and precognition of their physiology, their sweaty palms were correct nearly 100% of the time.

The HeartMath Institute performed a very similar study to this, measuring the heart waves of participants with the same results. It seems that our physiology is able to, in some mysterious way, predict the future.

3. On Making The Best Decision — Immediately

In yet another research study, they set out to validate that “gut feeling” you get when making big life decisions.

They studied car buyers.

The car buyers who took plenty of time to analyze and pour over all of the information about numerous car choices were, surprisingly, only found to later be satisfied with their purchase decision only 25% of the time.

On the other hand, car buyer who followed their gut feelings and made quick, intuitive decisions and their purchase were found to later be satisfied with their purchase a whopping 60% of the time.

It’s quite relieving to know that we have this inner guide, isn’t it? To learn more about how to better listen to this guide, check out our post on all things intuition.

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What do you think the true intuitive meaning is? In what ways have you experienced intuition? Share with us in a comment below!

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