Ego Dissolution On The Way To Higher Consciousness

What is ego dissolution?

Ego dissolution is a concept loaded with meaning, annotations and connotations.

But what actually is it?

Is it just not being egotistical? Or is there something more?

To find the answers to these questions, we will first have to pinpoint exactly what we mean when we utter the word ‘ego’.

This post is all about answering these basic existential questions. What is ego? And why on earth might we want to dissolve it?

Let’s dive in!  

What Is Ego?

Definition of ego

The exact ego definition changes throughout different fields of study and schools of thoughts. But the essential concept is the same in every definition of ego.

Basically, the ego definition is: the individualized identity of the self.

It is the first-person singular pronoun, “I.”

Whatever you think of when you think about yourself is your ego. Your sense of identity, your beliefs, ideologies, attachments, social and national affiliations, and much more constitute your ego.

So, ego dissolution means dissolving your sense of identity, beliefs, and ideologies as you have them now.

But why would one want to achieve ego dissolution lose their sense of identity (in their sane mind)?

Because the identity you have bars you from becoming what you truly are!

When we have passed beyond individualising, then we shall be real Persons. Ego was the helper; Ego is the bar.

                   — Indian guru and philosopher Sri Aurobindo.

What Does It Mean To Let Go Of Your Ego?

“Letting go of your ego” means freeing yourself from your limited sense of being. Why? To arrive at the truer, freer, and limitless universal being that is within you.

That limitless and blissful self is within all of us all the time. But it remains covered by the veil of ego. Once we start to let go of our ego, that self starts to emerge with all of it’s splendor.

Ego, and the dissolution of it, are age-old concepts. But in modern times, it has assumed multitudes of meanings and significance, however, with similar consequences.

Dissociating from the ego and merging with your visions is the best technique on the way to realizing your goals, as developed by Vishen Lakhiani, the founder of Mindvalley and the author of the life-changing program, Becoming Limitless.

For most of the people, however, their limited and accidentally constructed egos are their whole existence. They are not aware of anything beyond that.

To be automatically driven by their accidental ego has become their reality.

But once that same person starts to see the fragile, fleeting, and ever-changing shapes of their ego, they start to realize the truth about it.

What Does “Having No Ego” Mean?

What does it mean when someone says you have an ego?

Having no ego is what Nirvana is in Buddhism and Moksha is in Hinduism.

When you transcend your limited identity and are at one with the universal existence, you have no ego. Your droplet of existence merges with the oceanic and you become the ocean — free from pain and sufferings.

If you really followed the Socratic dictum “know thyself,” what do you think you will come to know?  

Ultimately, you will come to know the flimsy nature of your constructed self — the ego. And you will know that your true, indestructible self is beyond your ego.

How Do I Overcome My Ego?

Okay, so perhaps now you understand that you have been having all these wrong, harmful, and limiting ideas about yourself for such a long time, and you want to get rid of these to realize your true self.

It is possible. But it’s not as easily done as it is said.

Your ego has been in construction since your very early childhood. You have been your ego for too long. Then, the severance, too, has to be done with patience and practice.

You will have to adhere to a set of transcendent practices that will put you in relaxed states of mind so that you can dive within yourself and clear the haze of ego.

So, the secret is to go within!

The transcendent practices like meditation, cultivating compassion, forgiveness, gratitude, being mindful, and many others help you a lot on the way to overcoming ego.  

You may wish to start with the 6-Phase Meditation Quest by Vishen Lakhiani for great results.

How Do I Stop Feeding My Ego?

Once you become aware of the essential truth that your ego is not your true identity, you automatically start to align yourself with the inner reality that is the real you.

So, from then on, if you remain alert, mindful, and anchored in the present moment, you will stop feeding your ego. Along with that, you should continue practicing meditation (and other transcendent practices) to keep dissolving your ego.      

Ego is an evolutionary device of mother nature that helps individual manifestations to evolve in their own way. But after a certain amount of evolutionary growth, the ego becomes an iron bar on the way to even higher evolution of the consciousness.

The limiting views of existence and constraining beliefs you have about your life constitute your personal prison. They are the main hindrance towards becoming limitless and totally free within.

Are you already practicing any techniques to achieve ego dissolution, ego death, or psychic death?  Share with us in a comment below!



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