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Mind How Do You Define Worth? Reinvent Your Brand Of Personal Success

How Do You Define Worth? Reinvent Your Brand Of Personal Success

Not many of us would turn down more success, wealth, health, or happiness. In some form or another, it’s what we all strive for, right?

But did you know that the way you define worth not only says a lot about you—but can also impact the abundance you attract?

Your personal perspective on what it means to be successful and the way you define worth can make all the difference.

And changing your perspective can actually change the type of success you attract.

How Do You Define Worth?

When you think about the word success, what comes to mind?

Maybe you think about having more money. Maybe you think about successful personal relationships. Or, maybe you think about reaching a fitness goal.

Success comes in many forms, and it means something different to each and every one of us.

The same goes for worth. The way we define worth for others and for ourselves can have a big impact on what we draw into your lives.

What’s worthy of your energy and attention might not be what a friend or coworker finds worthy.

But your definition of worth goes beyond the material. In fact, this sense of worth also applies to the way you value your self.

self worth definition

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Social Media: The Dangerous Self Worth Game

Self worth is something not many of us pay much attention to these days. It’s kind of funny, really. In a world where everything seems to be all about #selflove, real and genuine self love is pretty thin on the ground.

Why? Because we’ve built ourselves a twenty-two with social media.

In some ways, you could argue that platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook are built to help people promote their personal brand of success via their lifestyles. The more likes and shares you get, the more relevant your content—and the more relevant you become. It’s all in the algorithms, really.

But this is a false equivalency. And most of us don’t even realize we’re doing it. We’ve learned to value ourselves only as others value us. And this is a dangerous, toxic game.

Why Your Personal Success Depends On Your Definition Of Self Worth

How you define worth, most especially where it applies to your self concept and sense of self, is everything. Your perspective on success and value, inside and out, is actively fine tuning the abundance you attract into your life.

So, the question is: what do you want to attract?

Marisa Peer, Author of Mindvalley’s Uncompromised Life Program, says, “You have so much power to keep yourself well. You have so much power to live a full, happy life. You have so much power to attract love, to have loving relationships, to be successful. Don’t give your power away. How you’re going to feel in life is really all up to you.”

How you define worth is entirely up to you. You decide what’s worthy of your energy, love, and attention. And where you direct your attention is what will come into your life.

So, what’s worth it for you? What gets you out of bed in the morning? Share in the comments below.  

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