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Habits Science-Based Reasons Why Friends Make Us Happier

Science-Based Reasons Why Friends Make Us Happier

We all intuitively know that good friends make a great life — but now science supports it, too.

It’s rare that you find those people you click with: the ones where no explanation is needed, they just “get” you for who you are. The kind of friends where you can do something spontaneous at the drop of a hat, or simply sit in companionable silence — together.

From supporting us through heartbreak, providing their two cents with important life decisions, or just being there to share a good belly laugh, great friends can turn the mundane into the magical.

And not only do close friendships make you happier in the moment, they also help you to live longer, stay healthier, and become a happier person.

This beautiful infographic, created by Happify, shares powerful science-backed ways friendships contribute to happiness — and they may just make you rethink the impact your friends have had on your life and wellbeing.

In fact, the various scientific studies show that friends with strong social links are 50% less likely to die early, and those living with a close friend nearby were found to be 25% happier than those who didn’t, while college students who reported having strong friendships were half as likely to contract the common cold as those who had fewer close friendships.

From helping us to heal faster from colds, to prolonging our life expectancy and even physically making hills look less steep… great friendships can truly conquer all.

After all, friends are the family you choose — and there’s no greater love than that.

Here’s an infographic to prove just how much friends make us happier:

Why Friends Make Us Happier

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This infographic was originally published on Happify

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