Deep Meditation – Connection With Your Soul

Deep Meditation – Connection With Your Soul

Deep Meditation – Connection With Your Soul

Deep meditation is to the mind what deep tissue massage is to the muscles.

Deep tissue massage realigns the deeper layers of muscles and connective tissues — it’s the same technique as used in a regular massage, except slower and with greater pressure that concentrates on painful, tense areas. Normal meditation is focused attention and relatively brief moments of mental stillness, but deep meditation focuses and moves one’s energy in a very deliberate way, transcends physical consciousness, and allows for a truly silent, still mind.

Normal Meditation And Deep Meditation

Regular meditation is easier. You sit still, eyes closed, and focus your thoughts on a sound or object (a popular point of focus is the breath). With meditation music, meditation is even easier. You can do it anytime, anywhere the mood strikes you or you need to unplug from the world for a while. Regular meditation calms and relaxes you. You become generally happier, calmer, more self-controlled, and more peaceful from a daily meditation practice.

After a while, you may desire to go deeper. You may hear about experienced meditators wanting to “deepen their practice” and develop even stronger focus, self-mastery and proper techniques in order to feel unity with all creation and expand their consciousness.

How To Go Deep

1. Environment

While you can meditate anywhere with meditation audio, deep meditation requires quiet, peaceful, private, and comfortable surroundings. You shouldn’t be distracted by temperature (or weather, if you’re outside), other people, background noises, etc.

2. Proper Posture

The right posture defines how your energy moves during meditation. Sitting tall with your back unsupported, hands in the lap, and legs crossed, moves energy freely along the body’s energy centers or meridians (chakras). You don’t have to sit in full Lotus if it’s uncomfortable, but sprawling on the sofa or lying in bed won’t achieve the same powerful results.

3. Focus

Use binaural beats to enter meditation, but focus your full attention on the soundtrack instead of allowing your mind to wander. It’s best to play the soundtrack very quietly (choose the one that makes you most peaceful). Volume doesn’t matter since the binaural beats are inaudible to the ears anyway. The important thing is to shift your attention inward and detach from awareness of the external world and even your own body.

deep meditation

4. Immerse Yourself

Strive to hear every note, every silence between notes. Don’t allow any thoughts to distract you. Bring your focus back to the meditation audio, again and again, until the mind begins to relax and relinquish control by becoming quieter. Thoughts will gradually disappear as you take your attention away from them and your mind will become silent.

It works like this: First, you’re aware of your thoughts but persistent re-focusing on the music dissipates thoughts. You may be aware of your physical body and your surroundings at first, too. As thoughts disappear, so does awareness of your body and physical surroundings. You begin feeling UNITY with universal consciousness.

There is no perception of time or space when you are in deep meditation. There is only a warmth that is more than physical warmth; an indescribably beautiful peace and feeling of love and one-ness. There are no adequate words to describe this profound spiritual experience!

What’s The Point Of All This?

First, you raise your vibration significantly by transcending habitual negative thought patterns and realizing your oneness with all creation. You may or may not be aware of the movement of energy in your body and beyond your body.

You become acutely aware of the energetic nature of the universe and that everything is, at its core, energy. You lose the sense of “self” and feel compassion and love for your fellow humans and other life on this planet because there is no longer “I” or “they”; there is only One.

Deep meditation transcends time. You may find yourself meditating for far, far longer than you anticipated; or far shorter (of course you’re not aware of the passing of time until afterward when you look at a clock or the soundtrack ends!).

Deep meditation allows you to “hear” (without physically hearing) your intuitive voice. It’s a knowing, a receiving of information that would otherwise be unavailable to you because the logical mind dismisses it. The logical mind can only process information that comes through the senses — according to the logical mind, anything outside of the senses can’t be real.

Deep meditation opens you to the realm of energetic, non-sensory information. You may contact spirit guides (or be contacted by them) during deep meditation. You may receive information in the form of symbols, words, feelings, or in any way that you understand.

You may have interesting and unusual experiences during deep meditation. These experiences are there to make you understand your one-ness with the pure, positive energy of the universal consciousness. First, your awareness goes within; and then it expands to encompass all there is. This is an amazing, blissful experience!

Coming out of deep meditation, you will feel energized and cleansed. You are left with feelings of love, joy, peace, gratitude, and renewed enthusiasm for life. Deep meditation is very healing. Your cells will rejuvenate during deep meditation and you’ll enjoy better health!

Success Tips

You may wonder if you are capable of going into deep meditation, especially if you’re a beginner. The answer is YES!

It may take a while to get the hang of it, but the more you practice, the better you’ll become at silencing the mental chatter and going very deep in meditation.

  • Set your intention to go into deep meditation before you sit down and close your eyes.
  • Don’t be hard on yourself and don’t get frustrated. Have fun with it! Explore the “energetic you” with curiosity and no agenda.
  • Incorporate music for meditation such as Omharmonics to increase focus.
  • Detach from DOING and just BE.

Regular meditation is very beneficial, but you may want to explore deep meditation as a way to enhance your spiritual and personal growth.

Written by
Irina Yugay