11 Empowering Quotes by Lisa Nichols on How Your Personal Story Can Change the World

11 Empowering Quotes by Lisa Nichols on How Your Personal Story Can Change the World


Lisa Nichols, one of the best speaking coaches in the world, rose to success after sharing how she overcome poverty to become a self-made millionaire in The Secret. Now, she’s dedicated her life to helping people do the same.

We all have a story, and these quotes by Lisa Nichols can inspire you to share yours.

You might think your life is average, but while your personal story might not have all the bells and whistles of a Hollywood movie, your story is no less important or impactful.

When you find your voice and share your journey, people will step forward to share how your courage made them feel more courageous.

And that is the power of storytelling.

So how do you learn to tell a good story? Here’s some inspiration from Lisa Nichols, one of the best speaking coaches in the world and trainer of Mindvalley’s Speak and Inspire Quest:

Your personal story can change the world if only you choose to share it.

Tap Into the Transformative Power of Your Personal Story

We are built to understand narratives, not just facts or numbers. That’s why the best leaders, writers, philosophers, teachers, coaches, and parents are also the greatest storytellers.

Lisa Nichols, one of the best speaking coaches in the world, teaches you how to find your unique voice and rally others around the causes you care about through storytelling.

Here are 11 quotes from Lisa to convince you why your personal story, too, has the power to change the world.

11 Empowering Quotes by Lisa Nichols

1. Your story is as important as Lisa Nichols’

Humans are storytelling animals. We tell stories to entertain our friends; we tell stories to pass down wisdom; we tell stories to bring awareness to a good cause.

But we also weave a story about who we are, as individuals, to understand our own personality, environment, and past.

When you feed yourself a disempowering narrative, full of past wounds and present obstacles, you naturally start to believe in your own limitations.

But when you choose to rewrite your story, you’ll find out there’s a great deal that you can accomplish.

we also weave a story about who we are, as individuals, to understand our own personality, environment, and past.

2. The best motivation doesn’t taste good

There are things that you’ve experienced, obstacles you’ve had to overcome, traumas that you’ve had to endure that you wouldn’t wish on anybody, including your worst enemy.

But those moments that bring up insecurity, doubt, shame, and pain are not reasons to quit your journey; you can transform those moments into fodder for a better future. You can turn your fears into fuel. You can show up, share your story, prove yourself capable, and make it your life mission to help other people in the same situation as you.

You can turn your fears into fuel.

3. You’re in control of your life

You can’t control every event, but at the end of the day, only you have the power to change your thoughts, actions, and situation.

You’re the author of your own story, and only you get to write the next chapter of your life.

You are the designer of your destiny

4. Stop asking for permission, start living to inspire

We’ve all been guilty of waiting for permission or wanting the validation of someone else. We wait politely for our dreams to come true, or we stop recognizing our own desires and dreams because we think they’re unrealistic.

But the compromised life never feels good.

You’re not meant to sacrifice your dreams or settle for less; you’re meant to find happiness and joy in what you do well.

Stop Asking For Permission, Start Living To Inspire

5. You won’t always have support

By showing up to your life, by honoring your own calling, you’re doing the entire world a service.

But that doesn’t mean you’ll always feel supported or understood.

The truth is, people often won’t understand your journey or ideas. Every great leader, every successful entrepreneur, every amazing visionary has had to walk the path less traveled at some point.

And it does feel lonely.

You will probably feel some hurt when your family or friends or old tribe doesn’t understand the new you or your new ideas.

Stick with it. Know your mission, know what you want, and pursue it.

You Won’t Always Have Support

6. How the world sees you

If you don’t believe in yourself, then can you really expect others to?

Self-confident people inspire confidence in others, whether that’s their bosses, students, friends, or potential clients.

It also contributes to other leadership skills, like consistency, calmness, resilience, and adaptability.

But even if you don’t feel self-confident, you can build on the confidence you do have by setting bold but realistic goals, developing your skills, and ensuring that your words are consistent with your actions.

How The World Sees You

7. Clarity, conviction, and action equals success

The three most important ingredients to your success are the clarity you have about your vision, the conviction that you can make a difference, and the action steps you take to get there.

If you do all three, it won’t take long before you start seeing an effect.

First, you’ll see it in your inner world, through your health, happiness, and fulfillment.

Then, you’ll see the world responding to you differently — either through new opportunities or advancements in your career and personal life.

Clarity, Conviction, And Action Equals Success

8. The two most important days in your life are…

No one wants to watch their life pass them by.

As human beings, we’re not designed to float from menial task to menial task.

We’re designed to live with purpose, whether that’s becoming an entrepreneur, philanthropist, writer, or parent.

And when you find out why your life is meaningful, you’ll suddenly discover a reserve of energy and joy that you didn’t know you had access to.

The Two Most Important Days In Your Life Are when you are born and when you know why

9. Embrace the greatness inside you, around you

Have you ever had a hard time accepting a compliment, even when it’s well-deserved?

When people acknowledge our greatness, we’re usually scared and stupefied.

It brings up feelings of vulnerability and unworthiness — and, sometimes, the fear that the compliment will rush to our heads.

But allowing people to see the greatness in you isn’t ego, and seeing the greatness inside someone else doesn’t take anything from your own power.

Accept compliments graciously and give them generously. Watch what happens.

Embrace The Greatness Inside You, Around You

10. What are you willing to do to become your best?

Most people choose the same mistakes, the same silence, the same choices again and again. But are you willing to make a different choice? One that could possibly radically change who you are for the better?

By speaking up in that meeting when you’re afraid, or choosing to exercise even when you’re tired, or remaining calm even when your emotions sky-rocket, you’re setting yourself up for a new and improved way of living.

What Are You Willing To Do To Become Your Best?

11. Let your light shine

Dimming your light doesn’t do you or the world any good.

You were meant to be great.

Stand in that power.

You are meant to be great
Written by
Lisa Nichols