The Superpower 99% Of Us Forget We Have [TedX Talk]

In this talk, KarFei Cheah Head of Learning at Mindvalley shares a fascinating idea about how we can live our life by design — and not by default. About The Video Some of our most deeply engraved beliefs in our…

How The Power Of Words Can Completely Change Your Reality

Words have power. And if you’ve ever wondered how to turn the power of words to your advantage, this is the TEDx talk for you. In this TEDx talk, Lu Xanne Boon, Head of Workplace Culture and Resident Coach at…

Why Your Past Pain Is A Gift To The World — And How Not To Waste It

When I started my company, I didn’t realize it at the time, but I was unconsciously infusing my values into the business. Values are beliefs. Some stupid. Some sane. Some best left unsaid — and we sometimes don’t actually fully…

How Mindvalley Evolved From Suckyness & Chaos To An Award-Winning Company [Pictures Included]

A lot of people see Mindvalley on its glossier side. But what many don’t see is that BEFORE all of this…Mindvalley was, well, really really basic. Some might even say ‘sucky’.

What We Learn About Diversity From Our Customer Support Team

Building a world-class customer support team is not an easy task. Before you start hiring, training, and planning your strategy, you must first have a clear understanding of the values of your customers. At Mindvalley, the customer experience is a…

If You Could Say One Thing To The World… What Would It be? [PHOTOGAPHY]

Love Is the True Black is a photographic movement with the mission of uniting the Human Race. The question they ask is: what would you say to the world if you knew everybody could hear and understand you? (and then write it on your body).…

Omvana – Now The Most Powerful Meditation Platform

Introducing the World’s First Customizable Library of Audios for Meditation, Sleep, Relaxation, Focus & Inspiration – in One Powerful Online Service.

Why Happiness Is The New Productivity And How To Build An Award-Winning Workplace

Vishen Lakhiani, founder of Mindvalley shares why, according to research,  happiness is the new productivity and how employers can build workplaces where people thrive. About The Video What started out as a game of “how many Starbucks Coffee I can…

Vishen Lakhiani At Wild Digital 2015 – Southeast Asia’s Premier Digital Conference

Watch Vishen’s talk at Wild Digital 2015 on how Mindvalley is changing the game in education, voted the best presentation at the 2-day event.

Mindvalley An Official Great Place To Work Certified Company

Mindvalley is proud to announce that we’re now a Great Place to Work® certified company as endorsed by the the Great Place to Work® Institute, an organization dedicated to building a better society by helping companies transform their workplaces.