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Welcome To Mindvalley – The School For Humanity

What if education was about unifying the human race and upgrading human consciousness? What if Planet Earth was one big global campus and learning never ended?

About The Video

Imagine a school for all of humanity. With no borders.

A school that questions the ideas, beliefs and systems that separate us, and endorses the ones that unite us.

A school where we intend to tackle global issues as one unified people.

A school that isn’t afraid to ask: How can we make the world extraordinary?

Welcome to Mindvalley, the school for humanity.

Mindvalley works with the world’s most legendary teachers on programs and experiences that ignite transformation and teaches you everything that regular education forgot to teach you to be extraordinarily happy, free, healthy and fulfilled.

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Which skills or traits do you feel are most needed in the world today?

And how do you envision education for humanity to evolve?

Share your thoughts and ideas in the comments below!

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