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Life at Mindvalley Mindvalley Is One Of GameChangers Top 500 Businesses In The World

Mindvalley Is One Of GameChangers Top 500 Businesses In The World


Mindvalley has been recognized as one of the world’s top 500 GameChangers in business alongside brands such as TOMS, Zappos, Google, TED and Patagonia for using business as a force for good.

In 2014, GameChangers recognized Mindvalley as one of the world’s top 500 purpose-driven businesses.

GameChangers 500 recognizes organizations like TOMS, Zappos, Google, and Patagonia — companies that use business as a force for good. We feel honored to be among these purpose-driven mavericks.

Why The Profit-Only Business Model Doesn’t Work

Mindvalley on GameChangers

Sought-after business expert Andrew Hewitt created GameChangers 500 in response to him and his peers growing numb at the “profit-at-all-cost corporations.”

He realized he needed to do something. Every year, the world’s 3,000 largest corporations cause $2.2 trillion in environmental damage.

That is way too high a price to pay. Profit shouldn’t go first. Purpose should.

Big lists like the Fortune 500 may glorify businesses that maximize revenue, but GameChangers 500 builds aspiration for a new breed of organizations — ones that “define themselves as For-Benefit rather than For-Profit, and utilize business to not only make money but to also make the world a better place.”

Why Mindvalley Is On The GameChangers List

To qualify for the list, a company is measured by the list’s series of award badges that highlight why the company is in the business, what the business offers to its customers, and how the business is run; scaling its mission, impact (both to humanity and the environment), work culture, design, employee empowerment and more.

Here are 6 practices that helped Mindvalley land on the GameChangers list:

1. Purpose-First

The Mindvalley Mission has always been clear: to elevate the key systems that shape humanity’s future through education. Everything we do centers around this — from the immersive experience of Mindvalley U to our Quests on every area of life.

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2. Tribe culture

The tribe makes Mindvalley. We try to create a culture that recognizes the importance of teamwork and engages our whole community. After all, we have a massive vision to turn into reality.

3. Freedom-focused workplace

The WorldBlu List of Most Democratic Workplaces 2018 named Mindvalley for the 11th year in a row. Why? Because Mindvalley believes that freedom — not fear — increases innovation and team morale.

4. Remarkable customer care

Our customer care team has won awards. Mindvalley made this list and others by demonstrating genuine care toward the people we serve.

5. Employee growth ecosystem

As an educational company, we understand how important life-long learning is. And so, we encourage our employees to take trainings, cultivate their interests, and expand their knowledge. All of this does help us make our bottom line, but more importantly, it helps us fulfill our purpose as a company.

6. Caring through sharing

Mindvalley now works with governments, corporations, and schools in order to share our resources and knowledge. That way, we’re reimagining the human experience together.

Mindvalley on GameChangers 500 Homepage
The GameChangers 500 homepage, where Mindvalley is listed among brands such as Google, TOMS, Wholefoods Market, TED, Causes and more.

Mindvalley’s full-length profile on GameChangers 500 displays our list of GameChangers badges and outlines our our core values and practices. You can also explore other GameChangers businesses, including Etsy, TOMS, Vancity, and

Do you think it’s time for companies to be purpose-driven as well as profit-driven? What do you think about Mindvalley on the GameChangers list?

Share your thoughts below.

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