5 Simple Steps To Get Anything You Want

How to get anything you want
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If you are privileged enough to of been born into our westernized capitalist sector, in this era of time, then you shall inherently find yourself likewise living within a reality where you can quite literally attain anything you want in life.

A true beauty, this privilege is. To be able to live as you please.

And yet within its infinite abundance, it would seem there in lies a great deal of some quite dramatically limiting belief systems.

Why is this?

What is it about an infinite series of possibility, that so frequently finds one frozen in their tracks? How is it that we seem to so readily presume our dreams as something of an impossible task to accomplish?

It’s a mindset, an ideological imposition of thought.

A  framework of perception which we have been told to operate under, since before we can remember.

To no fault of our own, we have consequently built ourselves into a trap.

Still yet, there is hope.

For as is true with any mindset, this one can be retrained.

A retraining process which we can begin in a rather simple and straightforward application of these five steps, as follows.

And although these steps alone may not find you entirely within a manifested reality, they will certainly bring rise to the process. Leaving you feeling empowered, and ready for action.

1. Write Your Goals Down On Paper

Can I manifest anything I want?

To procure anything you want in life, you must first establish what exactly it is that you want.

Write down your goals. Both the long term and the short term.

Seriously, get a piece of paper and a pen, brainstorm your life’s goals, and write them down.

Think about the big picture — where you ultimately want to be in life. Once you’ve written this down, then begin to brainstorm smaller goals which you must accomplish first in order to adequately get there.

And under each of these smaller goals, write down yet smaller ones. Until you find yourself faced with a realistic plan of action, day by day, week by week, and month by month.

2. Create A Network Of Accountability

Once you have these goals written down, know that getting anything you want in life is not a task you can accomplish alone.

Tell your friends and family, and even strangers, what it is that you intend to accomplish.

Create a network of accountability.

The more you assert your truth, the more you express your dreams as things that are going to happen, the more you will begin to believe it.

As you will likewise force yourself into holding yourself accountable.

Stay true to your word, and express that word.

3. Maintain A Breathing And Meditation Practice

how to get anything you want

Let us not allow it all to become too overwhelming, either.

Remember that it’s okay to calm down a bit.

A practice of focused breathing and meditation can help in this endeavor.

Whether you are a beginner or an accomplished veteran, such a practice will certainly help you to calm the mind and release those daunting negative thought patterns.

Getting started can actually be quite easy, and will produce far-ranging benefits for both mind and body.

4. Stay Physically Active

Both mind, and body.

Although yes, a large degree of the process of manifestation unfolds within the mind itself, it is of the utmost importance here that we remember the rest of our body, as well.

In fact, physical exercise plays a large role in the release of chemicals which naturally produce a positive mindset. The two feed off of one another.

There is perhaps no better way to find yourself feeling empowered and ready for action than physical activity.

With anything you want in life just around the corner, get up and take some action!

A simple 20 minutes a day is more than enough to get that blood flowing, those endorphins releasing, and that serotonin spiking.

Think of your physical activity as a reward, as opposed to some kind of punishment. Be grateful that you have been gifted a functioning body which is capable of exercise, and acknowledge the positive direction which this exercise will push your collective self.

5. Keep A Gratitude Journal

To be grateful for these gifts of life.

Such a humbling notion, and again, something which will bring us a greatly enhanced internal power as we pursue our dreams.

When we create this plan of action, act upon it, and continue to maintain a calm sense of balance, we should also be constantly reminding ourselves of how grateful we are for having been given the opportunity to live.

In the search for getting anything you want in life, it is absolutely crucial to maintain a sense of gratitude for that which you already have.

Keep a journal, and record your thoughts on the things you find yourself grateful for. Do this daily, and reread your entries in times of need, or when facing a desired uplifting of the spirit.

Life is already beautiful!

Now, okay, let’s get out there and make it just that much more so.

Initiate these five steps and watch, as anything you want in life just starts appearing before you.

Take it a step further even, if you’d like, and begin the process of manifesting.

Within this realm of infinite possibility truly lies anything you want.

To start the journey may perhaps seem daunting. However,  if you have a plan, a calm state of mind, a network of accountability, and the drive to empower yourself, then this old world of limiting belief systems will find itself getting left behind.

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Do you practice any of these steps already? How do they work for you? Share this empowering process of yours with us in the comments below, as we’d love to hear about how you’ve already begun to attain anything you want in this life.



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