What Is Lucid Dreaming? (Infographic)

what is lucid dreaming

Does your normal life seem mundane, repetitive or even boring? Do you long for an escape, perhaps somewhere new to explore? Then lucid dreaming might be for you.

What if you could consciously control your dreams? This could give you the ability to fly, to play in your favorite band, or even teleport yourself anywhere.

These are all some of the experiences people report, from lucid dreaming. Like the most immersive video game you’ll ever play, you can smell things, touch things… go on adventures, and experience things you can’t in ordinary life.

In fact, lucid dreaming can give you a simulated space to explore your subconscious. Think of it like a playground, or a rehearsal space for new experiences. This is what allows your mind to grow, potentially leaving you more equipped to overcome new challenges in real life.

Some believe that lucid dreaming isn’t possible without supplements or sophisticated techniques. In fact, 20% of the population already experience it naturally. And for the rest of us, it’s an easily learned skill.

Our dreams occur in our REM sleep, which typically occurs 4-5 times per night. This can happen for up to an hour at a time. During any one of these times, when you are aware you are dreaming you can start to lucid dream. And all it takes is to simply become aware that you are dreaming.

Training your mind to notice you’re dreaming is easy. So here are 5 Simple tips for you to get started:

5 Simple Tips For You To Start Lucid Dreaming

1. Practice daily mindfulness, being awake and aware of your surroundings each day. Affirm to yourself “I am awake” often through the day. When you fall sleep, and you cannot do it anymore, you must be asleep.

2. Writing a dream journal daily allows you remember your dreams, and can train your mind to be more aware when you’re dreaming.

3. Meditate shortly before bed, and set an intention in your mind that “I am going to lucid dream”. Setting this clear intention can have a powerful effect on your subconscious mind. In time, this can be enough to be aware that your dreaming.

4. Go to bed calm and relaxed, and resist the urge to roll over in your sleep, instead be still and relax deeper. Notice yourself drift off and, if possible, keep this relaxed alertness into your dream state.

5. Perform a ‘reality check’ within the dream. This helps you find out what is real, and what isn’t. For example, during your day, count on your fingers, moving them as you go along. Repeat once forwards, and then backwards. This is just tricky enough to catch yourself out, within your dream. If you fail to do it, you must be dreaming.

And remember, lucid dreaming it is perfectly safe. It is simply the phenomenon of understanding you are in a dream when you are in it. When you realize your dreaming, just relax and enjoy it.

Curious to find out more? In the infographic below, Andrew Holecek further demystifies this ancient practice for you so you can experience the power of lucid dreaming for yourself:


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