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Highlights: Seeking inspiration for your personal growth and life? These 75 Vishen Lakhiani quotes offer actionable insights and fresh perspectives.

You probably know him from his insightful talks or bestselling books. Or maybe you’ve just stumbled upon him in a YouTube video.

But one thing’s for sure, Vishen, the founder of Mindvalley, loves to talk about all things related to growth and spirituality. And openly shares his thoughts on business, mindfulness, and holistic well-being.

It comes as no surprise that, over the years, the list of Vishen Lakhiani quotes has amassed. Not only are they a source of motivation but also encouragement to take the necessary first step toward transformation.

So here are 75 handpicked—and verified—quotes from Vishen to get inspired and, in turn, inspire others.

Vishen’s Most Viral Quotes

Vishen has delved into many aspects of personal growth and spirituality. Throughout the years, he has said or written a few quotes that have stuck with his audience. Chances are that you have already stumbled upon a couple of Vishen’s most popular quotes:

1. “Instead of seeking goals, seek growth. Instead of endpoints, seek beginnings.

2. “With an open heart and a big smile on your face, embrace every experience life sends your way, whether good or bad. By doing so, no experience will ever be wasted.

3. “Always seek work that you love. Any other way of living misses the point of life itself.

4. “The key to being extraordinary is to know what rules to follow and what rules to break.

5. “Stop postponing your happiness. Be happy now. Your thoughts and beliefs will create your reality, but only when your present state is joyful.

One of Vishen Lakhiani's most viral quote

Vishen’s Quotes About Mindset

Your mindset is the foundation of your success and the blueprint for a good life. Here are some of Vishen’s most inspirational quotes to help you build a healthy mindset.

6. “Kindness is the ultimate flex.

7. “Happiness is not the goal. Having the discipline to nurture positive emotions, even in challenging times is the goal.

8. “Your mind is creating everything about the world around you.

9. “Growth mindset is one of the most important things you can learn because when you master these ideas, every aspect of your life starts getting better and better.

10. “Growth mindset is one of the most powerful insurance policies you can have for your life.

11. “When you adopt growth, that’s the number one thing in life, and everything else grows with you.

12. “Your mindset shapes your reality, so choose a growth mindset and watch your world transform.”

13. “Happiness fuels productivity.

14. “Gratitude has the single largest correlation with human well-being than any other character trait.

15. “What we read or what we think about become the scripts of our life.

A quote on mindset by Vishen Lakhiani

Vishen’s Quotes About Spirituality

Vishen’s spiritual exploration has touched the hearts and minds of many, offering profound insights into the realm of spirituality. These are his top quotes on the subject that can help you build a richer spiritual understanding.

16. “Life can happen to you, or life can happen from you.

17. “Growth is the spiritual practice that connects us to our higher selves.

18. “You are creating the world as you want to see it.

19. “You start recognizing that you’re more than just a physical body, that there’s this spirit, that soul, the intuition within you.

20. “It’s almost as if, you know when they say you’re crazy if you have a voice in your head? No, you’re actually gifted if you have that voice as long as that voice is giving you good advice.

21. “So sometimes our spirit guides come from our deepest desires, like how our soul wants us to grow and express ourselves.

22. “Life flows almost as if it’s blessed by luck and synchronicity; it almost feels as if you are held by a benevolent universe.

23. “I want to have spirituality without the dogma.

24. “If you really want to practice your spiritualness, you can’t just be sitting on your meditation cushion; you’ve got to have a vision for the future.

25. “Your soul isn’t here to achieve; your soul is here to grow.

Quote on spirituality by Vishen Lakhiani

Vishen’s Quotes About Goal-Setting

If you want to achieve meaningful goals in your life, and you need just a little push, look no further. Here are some of Vishen’s most impactful quotes that will help you navigate the path to success.

26. “Set goals that inspire your soul.

27. “The mission-oriented life is not just giving you meaning; it rewards you with so much more.

28. “When it comes to thinking about your future vision, focus on the what and the why. Do not worry about the how.

29. “So the biggest problem with traditional goal setting is that rather than pick goals that truly speak to your heart, that truly speak to human happiness, people tend to pick goals, which are coming from the cumulative rules and norms.

30. “End goals are goals that truly lead to happiness. And all end goals fall into one of three buckets: beautiful human experiences, growth, or contribution.

31. “What experiences do I want?’ ‘How do I want to contribute?’ You get yourself to bypass all the clutter, to go straight to those end goals that really, really make you happy. That’s what life is about.

32. “Whenever you set a goal, you always have to understand if that goal is a means goal or an end goal.

33. “If you’re hitting 100% of your goals, let me tell you, you are playing too small; your goals are simply not challenging enough.

34. “The secret is to understand that every soul has a particular destiny, has a path that it goes on. You can learn to listen to the goals, which are coming out from within you.

35. “Make growth your number one mission, and you’ll find your goals aligning effortlessly.

A goal-setting quote by Vishen Lakhiani

Vishen’s Quotes About Health and Fitness

Whether you’re on a journey to attain optimal health, looking for fitness motivation, or aiming to strike a harmonious balance between your body and mind, these quotes from Vishen will most certainly inspire you.

36. “How you talk to yourself will determine your body’s response to stress.

37. “When I can’t sleep at night, I ask my guides to help me sleep, and I fall asleep. Not with a sleeping pill.

38. “Stress is a complete mental construct that you are making up.

39. “You can program your body to heal and rejuvenate itself and reverse aging as you sleep.

40. “Forgiveness has been proven to increase your heart health, improve the quality of your sleep, and reduce depression and anxiousness.

41. “What even doctors tell you is often a fraction of what you can do when you embrace certain ideas about fitness and exercise.

42. “Food is information; you are literally what you eat.

43. “You cannot survive today without the right supplements.

44. “We live between two boundaries: the boundary of shame (I ate something I shouldn’t) and the boundary of guilt (I’m not eating something I should).

45. “Transformation isn’t just about becoming healthier; it’s about evolving into your best self.

A quote on health and fitness by Vishen Lakhiani

Vishen’s Quotes About Relationships

Vishen’s got some nuggets of wisdom when it comes to relationships, too. Whether you’re looking for love, navigating friendships, or improving your relationship with your family, these quotes may just come in handy.

46. “Dream big, disrupt the norm, make it uncomfortable in your presence, walk into a room, and let your light shine bright.

47. “You need to ask yourself: ‘If I could have all these beautiful experiences, if I could grow to be this incredible man or woman, how would I give back to the world?’ Contribution is one of the surest paths to happiness.

48. “All human connections are to be win-win.

49. “Dream the impossible dream, and the world will not grind you under; it will lift you up. This is the trick. This is what all the teachers and philosophers who really counted, who really touched the alchemical goal, understood.

50. “What you believe about the world is going to give to you.

51. “Compassion is not something you do for other people; it’s something you do for yourself. It changes the way you function and show up in the world.

52. “Do you know what it is that you value? You should, because ultimately we’re always choosing people based on our values.

53. “A conscious relationship is really this process of knowing ourselves, honoring timing, and seeing our partners, friends, and family as mirrors and as partners in our healing.

54. “Relationship really is like a garden; it’s an orchard. There’s so much depth, and time, and nourishment that needs to happen to create the relationship that we want.

55. “The world will not give you what you want but will reflect back to you who you are.

A quote on relationshpis by Vishen Lakhiani

Vishen’s Quotes About Leadership

Vishen’s take on leadership isn’t just about guiding teams; it’s about inspiring and leading with heart. So these quotes aim not only to make you a better manager or director but also an impactful and inspiring leader.

56. “Leadership is recognizing that everyone you lead is as brilliant as you, as great as you, and capable of the same impact. Your job is simply to remind them of this fact and help them grow.

57. “You don’t just want to be powerful or wealthy; you want to be powerful, wealthy, and incredible but doing good for other people because nothing else creates fulfillment than that.

58. “The great spiritual teachers were not just focused on the now; they were focused on the future.

59. “Do your best to create safety for your team.

60. “What if we could adopt ideas from companies like Intel and Google, companies that are incredibly great at execution, and apply these to visions that actually transform the planet?

61. “Healthy people create healthy cultures, and healthy cultures are going to help you achieve your goal better.

62. “Track for accountability. You want to create an organization that’s accountable.

63. “How you dress, how you come across, how you show up is going to influence your mission in the world.

64. “Your objective has to be remembered; design your objectives, so the public can understand what it is.

65. “The best leaders are the best coaches. The best leaders help people grow.

Quote on leadership

Vishen’s Quotes About Business

Are you an aspiring entrepreneur, a seasoned business pro, or simply looking for a fresh perspective on the corporate landscape? These are Vishen’s top motivational quotes in business.

66. “Your business is your gym. It’s your training ground that teaches you how to lead, produce, and navigate complexities.

67. “If you own a business, that could be a recipe for a lack of freedom, for restriction, for significant stress. Rather, set goals for a life of freedom.

68. “Your work and your business are not there for the title or the money. You will get those if you make your business about making you grow. So personal growth comes before everything.

69. “Every individual should have three to five OKRs. One of them has to be a personal goal related to their transformation.

70. “Going back to that childhood nature of questioning, you start realizing the world is bendable. You don’t like the 9 to 5? Great, you start your own company or you introduce flexi-time.

71. “So many of the most successful people in the world took what they did that brought them joy and they turned it into an incredible career.

72. “Use tangible objectives and unambiguous terms. It should be obvious to an observer whether or not an objective has been achieved.

73. “Don’t keep hiring as an objective. It leads to stagnation rather than growth.

74. “Meditation was the most powerful thing I’d learned in life. It was the reason why I was successful in my career.

75. “Your business or your career is nothing more than a vehicle for your growth and the life that you want to lead.

Quote about business

From Quotes to a Quest

Nuggets of true wisdom are a great source of motivation and inspiration. However, the real value lies in turning the wisdom of these quotes into action.

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It’s time you step into your greatness. As Vishen says, “Baby steps lead to bigger steps.” And this Quest can be your first.

Welcome in.

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Callie Bakola

Callie Bakola

Callie Bakola is a content writer for Mindvalley and a self-improvement enthusiast. Her personal journey with ADHD has been the driving force behind her fascination with mindfulness, the human brain, and holistic health.
Written by

Callie Bakola

Callie Bakola is a content writer for Mindvalley and a self-improvement enthusiast. Her personal journey with ADHD has been the driving force behind her fascination with mindfulness, the human brain, and holistic health.
Vishen, founder and CEO of Mindvalley
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