15 Inspirational Quotes By Robin Sharma On Success & Willpower

15 Inspirational Quotes By Robin Sharma On Success & Willpower


Robin Sharma is one of the world’s most sought-after leadership advisor. Here are some of his best inspirational quotes to help you strengthen your willpower for success.

What You Need To Know About Willpower & Success

Many people think that success comes with luck or even genetics. But there’s a step to take before “luck” falls on anyone’s side — and that’s willpower.

Here’s the kicker. Luck is the outcome of a success-building process because success comes to those who’ve earned it. Success doesn’t happen in the same definition of sheer-dumb-luck as society would have you believe. Now if there’s anyone who can speak for willpower and perseverance, it’s Robin Sharma.

Listed below are 15 inspirational quotes by The New York Times Bestselling author of The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari and the game-changing new Quest on how to become a super performer.

It’s time to flex your prefrontal cortex and exert your willpower for change.

1. Make Your Painful Past Your Most Valuable Asset

Our Choice Robin Sharma

It’s hard to get back up when you get knocked down, especially when you’re bruised all over. Know this, the pain of failure will give you unparalleled strength. Revel in that honor because you are stronger and far worthier to get back up and score a knockout in the next round.

2. Follow This Guide To Success

Begin Now Robin Sharma

The highlight of Robin’s advice here is to start small. Before we conquered the moon, someone took a pencil to paper and started. Every single day that is dedicated to the big dream is a success in itself.

Begin to make incremental changes, so you can achieve your dreams.

3. Do The Impossible

Inspirational Quotes Robin Sharma

Remember, Galileo was considered crazy for saying things his society thought were abominations against religion. Take their jest with a grain of salt and stride with confidence. Don’t fall into the trap society laid out for anyone willing to challenge the norm.

4. Understand Real Wealth

Inspirational Quotes by Robin Sharma

When it comes to success, one must first learn about humility. You might ask why are integrity, honor, and self-worth so important? Because like the lawyer sold his Ferrari, you’ll learn success comes in a bigger form, one involving your participation and presence in this world.

5. Turn Your Pain Into Power

Into Power Robin Sharma

Naysayers exist because they too experienced rejection at least once before. Your experience with pain and rejection is the ammunition you need to get you ahead of the game. Self-belief in times of doubt is what will help you through the hardships of the darkest of days.

6. Know That If You Win This, You Win Everything

Means Zero Robin Sharma

If you don’t stand for anything, you’ll fall for anything. If you lack self-respect, you can expect to be treated as such. Living by your principles automatically informs how others should treat you.

So start speaking to yourself with the respect you would offer to any great leader.

7. Start Movements, Not Businesses

A Movement Robin Sharma

A successful business can create change that affects neighborhoods, cities, even the world. The further you are in the game, the more stakeholders you have. This makes it even more paramount to align your vision with your mission. It lessens your chances of losing sight of your purpose.

8. Want Success? Do This, Not That

Love More Quote Robin Sharma

Growth is uncomfortable. Change can be painful. Sometimes you might want to do something that doesn’t resonate with you because you don’t want to feel left out. Walk away from the time-wasters hanging out by the water cooler.

Walk towards the direction that’ll help you carve a life worth living.

9. Find Your Own Measure Of Success

Own Terms Robin Sharma

If Nikola Tesla took his apprenticeship with Thomas Edison as nothing more than being a mere assistant, he wouldn’t have revolutionized science the way that he did. If sitting in a cubicle is all you’ll amount to with your life because it’s in the job description, you’ve succeeded in robbing yourself of opportunities your talents have been dreaming of.

10. Don’t Be A Sheep When You Can Be A Lion

Stand Strong Robin Sharma Quotes

Here’s another one of Robin’s quotes to go with this solid piece of advice: “The seduction of safety is more dangerous than the perception of uncertainty.” Now ink that into your mind.

11. Know Success Is About Results

Execute Results Robin Sharma Quotes

Talk is cheap. Doing, on the other hand, requires that you submit your evidence. If you want to be taken seriously and onto the next level of your success, you must express your willpower through actions.

It’s not enough to say you can do it — you have to prove it.

12. Dream Big

Tiny Dreams Robin Sharma Inspirational Quotes

If you tabulate the days of an average lifespan of 70 odd years, you’ll realize that today is more than just another day. Today is a day in itself. That’s a day struck out of your lifespan. Don’t pass your life over with small dreams that amount to nothing but wasting time.

Seize your day.

13. See With The Vision Of An Achiever

See Opportunity Robin Sharma Inspirational Quotes

Opportunity begets additional opportunities. This is why successful people work hard to get through one door because it always leads to another. The myth of the talented genius is a lie.

You’ll need to push yourself to experience the discomfort before you can taste the fruits of mastery.

14. Avoid The Creator’s Most Deadly Addiction

Creative Production Robin Sharma Inspirational Quotes

Every ping, buzz, and ring in your pocket, on your desk, by the TV, is a mere second lost in your concentration but ultimately a loss in your overall performance. Instead of fighting to regain your train of thought in your creative process, do yourself a favor and silence the noise.

15. Realize You’re Here For A Reason

Your Future Robin Sharma Inspirational Quotes

Scientists have proven that meditation can help you develop your willpower. A mindfulness practice addresses more than living in the present. It can help you with past hurts that are holding you back.

You are not a prisoner of your thoughts. You can change your life mindfully from here onward.

Written by
Robin Sharma