The 7 Spiritual Laws of Love — And How It Gives Your Life Meaning

The 7 Spiritual Laws of Love — And How It Gives Your Life Meaning


Love can help you find meaning and purpose in life. Here’s what you need to know about the seven spiritual laws of love.

Love is at the heart of all creation and your natural innate state of being. Then, why is it so challenging to find love for so many people?

Perhaps, we would get it right if we knew the spiritual laws of love — governing principles of the Universe and all creation.

We could turn to them in moments of doubt. And above all, they would help us create spiritual love within our hearts and then share it with the world.

If you are ready to take your understanding of love to the highest level, here’s everything you need to know about the seven laws of love:

  1. Coherence
  2. Benevolence
  3. Intelligence
  4. Ever-Presence
  5. Splendor
  6. Resonance
  7. Immanence

The state of love is one of the highest energetic frequencies we can reach for. And you can cultivate it by applying its principles in your daily life.

1. Coherence

The first and most primary relationship you have is with the self in divine union with all there is. In fact, to love yourself and everything is your natural way of being. But we’ve been taught and programmed not to love.

We’ve been taught to look for love outside of ourselves, which disempowers our divine essence. This is why we fear losing it because we see love as something we can gain. But your natural frequency of love is at the core of all creation.

We are created in a state of coherence, and it’s embodied in our hearts. It’s called “heart coherence.” This state is what brings balance and harmony to your inner world.

Energy of love is the energy that connects us all. Everyone can use this energy because it’s our innate ability.

— Donna Eden, trainer of Mindvalley’s Energies of Love Quest

It’s from the coherent heart space that you emanate this love. So opening the heart to receive love for yourself paves the way for love from the outside. 

Try this today: Become aware of your heart space and breathe into it deeply. This is your physical and energetic representation of coherence.

2. Benevolence

The most important question that we can ask ourselves is “Is the Universe a benevolent place?

— Albert Einstein

Love is incorruptible, innocent, and sacred. It stands open, naked, and empty of any desire. Love is the innocent eye, for it carries no judgments and is the ultimate liberator of all fear. This is why it’s unconditionally benevolent.

When we get wounded in love, we close our hearts. Katherine Woodward Thomas, relationship expert and trainer of Mindvalley’s Calling In The One Quest, explains that your true identity is based on love. 

But in response to the roles you played in your family as a child, you’ve created a false identity. She says, “These are narrow and toxic ways of defining who you are that keep you trapped.

So for you to come back to your essence, you need to re-create yourself and start showing up consciously in ways that reflect the love you want for yourself.

For example:

  • Give with loving kindness, and your heart will truly come alive,
  • Be ever-mindful and heart-awakened to the awareness that love is ever-present,
  • Develop tolerance and deep understanding for all beings, and you will know the true essence of love, and
  • Make no distinctions in love, loving all equally.

Try this today: Reflect on your default false identity. And then…

  • Ask yourself: What stories do you tell yourself in moments of fear and disappointment? 
  • Name your false beliefs about yourself, others, and the world, and
  • Replace them with empowering beliefs based on benevolent love.
Donna Eden, and David Feinstein, trainers of Mindvalley's Energies of Love Quest
Donna Eden and David Feinstein, trainers of Mindvalley’s Energies of Love Quest

3. Intelligence

Love is the aperture of all divine thought. It rises as an omnipresent field of all that is. And when the two meet, they come into union.

Through the intelligence of love, we awaken and experience the consciousness of creation. We are the living, breathing union of these overseeing principles merging within the heart.

Donna Eden, pioneer of energy medicine and trainer of Mindvalley’s Energies of Love Quest, explains that our energies are just like our immune system makes choices to protect us. They are intelligent and constantly make choices.

So you, as a complex being, embody this divine intelligence. It’s the ultimate truth that you can only feel in your heart. 

Why? Because this intelligence can’t be fathomed by your mind. As soon as it leaves the lips, it disappears from spiritual understanding.

Try this today: Tune into your intelligent body and become aware of its divine intelligence. Express love and appreciation to your physical vessel.

4. Ever-Presence

Love is the grand destroyer of all illusions. It is omnipresent, timeless, and whole and cannot be divided. Love is the essence behind all creation and is, therefore, holy and divine.

It’s the grand awakener into all light. Its quantum presence is the living key to all states of ascended enlightened consciousness.

Then, why is it challenging to find love?

According to Katherine, love is nowhere to be found. But we have excuses rooted in our personal experiences and traumas that keep us from finding it. They are called patterns in love that we repeat in our relationships.

Love transcends all dimensions and transforms all realities. It’s greater than your stories and patterns. 

Try this today: Reflect on your patterns in love and identify all your unconscious ways of showing up in the world. See yourself as the source.

5. Splendor

To truly know love, you must allow it to enter your being and invite it to remain as a permanent state of your presence.

Love heals all wounds. It does not seek for another or is desirous of any truth. It is simply the ultimate transmission of an invitation to be. 

Love is the invitation to love and be loved.

Try this today: Use this affirmation to invite love into your life, “All of life is supporting me to manifest a miracle in my love life.”

6. Resonance

Love is the ultimate resonance. It invites you to return to your inherent nature again and again.

It gathers up all of the fragmented parts of your being and slowly merges them into the whole.

Love is beyond any belief about it. It resonates at the highest frequency, and when you love, you raise your vibration. When you are in coherence and resonance with love, it’s healing in itself.

When love is present, light descends. And light is the omniscient energy of love’s pure heart.

Try this today: Practice earthing by connecting directly with the energies of the Earth — walk or stand barefoot. Remember the loving resonance of the Earth that holds you and protects you at all times.

Katherine Woodward Thomas
Katherine Woodward Thomas, trainer of Mindvalley’s Calling In The One Quest

7. Immanence

You are one with love, the ever-bearing gift that keeps on blooming. It is your ultimate treasury of wealth and wisdom.

It encompasses everything and is manifested in this material world in different ways. Even your suffering and pain in love are within the immanence of love. And if you want to experience it, you need to awaken to this understanding of love.

Katherine explains that to awaken to a new story of what’s possible for you to create in love, you must forgive yourself for all the ways you’ve been sabotaging yourself and others for their behaviors.

It will help you see that love holds the invitation of life, the promise of awareness, and the gift of wisdom. 

Try this today: Breathe in forgiveness, breathe out anger and resentment. Put your hands on your heart and say to yourself, “You’re home, sweetheart. You can wake up to love.”

Living the Laws of Love

Love’s eternal promise is a gift, and receiving the gift of love uplifts your being. Are you ready to receive and give this gift of coherent, benevolent, intelligent, ever-present, splendid, resonant, and immanent love?

If your heart says “yes” to this invitation, join Mindvalley’s tribe. Here you will find the world’s leading teachers on the art of love, such as Donna Eden and Katherine Woodward Thomas.

You can try free sample classes of Energies of Love with Donna Eden, designed to help you learn energetic tools to build a healthy and long-lasting partnership. Or you can join Calling In The One with Katherine Woodward Thomas, if you aspire to open your heart to universal love, attract the love you’ve always wanted, and build more loving relationships with yourself and others.

Welcome in.

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Written by
Irina Yugay