What Are the 7 Spiritual Laws of Love?

What Are the 7 Spiritual Laws of Love?

spiritual laws of love

Understanding the seven spiritual laws of love can help you unlock true universal resonance. Here’s everything you need to know about these laws.

Love is eternal. But understanding the seven spiritual laws of love can help us take universal love a step further.

Here’s everything you need to know about the seven spiritual laws of love and how you can put them to work in your everyday life.

What Are the 7 Spiritual Laws of Love?

All wisdom lies at the doorway of love and willingness be the key to unlocking the mysteries.

– KA’ryna SH’ha

The state of love is one of the highest energetic frequencies we can reach for.

And understanding the seven spiritual laws of love can help take you there.

Here are the seven spiritual laws of love:


1. Coherence

The first and most primary relationship we have is with the self in divine union with “all that is.” Love is our natural way of being. 

When we operate with love, we vibrate a signal which brings us into harmony with the primordial blueprint of love at the core of all creation.

We are beings of vibration. And the frequency of love carries the harmonic wavelengths that represent the very essence and presence of life.

Love is so natural a state that we have to be taught the opposite: to not love. And when we look outside of ourselves for love, we’ve already lost it.

We are taught to tune our attention to outside influences to disempower our divine God-given essence. 

When we fear the loss of love, we begin the journey towards endless suffering. This is the opposite of how the creation process works. Opening the heart to receive paves the way for all other relationships. After all, loving attitudes create loving outcomes.

Love is the ultimate soul food: the very sustenance of our hearts. With it, we can attain the seemingly impossible. Without it, we become lost, destabilized, and uninspired.

Love thyself: Are you ready to acknowledge the gift of love in yourself?

Benevolence of love

2. Benevolence

Love is incorruptible, innocent, and sacred. It stands open, naked, and empty of any desire. Love is the innocent eye, for it carries no judgments and is the ultimate liberator of all fear.

When we give with loving kindness, the heart can truly come alive.

Make no distinctions in love. Be ever-mindful and heart-awakened to the awareness that love is ever-present.

Develop tolerance and deep understanding for all beings and you will know the true essence of love.

Love all equally: Are you ready to share the presence of love with all?


3. Intelligence

Love is the aperture of all divine thought. It rises as an omnipresent field of all that is. And when the two meet, they come into union.

There we have awakening, there we have power — there we experience the consciousness of creation. We are the living breathing union of these two overseeing principles merging within the heart.

In its innermost calling, the truth can only be felt in the heart. Why? Because as soon as it leaves the lips, it disappears from spiritual understanding.

Love is truth and truth is the love: Are you ready to deepen your awareness of love?

everpresent love

4. Ever-Presence

Love is the grand destroyer of all illusions. It is Omnipresent, timeless, and whole it cannot be divided. 

It’s the grand awakener into all light. Quantum presence is the living key to all states of ascended enlightened consciousness.

Love is the essence behind all of creation and is therefore holy and divine.

Our hearts create electromagnetic waves that influence the world around us. Everything is energy. Everything is brought into being through the power of love.

Love transcends all dimensions and transforms all realities: Are you ready to allow the power of love to completely transform your life?

love is splendor


In order to truly know love, we must allow it to enter our being and invite it to remain as a permanent state of our presence.

Love heals all wounds. It does not seek for another or is desirous of any truth.

It is simply the ultimate transmission of an invitation to be. 

Love is the invitation: Are you ready to open your heart to love?

love is resilience

6. Resonance

Love is the ultimate resilience. It invites us to return to our inherent nature, again and again.

It gathers up all of the fragmented parts of our being and slowly merges them into the whole.

Love is beyond belief for it needs no proof of its value. If we learned to love wholeheartedly, continuously, playfully – we would know true value and worth.

There is nothing else but love. When love is present, light descends. And light is the omniscient energy of love’s pure heart.

Love is at the heart of all creation, literally! Feeling love is the prayer and affirmation of the living cord of the divine matrix of being.

Listening to the heart of love is the master key to opening the gateway of all gateways.

Love is the promise: Are you ready to listen deeply to the heart of love?

love is immanence


Love is the ever-bearing gift that keeps on blooming.

It is our ultimate treasury of wealth and wisdom.

Love anoints our being with the invitation of life, the promise of awareness and the gift of wisdom.

Love’s unending promise is a gift. And receiving the gift of love uplifts our being.

As we rise to meet the ascended divinity at the heart of awakened, enlightened bliss, “Ananda” these words ring out to all…

“We Are One Within The Many And The Many Within The One.”

Love is the gift: Are you ready to receive and give the gift of love?


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