These 5 Science-Based Mental Hacks By Jim Kwik Will Make You Stop Procrastinating. Forever.

Productivity journals, caffeine, pomodoro, and a colorful carpet of post-it reminders. We have a myriad of techniques to push our limits and get more done in less time. But unless we beat procrastination, we will simply keep ourselves busy while our most cherished dreams still sit on our to-do lists. What we need most are science-based mental hacks.

Jim Kwik has coached companies like Virgin, Nike, and the NASA on developing sterling performance. If anyone, he knows how A-players move the world forward.

They make things happen.

In this video, Jim Kwik shares 5 surprisingly effective techniques, such as the Zeigarnik effect that will help you beat procrastination for good.

Implement these tools in your daily routine and progress towards your dreams in lightning speed.

Discover How To Learn Faster, Retain More and Forget Less Using 10 Practical Brain Hacks In This FREE Masterclass By Brain Expert, Jim Kwik.

What are your thoughts on procrastination and these science-based mental hacks? Share it with us in a comment!

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