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Energy Medicine Learn How To Raise Awareness In 3 Powerful Ways

Learn How To Raise Awareness In 3 Powerful Ways

When most of us talk about “becoming limitless,” we don’t mean it literally.


Because many of us have a belief that we are constrained by our limitations.

We limit ourselves because we have been conditioned to do so by society, religion, our family and friends, colleagues, and above all, our own lack of self-belief. And while it’s a fair assumption to make, it really is not true.

If I were to tell you that you have it within you to fully raise awareness, truly become limitless and bend reality according to your most ardent wishes, you would likely not believe it. That is because you may lack self-awareness of your own potential.

How Do You Increase Awareness?

How to raise awareness

If you were to follow the precepts and principles laid down by Vishen Lakhiani (the progenitor of Mindvalley) in his life-changing personal transformation program, Becoming Limitless, you would not just increase, but fully achieve, self-awareness.

He does this by taking practitioners through a 5 stage evolution of human consciousness:

Stage 0: Early Man (hunter-gatherer)

Stage 1: Modern Man (knowing the physical world and the world of idea)

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Stage 2: Culture Hacker (questioning the world around us)

Stage 3: The Stage of Limitless (you are dogma-free and self-realized)

Stage 4: The God Mind (merging consciousness with all that is)

3 Steps To Raise Awareness

You can enroll in Vishen Lakhiani’s program and gain a deep understanding of the best way to raise your level of self-awareness, go a stage beyond, and understand the ultimate truth.

However, you may first want to gain an understanding of what raising self-awareness entails from the point of view of human psychology.

You can look at this from a 3 stage perspective.

1. Become Aware Of Your Self-Talk

You have to understand where you are coming from. Psychologists tell us that the narratives of our lives that we feed ourselves are who we become. This is a very profound observation that is almost spiritual in its import.

Your understanding of this personal narrative determines both your current actions and your aspiration for the future. Your ability to come to terms with the challenges of your life largely determines your level of self-awareness.

2. Practice Daily Reflection And Mindfulness

Making it a point to reflect on a daily basis makes you focus on what you really value in life and not things that occupy your mind at a given point in time.

This kind of mindfulness brings about positive changes in the mind; taking it from worry and frustration to a sense of calm and feeling at peace with oneself.

3. Seek Feedback From Others

Seeking feedback from others is an important part of the self-awareness process. This is because others provide us vital information about traits of our personality that we ourselves cannot see.

Receiving feedback, especially the critical kind, is extremely difficult, but very crucial in our evolution as self-aware persons.

You have to remember that becoming self-aware is going to take a long period of time, over which you will mull, introspect, discus, and discover yourself.

The above three practices will help you get there by helping you to be open, forthright, and possibly vulnerable. But the process will be a cathartic one that will stand you in a very good stead in life.

Where are you in your self-awareness journey? Where would you like to be? Share with us in a comment below!

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Written by
Irina Yugay