How to Live a Fulfilling Life: Tim Storey’s 5 Steps to Unlocking the Magic

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Tim Storey

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Summary: Unlock the secrets to becoming the magic in the world around you. Learn how to live a fulfilling life in five steps, according to celebrity coach Tim Storey.


When we were children, we all thought big and dreamed big. Not because we knew how to live a fulfilling life, but because we believed in miracles. 

As adults, we often try to answer the question, “What’s a fulfilling life?” by reading fulfilling life quotes about someone else’s life. But there is no one universal recipe for a magical life. Yet there are steps you can take to open yourself up to miracles.

Curious about what they are? Here’s what you need to know about living a fulfilling life:

Miracles are either coming or going at all times. So you can either let them come in or pass you by.

5 Steps to Living a Fulfilling Life

According to Tim Storey, world-renowned motivational speaker and trainer of Mindvalley’s Magical Living Quest, there are five steps to living a fulfilling life, or, as he puts it, “a magical life.” Let’s take a closer look at what they are.

Step 1: Believe

Believing is the first step to finding magic in life—believing in your thoughts, words, and actions. He calls it a miracle mentality.

He says, “Many people don’t believe that their lives can be different, better, and more magical. But you have to get to the point where you actually believe.”

In other words, it’s crucial to believe in the possibility of magic and be open to the idea that anything is possible. 

Step 2: Expect

Expecting means leaning in towards what you expect—a better job, a better life, or a better relationship. Here you learn how to create an environment for the magic in your everyday life. This environment includes your home, your workspace, and even your car.

When you believe something is possible, you begin making room for the big.

— Tim Storey, trainer of Mindvalley’s Magical Living Ques

Step 3: Receive

Receiving is about embracing your power to be celebrated by yourself and others. 

If you have a hard time receiving, chances are you have the limiting belief that receiving is bad. And this limiting belief is blocking you from receiving opportunities, relationships, and friendships. Even if you believe and expect a miracle, when it actually comes to your door, you can push it away.

So, if you aspire to learn how to live a fulfilling life without money, opening yourself up to receiving all the blessings the Universe has in store for you is key.

Step 4: Become

Becoming is about aligning yourself with the magic in every area of your life. 

Tim explains that whatever you are thinking and meditating about reflects your inner world. So you aren’t just what you eat—you are what you think and imagine. And to become a magical person means becoming what you believe, expect, and receive. 

Step 5: Release

This is when you become the magic in the world by releasing it. In other words, you learn to let go and give back to the world, transitioning from scarcity to abundance. 

You can reach this level when you learn the power of generosity and give freely.

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5 Common Blockers and How to Overcome Them

There will be blockers and obstacles to overcome, as there’s always opposition to your mission. So, don’t get discouraged by them but use them as opportunities for growth:

1. Fear

One of the biggest blockers is fear, which is a natural response to any significant change or decision in your life. The biggest change, though, is facing your fears.

According to Tim, there are three ways to respond to fear:

  1. Intimidation,
  2. Frustration, and
  3. Motivation.

When you get intimidated and frustrated, fear keeps you stuck. As a result, you end up having unfulfilled goals and ambitions. Even though these are the most natural responses, fear can motivate you into action. 

Instead of ruminating on worst-case scenarios, you can stay present and use it as fuel to learn more, work harder, and be the best version of yourself.

If you are ready to put yourself out there and master the art of setting the conditions for magical things to happen, you will experience the miraculous.

— Tim Storey, trainer of Mindvalley’s Magical Living Quest

2. Clutter

When the mess takes over your life, it robs you of the magic. Studies showed that couples who described their house as messy had increased levels of cortisol throughout the day. Moreover, researchers determined that cleanliness is a strong predictor of physical health.

So, decluttering your house is essential for making room for magic. It also includes decluttering your inner thoughts and outer circle from people who make you feel down.

Tim Storey
Tim Storey, trainer of Mindvalley’s Magical Living Quest

3. Negative thinking

Living a magical life can be significantly impeded by negative thinking. According to Tim, having negative thoughts can blind you to the positive possibilities in your life by creating a “poisonous atmosphere” in your head. 

It can also result in self-doubt, worry, and a lack of confidence, all of which can prevent you from taking a leap of faith and achieving your goals. 

Adopting a positive mindset, practicing gratitude, and surrounding yourself with supportive people will get you past this roadblock.

4. Resistance to change

People often grow too comfortable in their lives and resist any change. It has to do with the fear of the unknown and uncertainty. 

But when you resist change, you essentially resist growth and the wonders of life. So, embracing change, stepping out of your comfort zone, and taking chances are paramount for magical living.

5. Limiting beliefs

Limiting beliefs are beliefs you hold about yourself, others, and the world that no longer serve your growth and development. The most common limiting beliefs are “I’m not good enough,”I don’t deserve to be happy,” or “I have to work hard for things that I want.” 

For example, you may aspire to learn how to live a fulfilling life as a single woman, but at the same time, you may have a limiting belief that a single woman can’t be complete without a man. And that belief will override your conscious attempts to attain happiness.

This is why it’s utterly important to recognize them and then replace your limiting beliefs with empowering ones. Instead of focusing on your weaknesses or limitations, start focusing on your strengths and abilities and believing in your own greatness.  

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From Mad Living to Magical Living

Mad lives differ—for one, it can be living on autopilot; for another, struggling financially. For you, the madness might be living a regular life.

So, how can you move from the mad to the magical? It’s a step-by-step process that starts from a point where you’re tired of feeling stuck, disappointed, and unfulfilled.

If you’ve reached that point where you’re ready to reawaken your inner child that still believes in miracles, join Tim Storey on Mindvalley’s new Quest—Magical Living.

In 20 days, you will be guided through a step-by-step journey of making your money, career, relationships, parenting, friendships, and health magical to be the magic in your world.

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Tim Storey

Tim Storey

Tim Storey is the trainer of Mindvalley's Magical Living Quest. He is a world-renowned thought leader, author, and international speaker. Labeled as the Original Comeback Coach, Tim is well-known for inspiring and motivating people from all walks of life.
Written by

Tim Storey

Tim Storey is the trainer of Mindvalley's Magical Living Quest. He is a world-renowned thought leader, author, and international speaker. Labeled as the Original Comeback Coach, Tim is well-known for inspiring and motivating people from all walks of life.

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