Can These Products Make You Have a Lucid Dream?

Can These Products Make You Have a Lucid Dream?


Nearly all users who take this herb report having intense, vivid dreams that they remember perfectly upon waking. As for lucid dreaming, if you’re already an efficient lucid dreamer, you’ll find this makes your lucid dreaming experience more powerful.

“Just take a pill and experience a lucid dream.”

“Wear an eye mask with special lights and your lucid dreams will become more vivid.”

“Use an app to influence your sleep patterns and move you into a lucid dreaming state.”

It sounds like science fiction, but for those that use lucid dreaming supplements and lucid dreaming technology, these claims are a reality.

Have science and technology advanced so far that we can actually make ourselves have a lucid dream?

For years, lucid dreamers have experimented with techniques to improve their ability to lucid dream, but it wasn’t until recently that pills and devices flooded the market claiming to make the experience easier and better.

We’re going to explore the most popular lucid dreaming supplements and technologies on the market.

From herbs, pills, and teas to new, advanced technology and apps that all claim to make the lucid dreaming experience easier and better, we’ll talk about the options and help you figure out what, if any, you should try.

But First, a Word of Advice

It may be tempting to use these supplements and technologies as a shortcut to lucid dreaming.

However, if you’ve never tried to lucid dream, we don’t suggest using anything we’re going to talk about below.

Lucid dreaming is an experience like no other and it’s important that you take the time to naturally experience it first before diving deep into uncharted territory.

Also, if you have epilepsy, a heart condition, or are pregnant or nursing, please talk to your doctor before taking any pills, herbs, or drinking teas to help you lucid dream.

Supplements are not regulated in the same way prescription drugs are, so it’s important that you and your doctor discuss how it might affect you.

If you’re concerned about the effect, speak with a professional.

Finally, if you’re an experienced lucid dreamer, you might be wondering if using several supplements and technologies, all at once, could give you the “ultimate lucid dreaming experience.” We don’t recommend it.

Try one at a time first to test the effect. You might be surprised at how powerful just one can be.

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Lucid Dreaming Supplements

The red and blue pill

You may feel like Neo from the Matrix when you open up your bottle of Dreamleaf.

This herbal supplement comes in the form of red pills and blue pills, which, when taken in the correct way, claim to make your lucid dreams longer, more vivid, and more memorable.

How it works

The blue pill, which contains the herb Mugwort and the amino acid 5-HTP, is taken before going to bed.

The combination relaxes you into a deep sleep state that promotes long, deep, creative dreams. The herb enhances creativity and the amino acid boosts serotonin, which causes the elongated dream stage.

The red pill, which is taken 4 hours after going to sleep, contains Huperzine-A, Alpha GPC, and Choline. Taking this pill in the middle of the night makes lucid dreams more likely, makes them more memorable, and even helps you control them.

Huperzine-A and choline work together to improve memory, while Alpha GPC actually promotes rational thinking.

The experience

The reviews of Dreamleaf are mixed. Users report that it definitely makes their dreams more vivid and improves recall, but it does not necessarily improve the lucid dreaming experience.

For some, they have as many lucid dreams as they normally do without taking the pill. For others, the lucid dreams they experience aren’t as enjoyable.


When it comes to lucid dreaming, this pill is worth a shot. Since the results are so mixed, it’s likely a matter of physiology and you’ll only know if it works for you if you try it out.

However, for dream recall, this appears to be a stellar choice; so, for those of you who have trouble remembering your dreams, you may want to try it out.

Other supplements to try

All of the ingredients in Dreamleaf can be taken separately to enhance your lucid dreaming experience.

If you find that your experience with Dreamleaf is unpleasant or unsuccessful, you may want to experiment with the ingredients separately or try some other supplements on the market.

Below, we are going to discuss other lucid dreaming supplements you can experiment with.

Calea zacatechichi

This is a great herb for anyone looking to intensify their dream world.

Nearly all users who take this herb report having intense, vivid dreams that they remember perfectly upon waking.

As for lucid dreaming, if you’re already an efficient lucid dreamer, you’ll find this makes your lucid dreaming experience more powerful.


Taken from the Red Spider Lily, this herb has been used for centuries by both the Greeks and Chinese.

It is one of the most powerful supplements you can take to induce lucid dreams. Often used as a drug for Alzheimer’s disease, this herb improves cognition and memory, making you more likely to be aware and in control of your dreams.

Be forewarned, this is an ACHe inhibitor, so don’t take it if you’re already taking one.


This herb, often sold as a “Lucid Dreaming Tea,” is one of the most interesting supplements available.

Rather than promoting deep sleep or vivid dreams, this herb actually promotes a state of alertness. Many people use it as a coffee replacement because it is packed with caffeine.

However, if taken every morning, it actually builds up in your system and can increase the likelihood of entering a lucid state during dream time. If you’re sensitive to the effects of caffeine, don’t try this one.

Woman lying down with eyes closed

Lucid Dreaming Technology

It’s exciting to think that technology can actually influence our dream states.

If you’re wary of taking herbs, pills, or drugs to enhance your lucid dreaming experience, you may want to try using technology instead.

Safe to use and generally inexpensive, the lucid dreaming devices we are going to discuss below can be great options for aiding your experience.

Lucid Dreaming Masks

These masks, similar to what one might wear to block out light during sleep, use “stimuli” to remind the dreamer that they are dreaming.

Flashing lights, sounds, and other light stimuli during deep sleep can invoke a slightly conscious state.

Have you ever had the experience of hearing your alarm during your dream, but thinking it was a honking car horn or someone making strange noises?

This in-between state is exactly where lucid dreaming happens. These devices simulate that experience without waking you up.

We are going to talk about 2 different masks that offer similar features and benefits, but have different approaches.

Ranging from $94-$180 these masks offer very different technologies, but all attempt to achieve the same results – stimulate a lucid dream.

REM Dreamer

This eye mask uses LED lights to stimulate the dreamer during REM sleep. REM actually stands for Rapid Eye Movement, because we quickly move our eyes around during this stage of sleep.

Infrared lights in the mask track eye movements and when you have entered REM sleep, the LED lights begin to flash.

Special features

The REM Dreamer has 2 special features that make it unique.

The first is the Two Way Communication device. If you turn this feature on, you can actually communicate with the lights during your sleep.

Researchers discovered that during lucid dreaming, we can actually move our eyes at will. By moving your eyes back and forth, instead of rapidly, you let the mask know that you received the signals and you are now lucid.

The lights stop flashing and allow you to have a lucid dreaming experience without the stimulation.

The REM Dreamer PRO has a recording and playback device that lets you record messages and play them back to yourself.

Instead of flashing lights, or in addition to, you could record a message “You are now dreaming” and it will loop to stimulate you.

The pros

The voice feature and Two Way Communication of the REM Dreamer make it a high-tech device that can be excellent for lucid dreamers.

These features aren’t available in other masks, making the REM Dreamer an outstanding product.

The cons

Some people find this mask unbearably uncomfortable.

Though there is soft padding, the pressure points on the face from the technology can make for an uncomfortable night’s sleep. This mask is definitely not for light sleepers.

The results

If you’re a light sleeper, this probably won’t work for you. However, if you’ve ever experienced external stimuli as part of your dream, this mask might increase your ability to lucid dream.

It’s important to note that if you’ve never had a lucid dream, this mask will likely just be an annoyance. The REM Dreamer is meant to help lucid dreamers become more successful in their experiments.

Dream catcher in a lucid dream


This lightweight mask uses fully customizable LEDs to stimulate you during REM sleep. The lights work on a customizable timer, allowing you to customize and create your own dream experiences.

Special features

Remme features software that allows you to program the lights and adjust them to your desired customizations.

You can adjust the intensity of the brightness and the patterns of the lights. Since the lights work on a timer, you can also adjust how long the lights stimulate you.

You can program the lights to turn off after a certain time or change their intensity, speed or pattern at different intervals.

The pros

The full customization of the lights is where this mask shines above the competition.

By playing with the features, you can create a completely customized experience that can help you achieve lucid dreaming according to your personal sleep patterns.

This mask is also one of the most lightweight on the market. The technology inside is made of flexible material, so it will just feel like wearing a soft sleep mask.

The cons

There are no sensors on this mask to let it know when you’re in REM sleep.

Instead, you’ll have to experiment with your sleeping patterns to figure out what works for you. Since sleep patterns can vary in some people from day to day, this option may not be best for people who have restless or unpredictable sleep.

The results

If you’re willing to experiment with your sleep patterns, then this can be a good option for you.

By customizing the intensity and patterns of the lights, you can create a fully customizable dream experience.

You can train your brain to recognize the pattern, and this device can really help you achieve lucidity and control in your dreams. Like the Rem Dreamer, the Remme won’t work for inexperienced lucid dreamers.

This device is meant to help induce lucid experiences in practiced lucid dreamers.

Sleeping Mask Alternative – Headband

If you have dry eyes or feel uncomfortable with sleep masks, then you could use the Aurora headband as an alternative.

Currently accepting pre-orders, this headband promises more comfort and features than the sleep masks, and it comes with an app for tracking and customization.

Special features

While the REM Dreamer uses infrared sensors to detect eye movement, the Aurora Headband uses 7 different types of sensors to monitor brainwaves, eye movements, muscle tension, heart rate, and body movements.

Rather than just tracking the movement of your eyes, the Aurora tracks everything imaginable to figure out the subtleties of every moment of your sleep cycle.

The app that comes with the headband not only lets you customize your sleep stimuli but also offers to track data to help you understand your sleep cycles.

The app also features a smart alarm that will wake you up gently and naturally, which helps you feel more awake and refreshed in the morning.

The Aurora uses LED lights, just like the masks, except the LED lights are projected down from the device onto your forehead.

These lights claim to be more effective and comfortable than the lights in the masks, but this hasn’t been confirmed by users yet.

The pros

The advanced technology in the sensors and the addition of the app really make this a full-fledged lucid dreaming piece of technology.

It’s unparalleled in the lucid dreaming tech world and it certainly uses the “smartest” equipment to give you a lucid dreaming experience.

The cons

The manufacturers claim the headband is more comfortable than wearing a mask, but this hasn’t been verified.

Since this product is pre-release, there haven’t been enough reviews to confirm the proposed benefits. With a price tag of $299, this is also the most expensive piece of tech on our list.

The Results

With the headband, you will get the most precise REM stimuli experiences available.

The high-tech sensors are the same used in sleep labs across the world. Doctors use sleep labs to diagnose sleep disorders, so this tech will certainly track everything you’d need to know about your sleep.

Using this headband will guarantee you only get stimuli exactly when you need it.

Woman using lucid dreaming helpers

Final Piece of Advice

Whether you choose to use supplements or technology to aid your lucid dreaming experience, you’ll want to make sure you set yourself up for success from the start.

Here are some tips you can follow to make lucid dreaming more likely, without the use of supplements or technology.

Reduce stimuli

While some people respond to the stimuli available in the lucid dreaming technologies, others find it too jarring. If you’re a light sleeper, you may want to reduce stimulation instead of introducing it.

Earplugs, sleep masks, white noise machines, and light-blocking curtains can all improve your ability to fall asleep and stay asleep.


Keeping a record of your nightly experiences is one of the most important things you can to do help your lucid dreaming experience.

Every morning when you wake up, write down anything you experienced during the night, including lucid dreams, dreams, restlessness, periods of wakefulness, hallucinations, and paralysis.


Never give up.

Lucid dreaming is possible for everyone.

If you’re having trouble, keep trying new things out until you find something that works. When you try something new, give it a shot for at least a week or more. Your brain takes time to train, but with patience, you can learn new behaviors like lucid dreaming.

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