Are You Feeling Knocked Down? Here’s How To Rise Again, With Lisa Nichols

When you stand again, when you turn your crawl into a walk, and your walk into a run, and your run into a soar — when you do that, you liberate every single one of us witnessing you. . .

— Lisa Nichols

At times, life can feel overwhelming.

Have you ever felt this? Felt like giving up? Have you ever found yourself questioning the very purpose and meaning of this life you are living?

We all have. We even have a term for it, “feeling knocked down.” Why, then, have so many of us have been taught to be afraid of failure? Why have we been taught to be ashamed when we get knocked down and scuff up our knee, and to then just cut our losses and play it safe?

YOU (you, you, you) are meant for so much more than curling up like a ball when life gets hard. Yes, it certainly can be difficult to see the sun on the other side of the dark clouds hanging overhead, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t there.

Haven’t we always lived to see it again?

Each and every one of us is filled with a force that grants us the strength and determination to remember that the sun is shining on the other side of the clouds.

Every single one of us is endowed with countless opportunities to be the inspirational hero in our own life story. It isn’t genetics, it isn’t luck, it is something far more expansive and accessible than all of that.

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So, what is this all-powerful force? What is this incredible force that turns men and women into legends, teaches the young how to be courageous, and urges us all into the realization that our lives are ours to inspire and create?

Lisa Nichols calls it: Resiliency.

Resiliency is the very force that urges every single human being to continue through the hindrances and hardships; it makes their life one worth living.

However, how does one gain resiliency?

Can resiliency be gained by accumulating points of some kind? Must we physically travel through space and time to obtain resiliency? Must we climb the steps of some sacred temple to attain it?


Resiliency is something you tap into. It’s something you must muster up.

— Lisa Nichols

Resiliency is produced from inside of you. It is leaking of your soul — your higher self — into your physical world.

In those moments when you know that you are exhausted, that your engine is running on low and yet you decide to not quit— those are the moments that the awe-inspiring force of resiliency begins to poke its head.

Your resiliency really begins to shine, however, when you find yourself doing things you never thought you would do, in places you never thought you would do them; or when you say things you never thought you would say, to people you never thought you’d say them to.

Resiliency shines when you are able to motivate yourself to step into the man or woman that you were destined to be, that you had always known yourself to be and dreamt to be— that person you are supposed to be. The person that you can be, and will be.

It all lies on the other side of knowing that the sun shines beyond the cloud and within the action of standing up tall enough to look over that muggy grey thing and SEE the sun and FEEL it.

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The catch, though, is this:

Not everyone is going to see it like you see it.

Sometimes, others won’t agree with you, motivate you, or support you. They won’t always align with you and share your vision.

Why? Because they are not you.

As startling as that may sound, it is all okay. The brightest people understand this. Lisa Nichols understands this. She even states, “no one else has to get your vision because the divine did not give your vision to anyone else but you.”

What power you hold, in being yourself. For this, sometimes, you must run with your dreams all alone.

This sense of tackling your dreams alone may sound scary; however, it is the most freeing and exciting feeling you can embrace. Once you realize that since these visions and dreams are a product of you and will be a product of you being here, you will realize that no one else can accomplish them but you.

They can’t. Even if they tried, even if they DID agree, they can’t — they aren’t you.

Lisa Nichols’ books even make bold statements, such as, “While you’re walking on your journey, your God’s calling, your passion, or your purpose, some days you’re going to have to take that walk alone.”

You are the conduit. You are the one feeding these dreams because there is something so incredibly unique (and utterly divine) about your being and what comes with it that only you can produce — it can only come from YOU.

You are the absolute perfect person for the job.

Sometimes, we begin to feel as though we aren’t quite ready. We feel that we first have to get somewhere before we can begin: that we must finish a course, meet a person, get a paycheck. . . 

You ARE ready. Exactly as you are, right now.

Right now, you are enlightened enough. How you have moved through life has led you to be right here, and right here (right now) is the perfect place to be.

Lisa Nichols Motivating The Masses

Already, you are wise enough. You are brave enough. You are bold enough. You are bright enough. You are witty enough. You are tall enough, short enough. You are enough of enough, and you are the only person that is exactly enough to rise up over the clouds and bring your dream to life.

Do you want to know the most beautiful part of all of this?

It is liberating.

It is liberating to you, to your abilities, to your dreams, and… to all of those around you — all of those who are blessed enough to witness your confidence and to see you rise. Everyone: from your loved ones to your neighbors, to the cashiers at the grocery store, to the people you walk by on the streets, to the people on the other side of the planet that you’ve never met and quite possibly never will meet. . .

All of the old people, the young people, and everyone in between. . . They are all liberated by you doing you. It is their permission slip to see the sun behind the clouds with their own eyes.

You radiate the brightest of lights when you do YOU. You begin motivating the masses. When it is witnessed, it inspires and moves people to do the very same— to look inside of themselves and do them.

I now spend my time solely on those activities that only can do.

— Lisa Nichols

If you just take a moment to admire the person that you are: what you’ve done, what you’ve seen, what you’ve thought, where you’ve been, what you’ve accomplished. . . It has all been perfectly designed to make you, you— to make you perfect for this: this dream, this vision, this future that you have inside of you.

Lisa Nichols makes it crystal clear that “Nobody can do you better than you!

Next time you are feeling the inevitable overwhelmingness that life can sometimes carry, next time you are feeling knocked down and as though the sun is too far behind the dark clouds, know this.

Know the resiliency you have within you. Tap into your power. Sit up, stand up, crawl, walk, run, soar. Muster it up, bring it to life.

Do you.

You always have, you always do.

What’s the one thing that no one can do better than you? Share it with us in a comment below!

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