Stop Stressing, Express Your Anger & Improve Your Immunity With These 3 Energy Medicine Techniques

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Highlights: Read on for a special Energy Medicine smoothie for stress and the secret to totally rebooting your system with Master Energy Healers Donna Eden and David Feinstein.

What’s Your Poison?

While the world navigates political turmoil, conflict, and COVID-19, many of our precious human bodies have fast become ticking time bombs for explosive physical and mental breakdowns. 

Sound familiar? Unfortunately for us, there’s no cocktail more lethal (and less Cosmopolitan) than a weak immune system. And that’s exactly what you’re going to get with chronic stress and repressed anger.

If you’re feeling zapped or if you’re suspecting that our trying circumstances have sucked your zest for life dry–fear not. We’ve invited Master Energy Healers Donna Eden and David Feinstein to Mindvalley University this year to help us all out. 

What Is Energy Medicine?

Everything is energy,” says Donna. “There is nothing else… and when it comes to healing and protecting our vitality, energy is your body’s best medicine.

And Donna should know. After being turned away from countless doctors whilst suffering from chronic health issues such as Multiple Sclerosis and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Donna was destined for a life of chronic pain and discomfort.

That was until she found hope, healing, and empowerment through working with the very foundation of her physical body: her energy. Happy and healthy just a year later, she vowed to help as many people as possible by teaching the secrets of Eden Energy Medicine. 

You see, energy is the language that your body speaks, and once you speak it… there’s no stopping you!”

Donna and her loving partner (and co-founder of Eden Energy Medicine), David Feinstein, were kind enough to point us in the right direction with a few simple and super-fast techniques for a powerful energetic reboot. 

Here’s what they told us…

1. Sip On a Triple Warmer Smoothie

Drinking a healthy smoothie has never tasted better than this. But you can put away the spinach – and we’re not going to be needing that Nutribullet either.

We’re talking about an energetic smoothie—and it’s surely one you’ve never tried before.

Coined as The Triple Warmer Smoothie, this short but sweet Energy Medicine technique works directly with the meridian that connects to your fight, flight, or freezes stress response. Cleansing chemicals such as adrenaline, norepinephrine, and cortisol from your body in less than thirty seconds, you definitely want to stock your cupboards up with this delicious routine.

Start by rubbing your hands together until they tingle, and go ahead and give them a little shake too.

Then place your fingers sideways over both eyes (close your lids) and take a nice, deep breath in. As you exhale, gently drag your fingertips to your temples.

From there, take another deep breath as you trace a line with your fingers up and over your ears, down either side of your neck, and hang your hands on your shoulders as you let the breath go again.

Inhale deeply and drag your hands over your shoulders, down your chest (with some pressure) and land both your hands together over your heart.

…And exhale.

Feels great, doesn’t it?

Feel free to repeat and sip on this smoothie whenever you have a craving for calm. 

Instant Stress Relief with Triple Warmer Smoothie With Donna Eden

2. Enjoy a Good Blow Out

Been gently simmering on the inside recently? Blood slowly boiling? Has somebody pushed you to your edge, igniting your desire to push them off the edge of a cliff?

We’ve all been there. What’s worse, we’re very rarely taught how to express our anger healthily.

So before you drive yourself insane, you may be surprised by how quickly you can feel better using Donna and Dave’s Blow Out Technique.

Begin by making some tight fists with your arms bent at a 90-degree angle straight in front of you. Slowly bring them down at your sides before taking a deep breath in as you bring your fists on either side of your body, and up over your head.

When the fists are touching above your body, blow OUT the air through your mouth with lots of gusto as you explosively drive your hands down in two parallel lines – as if you were throwing something you were holding on the ground.

Do it again.

Then repeat the move for the third time, but this time, lower your hands down in a slow, calm, controlled manner.

If in doubt, spit out that venom and enjoy a good Blow Out. You’ll be as calm and collected as Mother Teresa in no time.

3. Try a Tarzan Tap

Tight fur loincloths, masculine wailing, and liberal swings through the jungle canopy aren’t nearly as exciting as this Energy Medicine move.

Even if you’ve never had the pleasure of watching Disney’s 1999 classic, Tarzan, (in which case, please stop reading this article and go watch it), you probably have seen his signature move: the beating and thumping on his chiseled chest before he does something utterly awesome.

That’s something he learned from his makeshift adoptive ape family, and for good reason.

Chest thumping goes way beyond a mere display of aggression and masculinity – surprisingly, it happens to be nature’s way of boosting our immunity.

Right in the middle of your chest is the thymus gland, the little trooper who makes your white blood cells (T Lymphocytes) which make up your immune system and fight infection.

Turned off, you’re susceptible to all kinds of viruses and nasties. But once activated you’ll be shielded from them, glowing with vitality and howling in victory in no time.

So start now by making some fists and battering your sternum with love until you feel satisfied.

It may look a little silly but remember: A Tarzan Tap a day keeps the doctor away.

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Amy White

Amy White

Amy White is the former senior editor of Mindvalley with a track record of over 100 personal growth articles and published books collectively. When she's not writing, she's probably in a downward-facing dog chanting Om Shanti.
Written by

Amy White

Amy White is the former senior editor of Mindvalley with a track record of over 100 personal growth articles and published books collectively. When she's not writing, she's probably in a downward-facing dog chanting Om Shanti.

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