Law of Assumption: Master Your Mind to Manifest Your Desires

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Summary: The Law of Assumption can absolutely transform your life. Discover how it works and how it can help you manifest your desires in a few simple steps.

You’ve probably heard of the Law of Attraction thanks to Rhonda Byrne’s The Secret. But have you heard of the Law of Assumption?

It’s not an obscure law of the universe; rather, it’s something everyone does, either consciously or unconsciously. Take, for instance, Jim Carrey, who went from a broke stand-up comedian to a Hollywood legend, and J.K. Rowling, who went from living on welfare to becoming the famous, wealthy author she is now.

You, too, can tap into that power of assumption.

Because life can be a beautiful yet enchanting mess, and creating one that you’d love to live in requires a bit of help. That’s where this powerful concept can come in—no magic wand required.

What is the Law of Assumption?

Look up the Law of Assumption’s meaning, and you’ll find the idea quite simple: your assumptions and beliefs shape your reality. It brings your thoughts and emotions into alignment.

Introduced by mysticism expert Neville Lancelot Goddard, this concept states that when you assume a belief or thought to be true, it influences your actions and the circumstances around you. In turn, it enables you to create a more fulfilling life.

Assume the feeling of your wish fulfilled and observe the route that your attention follows.

— Neville Lancelot Goddard, The Power of Awareness

There are plenty of Law of Assumption examples out there, like Jim Carrey and J.K. Rowling’s lives, for instance. However, here’s one to paint a picture:

You’re heading to the mall and already assume you have the best, most convenient parking spot. You wholeheartedly believe that this parking spot is for you and assume the feeling of how incredibly blessed you are to have it. As you pull into the mall’s car park, lo and behold, the parking spot you desired is empty and available, just as you had assumed it would be.

It’s been referred to as “lucky girl syndrome” among the womenfolk, especially in the TikTok community. It’s essentially “manifesting that is focused on luck,” according to career coach Lisa Quinn in a Harper’s Bazaar article

She brings in the well-known Mel Robbins metaphor of how our mindset is like a pair of sunglasses—it’s how we see the world. “And how we see the world is going to have a big impact on how we behave and, therefore, the action we take.

What drives the Law of Assumption?

The laws of the universe work through the power of the mind. And when it comes to the Law of Assumption, specifically, it’s about the power of self-awareness with a dash of positive thinking.

One scientific study describes self-awareness as how we see ourselves and how others see us. Both represent how clearly we see (or how others see) our…

  • Own values,
  • Passions,
  • Aspirations,
  • Fit with our environment,
  • Reactions (including thoughts feelings, behaviors, strengths, and weaknesses), and
  • Impact on others.

When we’re more aware of ourselves, we’re better able to focus our emotions, thoughts, and behaviors on what we truly desire. 

You’re “no longer unconscious of your thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors,” according to Michael Beckwith, founder of Agape International Spiritual Center and trainer of Mindvalley’s Life Visioning Mastery Quest. “You become aware of the presence of the infinite, and this brings more freedom and less hesitation into your life.

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Law of Assumption vs. Law of Attraction

While both are ways to manifest what you desire, there are differences when it comes to the Law of Assumption vs. the Law of Attraction. Here’s a side-by-side comparison of the two:

Law of AssumptionLaw of Attraction
Whatever you assume to be true becomes your reality.Like attracts like.
Your world is merely a projection of your internal consciousness; you are not separate from what you desire to manifest.The Universe responds to your vibrational requests; it brings you outcomes that match the vibrations you put out.
It’s about positive thinking and is hopeful.It’s about taking action and is intentional.
You make assumptions without any evidence; it relies on what you already know and believe to be true.You take action based on evidence; it relies on your ability to imagine and create your own reality.
You’re open to the possibilities.You make things happen.

Despite the differences, both are great forms of manifestation—one is not better than the other. And moreover, if you learn to master both, you can use them hand in hand.

How to Use the Law of Assumption in 3 Simple Steps

The basis of the Law of Assumption is to assume the feeling of having your desires fulfilled. Remember that your world is merely a projection of your internal consciousness; nothing outside of it exists. 

Your world is your consciousness objectified. Waste no time trying to change the outside; change the within or the impression; and the without or expression will take care of itself.

— Neville Lancelot Goddard, Your Faith Is Your Fortune

So, the key to manifesting your desires is to change the assumptions you hold about all that is around you. Here’s how:

1. Choose your desire

You’re bound to have multiple things you desire—that’s the way of humans. Do you want to manifest love? Are you looking for financial freedom? Perhaps a waist size down or two? The possibilities are endless.

But with the Law of Assumption, it’s best to first focus on one. So what is it that you truly desire? 

Write it down. Use your five senses to describe thoroughly the experience of your desire—the more specific, the easier it’ll be to feel the feelings of your desire fulfilled.

2. Assume your desire is fulfilled

Thinking of your desire and writing it down is just Act One. Act Two makes the assumption that your desire has already been fulfilled.

For instance, if your desire is financial abundance, you can assume you’re there. You have plenty of money in your bank account, and more is coming in every day. Consider how good it feels to be worry-free about your finances. 

Remember, it’s all about your internal consciousness. By imagining that “feeling,” you can change your state of mind and, in turn, change your reality.

3. Act as if it’s true

Act Three requires a little “fake it ‘til you make it” attitude. It means adopting the mindset and behaviors of someone whose desire is fulfilled.

Going back to the financial abundance example, act as if you’re as abundantly wealthy as Scrooge McDuck. While you don’t have to go on a spending spree, you can manage your money like a rich person would and invest it wisely. 

When you can easily cultivate the feeling associated with your fulfilled desire, you’ve achieved your desire internally. And because the Law of Assumption states that your world is a projection of your international consciousness, your desire is sure to become reality.

12 Law of Assumption Affirmations

Similar to the Law of Attraction affirmations, the Law of Assumption affirmations can help shift your mindset from self-sabotaging thoughts to positive ones. As Regan Hillyer, renowned manifestation coach and trainer of Mindvalley’s The Art of Manifesting Quest, says, “The secret to creating an abundance mindset is changing your perspective.

So here are a few affirmations to get you started:

  1. I am worthy and deserving of everything I desire.
  2. I am a powerful creator and my thoughts shape my reality.
  3. Everything always works out for my highest good.
  4. The Universe is conspiring in my favor to bring my desires.
  5. I know that everything I desire is on its way to me.
  6. I am grateful for all the abundance and blessings in my life.
  7. I am confident in my ability to manifest my desires.
  8. My life is filled with endless possibilities.
  9. I am open and receptive to all the good things that come my way.
  10. I am living the life of my dreams and everything is falling into place. 
  11. My thoughts create my reality.
  12. I am capable of manifesting my desires.

Affirmations aren’t concrete; they can be personalized to your unique desires. Just remember to repeat them daily so you can shift your thoughts and assumptions to a more positive and empowered mindset.

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Frequently Asked Questions About the Law of Assumption

While we all use the Law of Assumption consciously or unconsciously, it comes as no surprise that questions about the concept will pop up. Here’s taking a closer look at three common questions about it.

Is the Law of Assumption a universal law?

This particular law isn’t recognized on the same plane as physical laws, like the law of gravity or thermodynamics. However, its principles are more in the realm of metaphysics, which suggests that our thoughts and beliefs shape our reality.

According to a number of spiritual and philosophical traditions, our world is a reflection of our inner state. What’s more, we have the power to influence our reality by merely shifting our thoughts and beliefs.

The Law of Assumption follows this teaching. And it’s in this sense that it can be seen as a universal law—one that can be a valuable and powerful tool for your personal transformation.

How do I know the Law of Assumption is working?

It may seem, at times, that progress is slow. However, look out for the signs that the Universe is conspiring for your desire to be fulfilled.

Here are a few ways to know the Law of Assumption is working:

  • Synchronicities. Take notice of any “coincidences” that seem to be leading you to your desired outcome. An example of dating would be more matches on Tinder.
  • Increased positivity. You may start to realize you’re more optimistic and grateful from day to day. One example of your career would be that you look forward to going to work in the mornings.
  • Sense of alignment. You may feel a deeper sense of connection to your desire or even your purpose in life. For example, if your desire is to start a business, you may feel a strong sense of passion and excitement when you think about it.

Keep in mind that the Law of Assumption works in its own time and way, so it requires patience, faith, and persistence on your end. 

It does help to have a vision board of what you desire, though. It’s an affirmation, in a way, but in a physical and visual form.

How do I manifest a specific person using the Law of Assumption?

As humans, we can get hooked on the idea of being with a specific person instead of focusing on the characteristics our desired person has. So, to respect their free will and personal autonomy, it’s important to note that the Law of Assumption is a powerful tool and shouldn’t be used to manipulate or control another person’s feelings or actions. 

With that being said, if you are seeking to manifest a specific person into your life, here are a few ways you can align yourself with the energy of that particular outcome:

  • Focus on the feeling. Put emphasis on your experience with this person rather than the person themselves. For example, if you want to feel loved and appreciated, try to focus on generating those feelings within yourself instead of expecting them from another.
  • Visualize the relationship. Imagine being with the person in happiness, love, and fulfillment. The spotlight should be how you feel when you’re with them, not the person.
  • Ask lofty questions. It’s all about the “why’s.” Asking questions like, “Why am I so loved?” and “Why am I in the most amazing and loving relationship?” can help you implant empowering beliefs that shift you from your current reality to open possibilities.

The Law of Assumption, as is all the laws of the universe, is about your own personal growth and happiness. So when you align yourself with the energy of love and positivity, you manifest all that is in alignment with your highest good.

It’s as Marisa Peer, renowned therapist and trainer of Mindvalley’s Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapy™ for Abundance Quest, says, “What you want, wants you, and what you are moving towards is moving towards you.

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Believe It to Achieve It

Assumptions are often associated with arrogance, where something is taken for granted without proof. After all, Oscar Wilde’s maxim, “When you assume, you make an ass out of u and me.

This is not the case with the Law of Assumption. And it’s this type of manifestation that can take you from desiring something to having it.

If you need a little help doing so, you can find guidance at Mindvalley. The personal growth platform hosts various quest trainers who can help you level up all aspects of your life, including the practice of manifestation. Here’s where you can start:

  • Life Visioning Mastery Quest with Michael Beckwith. He’ll guide you on how to break free from societal imprints, find your soul’s true purpose, and live the life you’re meant to live.
  • The Art of Manifesting Quest with Regan Hilyer. She’ll help you discover a deep sense of trust in yourself, embody an unshakeable mindset, and live your life with purpose, presence, and powerful impact.
  • Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapy™ for Abundance Quest with Marisa Peer. She’ll help you reprogram your subconscious negative beliefs so you can transcend the barriers into a life of abundance.

Sign up for a free Mindvalley account and gain access to the first few lessons of their quest. Because, as Regan Hillyer says, “Remember, you are the only one with the power to change your life. So make the choice that will lead you to the life you want.

Welcome in.

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Tatiana Azman

Tatiana Azman

Tatiana Azman is the SEO content editor for Mindvalley and a certified life coach. With a background in spa and wellness as well as having gone through a cancer experience, she's constantly on the lookout for natural, effective ways that help with one's overall well-being.
Written by

Tatiana Azman

Tatiana Azman is the SEO content editor for Mindvalley and a certified life coach. With a background in spa and wellness as well as having gone through a cancer experience, she's constantly on the lookout for natural, effective ways that help with one's overall well-being.
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