How to Understand the Shades of Happiness Through Happiness Synonym

How to Understand the Shades of Happiness Through Happiness Synonym


Want to know why are there so many happiness synonyms? What’s the difference between happiness and peace? Which kind of happiness is the most extreme?

We have words to describe everything. We even have multiple words to describe a single thing.

So, it is very natural that happiness, the most important aspect of our lives, will naturally have a lot of happiness synonyms and words associated with it.

But what are the benefits of having so many synonyms for happiness?  

Why Do We Need So Many Words For Happiness?

Even after having so many words in our linguistic arsenal, we often feel out of words when we attempt to express our deepest feelings and emotions.

So, imagine how difficult it would be to express ourselves and all of our positive emotions and moments if we had just a single word for it.

We have so many happiness synonyms because there are so many different kinds of feelings and emotions that make us feel happy. Without all those words, we would feel simply at a loss.

Most interestingly, even after having so rich a repository of synonyms for happiness, many of us struggle to pinpoint the concept of happiness and we often struggle to decipher what exactly it is that makes us happy.

Well, this empirical problem can be viably solved by simply observing and analyzing the happiness synonyms. And this post is all about setting the perspectives on happiness straight.

Synonyms for happiness

What Are the Happiness Synonyms?

Whenever we think of happiness synonyms a few words instantly pop up in mind: joy, peace, pleasure, and bliss.  

One reason behind this is that these are the most common words to describe happiness. Another more significant reason is that these four also sum up the whole spectrum of feelings and emotions that we experience as happiness.

The happiness spectrum starts from the simple day-to-day pleasures, then proceeds toward peace, joy, and bliss.

All the other synonyms of happiness fall under these four categories (or umbrellas).

  1. Peace. Contentment, satisfaction, and contentedness can be put under the umbrella of peace.
  2. Joy. Cheerfulness, glee, cheeriness, joviality, gaiety, jollity, jolliness, well-being, blitheness, carefreeness, blessedness, mirth, and gladness can be considered under the umbrella of joy.
  3. Pleasure. Gratification, relish, prosperity, excitement, merriment, playfulness, amusement, and enjoyment are felt as pleasurable.
  4. Bliss. Revel, delight, jubilation, elation, rapture, ecstasy, exuberance, euphoria, etc. will be under bliss.

Now, can you see the differences among these criteria? But which among these synonyms is the highest state of happiness?

What Is Extreme Happiness Called?

The highest category of happiness is bliss.

The experience of ecstasy, euphoria, and bliss is the highest degree of happiness that we can humanely experience. But experiencing the top of the happiness spectrum is not so easy.

There are only a handful of people in the world who can be said to be residing on this level of happiness on a constant basis.

So, how can we, as ordinary human beings, achieve this highest peak of happy existence?

How Can We Access Bliss?

In ordinary life experiences, we struggle to maintain the basic levels of happiness, such as peace and pleasure. Worse yet, we often tend to fall into the negative happiness spectrum of sadness, anger, dejection, and depression.

But it should not have to be that way. With proper knowledge, training, and transcendent practices, we can also reach levels of constant happiness and joy.

But first, we must acknowledge the fact that our ability to sustain joy and achieve bliss is directly proportional to the level of consciousness we are in.

Most modern people are currently living with an unstable level of consciousness. Hence, they momentarily fall in and out of happiness, being influenced by the various external situations.

But the moment we start rising higher up the ladder of consciousness, we start to achieve stability and immunity from external stimuli.

And once you reach this state of consciousness, the state of being truly limitless, life becomes extraordinary for you, and constant joy and bliss become the new normal.

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