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The Focus Wheel: How To Get To The Heart Of Your Heart’s Desires

by Annamaria Nagy December 21, 2017

The Law of Attraction is a powerful, universal law that you can use to manifest your dreams and desires. It’s not always easy to use though. Especially when you seem really far away from your goals. But luckily, that’s where the Focus Wheel comes in.

The Law of Attraction states that whatever you focus on will gravitate towards you. If you focus on the negative, more negative will be drawn into your life. The same goes for the positive — focus on it and you’ll attract it.

However, it’s not enough to simply think about what you want. You’ve got to feel how great it is to receive your desires. 

Focus comes with the feeling.

This is called “aligning with the vortex.” It happens when you are able to feel the satisfaction from your desires in every cell of your body even before your dreams come to fruition.

The Focus Wheel exercise helps you focus on your desire and practice the happy feelings that are necessary to fulfill your dreams.

In this article, you’ll learn how to create your own Focus Wheel so you can align yourself with the vortex of your desires.

What Is A Focus Wheel?

The Focus Wheel is a self-discovery tool. But rather than just teaching you something about yourself, it utilizes the Law of Attraction to transform any negative feelings.

The wheel consists of a circle divided into 12 equal parts. Each part is meant to grow positive feelings.

At the center of the Focus Wheel, you find the goal you’re trying to achieve.

Check out the example below:

How To Use A Focus Wheel

How To Use A Focus Wheel

Is there anything you deeply desire and have tried really hard to manifest, but seems difficult to visualize in your life nonetheless?

You can use a Focus Wheel to help you work through your feelings about whatever it is you’re trying to manifest. You’ll get the most use out of it if you choose something that you’re having a hard time connecting with.

Not surprisingly, many people use the focus wheel for manifesting relationships, because sometimes it’s easier to visualize and feel positively about the things that we know we have a lot more of control over. Day-to-day decisions seem a lot easier to manifest than attracting the right person into our life to manifest our ideal love life.

You may find it easy to believe that you have control over your weight or health, but when it comes to your love life or financial situation, you may feel like a victim of circumstance.

Even though we actually have equal control in all scenarios, it doesn’t always feel that way.

So use the Focus Wheel in situations where you can’t seem to connect with the contributing beliefs about yourself.

Ultimately, we are in control of our own destiny.

The Focus Wheel can help you discover the qualities in yourself that will attract positive outcomes in each area of your life.

Create Your Own Focus Wheel

Create Your Own Focus Wheel — 8 Steps

Creating a Focus Wheel is a lot of fun. And having your positive feelings multiply is an exhilarating experience. So follow the eight steps below to create your own wheel.

Remember, the Law of Attraction is all about attracting the positive by being positive, so take it easy on yourself and have fun.

Now let’s get started:

1. Draw or download your wheel

The first thing you need to do is draw a big circle. You’re going to need space to write inside of 12 equal parts of the circle, so the bigger the paper, the easier it will be.

Once you’ve drawn a big circle, draw a smaller circle in the center. Then, divide the large circle into 12 equal parts. 


If you’re worried about drawing straight lines or making the 12 parts equal sizes, and you don’t want to use a template, you can simply draw a small circle in the center of the page, and then subsequently draw 12 circles around it like this Alternative Focus Wheel Template here:

Alternative Focus Wheel

2. Create your negative vibration statement

Now you’re going to create a positive statement that communicates your desires. But to do this, it’s easier to first think about what you don’t want.

Many times we focus on what we don’t want and neglect to realize that we are focusing our energy on the opposite of what we’re trying to attract.

So first write down on a separate piece of paper your negative vibrations. They may include:

  • Unhealthy relationships.
  • Feeling ugly and insecure. 
  • Being broke and scared about the future. 

3. Create your positive vibration statement

Now that you know what you don’t want, translate it into its opposite to create your positive manifesting statement. Write this down below your negative statement.

It isn’t going to feel completely true to you just yet — it may even feel uncomfortable or make you feel like you have more doubts — but that’s totally natural. Just go with it.

The important thing is that it translates what you want to feel

If your negative vibrations looked similar to what was above, your positive ones may look like this:

  • Healthy romantic relationship.
  • Feeling confident and sexy.
  • Becoming rich and abundant.  

4. Write the gist of your positive statement in the middle of the focus wheel

Write the bare bones of your desire in the center of the wheel. This brings your feelings into the present moment. Instead of wishing for the feeling, you’re going to draw it into your life by focusing on what you truly want.

Using the examples above, the center of your wheel would read:

  • A healthy romantic relationship
  • Confident and sexy
  • Rich and abundant

5. Start at the top & write a statement that feels good

Now it’s time to think about the wheel as a moving object. 

Right now, the wheel is spinning. You can’t get to the center of your desires at this point, because you’re not feeling the emotions that align with the desire (only emptiness surrounds your focused desire).

It’s like trying to hop on a merry go round, but it’s spinning too fast and you keep getting thrown off.

To latch on to the spinning wheel, you’re going to take baby steps. Focus on the words in the center and see if you can find any feelings related to those desires that you find to be true.

The key is to translate a positive feeling into a positive statement. Write it down in one of the 12 sections, and move on to the next one.  

The point here is not to dive right in an attempt to feel something that just doesn’t feel true for you right now.

Start slow and small. Think of anything that’s even remotely related that you know to be true and that you can feel good about.

Let’s try this using the examples above:

  • A healthy romantic relationship — You may immediately think “I’m ready for a healthy relationship,” but that may not feel true to you right now, so keep moving on until you find something that fits like, “I know what I want in a partner, which may feel more true. If it does, write it down.
  • Confident and sexy — “People tell me I have pretty eyes.”
  • Rich and abundant — “I like it when I receive money as a gift.”

6. Keep going & be patient

Now you have to keep going!

Build on each statement, translate your positive feelings into positive statements and write them down in each section of the wheel. 

It’s going to be slow-moving at first, but the more positive statements you create and put down, the easier it will become. The first few are going to be the hardest, so don’t get frustrated when they take a little time.

7. Momentum builds until the end

As you move through the wheel, your momentum will build.

Each positive, true statement you write down will lead to another positive and true statement.

Eventually, by the time you get to the 12th section of the wheel, you will feel overcome with positive feelings and confidence.

8. Reread your positive statements

Now that you’ve reached the end of the wheel, take a look back at the statement in the center. Notice how much closer you are to resonating with the truth of those words.

The point of the Focus Wheel is to focus your attention on the positive by building your feelings through a series of small, positive statements.

You can use this exercise anytime you get stuck on a negative feeling or have trouble visualizing your desires. 

References to help you create your own focus wheel

Need more guidance? The below references are walkthrough videos on how to use the Focus Wheel process, given by Abraham-Hicks.

1. The Focus Wheel Process [4 minutes]

2.  Abraham Hicks — How To Do A Focus Wheel  [10 minutes]

3.  How To Do Abraham Hicks’ Focus Wheel  [19 minutes]

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What’s in the center of your focus wheel? Share some ideas with our tribe in a comment below.

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