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Soul Open Your Eighth Chakra And Connect To Your Higher Self With This Simple Exercise

Open Your Eighth Chakra And Connect To Your Higher Self With This Simple Exercise

We’ve all heard of the seven chakras — but do you know about your eighth chakra?

Your eighth chakra is located above your crown chakra, slightly above your head, and is the first of the “spiritual chakras” — those that are beyond the first seven chakras, which help you to become one with the universe.

The eighth chakra is the chakra of divine love and spiritual compassion, and it holds all your karmic energy that you may have clung to for lifetimes.

In this 9-minute video, Mindvalley’s master healer and author of Be A Modern Master, Deborah King, explains the power your eighth chakra holds, and she demonstrates a simple exercise you can do to activate this spiritual key.

You’ll learn a simple meditation to open your chakras and refresh your chakras; a guided visualization that will help you connect to the highest dimension of your energy; and how to tap into this openness and recreate this enlightened state, not only for yourself but also for your loved ones and strangers.

You’ll want to listen to this meditation all the way through so that your energy is clear and activated.

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