How to Succeed Faster With This Proven Daily Motivator

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How to Succeed Faster With This Proven Daily Motivator

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Summary: Join us with this step-by-step daily motivator that helps you to disrupt daily patterns and to stay focused on achieving your goals for faster success.


Have you ever found yourself down the rabbit hole of personal development and self-help?

It’s a point when you have already done a lot of work on yourself. You know about how the mind works, but you’re just not sure what methodologies exactly to focus on. 

The results aren’t coming fast enough.

You keep reading, learning, taking courses, and hiring mentors, trying to continue on your healing and growth journey. But eventually, it all just feels overwhelming.

Sooner or later, you end up with a lot of awesome knowledge, resources, and tools in your pocket, but no solid daily motivator or simple recipe to follow to stay focused.

In my 15+ years of consulting expertise, I know with certainty that you are not alone.

Every soul-searching high achiever struggles with a lack of motivation at one point or another.

I’ve been in this rabbit hole many times, and have seen hundreds of leaders, executives, and entrepreneurs around the world ask themselves the same questions:

  1. How can I stay motivated consistently?
  2. How can I master my focus to access motivation on demand?

With roughly 70,000 thoughts and 35,000 decisions made daily, according to various psychology articles and publications, finding a daily motivator that works, often seems easier said than done.

But I want to take this moment to remind you that manifesting anything is really about mastering your focus. 

When you discover this, staying focused and motivated comes easily. 

stay motivated

Thoughts = Feelings = Actions = Results

As a result, your thoughts, feelings, and actions change, resulting in manifestation.

Change will always equal resistance, and progress will always equal happiness.

— Unknown

And while you should continue doing the inner work that’s most effective, healing and soul-satisfying, you should also incorporate at least one disruptor into your daily rituals to help you navigate your focus.

Using a daily motivator strong enough to break through all the things that life throws at you keeps you in action consistently. 

Who wouldn’t benefit from an easy and accessible technique that unplugs you from the world and plugs you back into you, your soul, your purpose?

Can you imagine what that’s like? Motivation would never again be an issue!

In this article, I am going to share with you a process I created for myself that has turned into the most effective push to the next level I have ever experienced. 

I use it every day and share it with everyone because this daily motivator has been life-changing for me, my friends, and many of my clients. 

The Reset

Last year, I created, tested, and implemented a little technique I call The Reset.

Since then, I’ve modified and created variations of it specific to mindset, body, and soul work, but in general, it’s just that: a reset.

It is a personalized disruptor of patterns and activities, that when followed with intention and consistency, brings you back to yourself, your mind, body, goals, and desires.

In other words, it re-centers you.

I will forewarn you, though, that you may not find it easy at first, or ever. And this powerful daily motivator may not be for those unwilling to do whatever it takes to reach that next level of mastery.

Most of us are so distracted each day by a four-page to-do list. Our packed calendars, and a million other things, that we can’t consciously disrupt our patterns to realign our focus and motivation.

Our conscious minds simply do not have the access or force necessary to realign our focus at the level and frequency required to stay really motivated consistently. That’s why it’s so easy for us to get distracted, tempted, and derailed throughout the day.

When I first started using this daily motivator, I had a lot of resistance. When it tried to interrupt me, I didn’t feel like stopping what I was doing.

Overcoming the conscious mind

Overcoming the conscious mind

The conscious mind wants to continue bouncing around, doing random things it’s used to doing. It tells you that you can refocus and recenter on your own, but if you could, wouldn’t you have done it already?

That is the point of The Reset: to grab your attention by the cord and pull it swiftly back towards you.

Using it helps you recognize from the very start, just how scattered your attention is throughout the day. 

Also, this daily motivator shows you how much of your awareness, in general, is not focused on the things you say you really want, making you unmotivated to continue going after them.

If you are ready to do whatever it takes to take back control of your focus so you can stay motivated and make your dreams come true, you definitely want to try The Reset.

How It Works

  1. Set various alarms on your phone throughout the day, starting from 60-90 minutes after you’ve done your morning rituals (mind, body, soul work), ending 60-90 minutes prior to you doing your evening mind-body-soul rituals.
  2. Each daily motivator alarm should span 60-90 minutes apart throughout the day.
  3. Choose one new sound for those alarms. Ideally, you’ll want to use a sound you’re not currently using or have ever used for reminders, texts, emails, etc. You want it to be a totally new and unique sound to you. This way your mind will create an association with that sound and the reset exercise.
  4. In the label section of your alarm where you can name the alarm, write out an intention, affirmation, goal, or reminder you want to focus on throughout the day. Make sure your daily motivator label is powerful. That it brings your awareness back to it and away from the million other things going on in your world.
  5. Each time that alarm goes off, stop whatever you are doing. Stop the alarm from blaring. Take a moment or two to read your daily motivator reminder before you go back to your normal activities.
  6. Do this every day for 14-21 days. And don’t be afraid to make it a life-long habit like I have (with some enhancements).
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Amp it up a bit

Want to add even more power, intention, and action to this technique? Add the following two steps to this daily motivator, if you’re really going all in!

  • Tune into that daily motivator with your mind and body by taking 2-4 mins each time the alarm goes off (or whenever you can fit it in as much as possible) to visualize it.

    Bring up the images, movies, sounds, people, and feelings in your mind that would be true if it were already done.
  • Create wallpaper for your computers and phones that resemble your daily motivator so that every time you see it, you will also be reminded.

There are a million motivational and inspirational quotes streaming by your eyes on a daily basis, but none of them have the power of sustainability to keep you in a state of awareness of what you want.

And without constant redirection of that awareness back to what your soul desires and what you are working towards, you will always find it difficult to stay motivated.

How do you disrupt your everyday patterns and busyness to realign your focus and awareness back to the goals that keep you motivated?

Vanessa Rende

Vanessa Rende

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