The Ultimate Biohacking Guide: 24 Ways to Hack Your Biological Age From Ancient Wisdom & Modern Science

The Ultimate Biohacking Guide: 24 Ways to Hack Your Biological Age From Ancient Wisdom & Modern Science

The Ultimate Biohacking Guide- 24 Ways To Hack Your Biological Age From Ancient Wisdom & Modern Science

This biohacking guide includes 24 unconventional ways you can give a boost to your health and performance — and even live longer — based on the brilliant A-Fest talk of Ben Greenfield, athlete, researcher, and biohacker.

This is Ben Greenfield. How old would you guess he is?

Biologically, his age is 20.

His biological age has been measured by the length of the telomeres at the end of his DNA strands. And this is just the tip of the nerdy-science-talk iceberg.  

Ben looks, feels, and performs exactly like a 20-year-old. He was voted the #1 Personal Trainer in the Nation in 2008, and when he’s not training others, he’s busy running a Spartan Race or crashing an Ironman.

But guess what? His chronological age is actually 37.

Ben Greenfield has spent an intense amount of time “in the trenches,” experimenting with everything from drinking crushed ants to injecting stem cells into certain parts of his body.

In this groundbreaking biohacking guide, Ben marries this firsthand experience with ancestral wisdom and modern science to share with people of the world how they, too, can live long, truly limitless lives. He is a living testimonial of what he teaches and, thus, has become one of the most influential health coaches and biohackers in the world today.

Due to Ben’s breakthrough and extensive research, his content is packed with stuff that you aren’t likely to hear about in biohacking podcast because here’s the thing — Ben takes it further than just biohacking.

Biohacking implies affecting the biology of your physical body. However, biological age and longevity aren’t just measures of a well cared for physical body; they are a product of your system as a whole — the health of your mind, body, and, yes, even spirit.

This is precisely why, during his speech at A-Fest Sardinia, Ben Greenfield broke down his 24 “tips from the trenches” talk into three different sections — mind, body, and spirit.

For this article, we’ve created an extensive (yet exciting) A-Z ultimate biohacking guide on everything Ben shared in his A-Fest talk. We dive deep, provide resources, and get down to the nitty gritty on all things well-being.

So bookmark this page if you must; you aren’t going to want to miss this. It could add decades to your lifespan (no kidding).

Here’s the ultimate biohacking guide based on the brilliant work of Ben Greenfield and his captivating talk from A-Fest Sardinia.

Biohacking Guide: Optimizing Your Mind

1. Balance Your Neurotransmitters
2. Fix A Leaky Brain
3. Try These 2 Breathwork Methods
4. Eat Yourself Smart
5. Live Like Limitless And Lucy
6. Upgrade Your Head
7. Train For Speed
8. Get Deep Sleep (10%+)

Biohacking Guide: Optimizing Your Body

9. Become A Fat-Burning Machine
10. Own A Routine
11. Clean Your Gut
12. Systematize Your Fitness Blueprint
13. Forget Diets
14. Control Glycemic Variability
15. Recover Like A Wolverine
16. Fortify Immunity
17. Hack Your Environment
18. Become A Supermodel

Biohacking Guide: Optimizing Your Spirit

19. Utilize The Biology Of Belief
20. Practice Gratitude
21. Heal With Sound
22. Love
23. Make Sex Experiential
24. Create A Routine

Ben Greenfield during his speech at A-Fest Sardinia, Italy
Ben Greenfield during his speech at A-Fest Sardinia, Italy

Biohacking Guide for Optimizing Your Mind

1. Balance your neurotransmitters

Dopamine, serotonin, GABA, and acetylcholine are some of your most important neurotransmitters. Just as you keep all the fluids in your car engine in balance, it’s important to keep your neurotransmitters in balance for an optimally functioning brain.


Add 100 mg of theanine to your coffee. Theanine makes coffee kinder. It helps keep coffee from giving you those dreaded jitters and afternoon energy crashes, while keeping your neurotransmitters in balance.

An Ayurvedic herb, tulsi, works this same magic.

Read Dirty Genes by Dr. Ben Lynch. Not only does this book help you to identify any “dirty genes” (or below-optimal genetic factors) you may have, but it helps you clean up those dirty genes by guiding you on what supplement stacks to take, what to eat, and more.

Take the Braverman Personality Type Assessment. This assessment helps you figure out what your neurotransmitter dominance is. Then, you can alter your diet and lifestyle choices based on your test results to create balance.

2. Fix a leaky brain

Your blood-brain barrier works to keep toxins and harmful chemicals out of your brain. By keeping this barrier healthy, you increase your ability to operate neurologically.

Cold exposure is a stupendous way to improve the permeability of your blood-brain barrier. The trick here, though, is to get your head cold. While it is initially shocking, the effects are instantly noticeable.

Not only does cold exposure restore health to this all-important barrier, it also boosts your immune system, zaps brown fat cells, increases cellular longevity, and more.


Take a cold shower. While any cold shower will do, Ben suggests following Ray Cronise’s 5 Minute Hot-Cold Contrast Shower method.

Simply, stand completely under cold water for 20 seconds. Then, turn the water hot for 10 seconds. Repeat 10 times, and you have yourself a blood-brain barrier that is healthy and sound (plus, an instantaneous and exciting amount of energy).

If you find this strange, intriguing, or both, you can learn more about the benefits of cold showers in this article.

Try a cryotherapy chamber. If you feel like getting really serious about cold therapy, get yourself into a cryotherapy chamber. How serious are we talking? Negative 216 degrees Fahrenheit serious. That’s… 100 degrees colder than the lowest (natural) temperature ever recorded on Earth serious.

Unsurprisingly, the benefits of this type of (rather intense) therapy are numerous. Why else would people pay $60 to feel like they are freezing to death?

3. Try These 2 Breathwork Methods

3. Try these two breathwork methods

No biohacking guide would be complete without addressing the power of the breath.

Our mind and our breath are completely entangled. Rapid, out-of-control breath results in an erratic, out-of-control mind… and vice versa. So, as you may deduct, the contrary is also true — calmer, controlled breath equates to a calmer, controlled mind.

Generally, seven deep, intentionally-soothing breaths into your belly will do the trick.

However, Ben Greenfield, being the human-optimizer that he is, has some even more effective breathing tips up his sleeve…


Practice the Buteyko Breathing Method. Many popular breathing techniques hype the power of taking in grandeur amounts of oxygen, but what about our unsung hero, carbon dioxide?

In the case of longevity, you want a high concentration of carbon dioxide alongside a high level of oxygen in your system. This is because a high concentration of carbon dioxide actually works to push oxygen into your tissue — this is called the Bohr Effect.

Buteyko Breathing teaches you how to retain a lot of carbon dioxide, and thus utilize a lot more oxygen. Here is a thorough guide on how to do Buteyko Breathing.

Try Box Breathing. Box breathing is very simple, yet incredibly calming. You can do it anywhere — at your desk, during a painful phone call, at the airport… you name it.

All you have to do is:

  • Breathe in for four seconds,
  • Hold your breath in for four seconds,
  • Breathe out for four seconds,
  • Hold your breath out for four seconds, and
  • Repeat.

Once you gain more control over your breath, you can increase the time you hold.

4. Eat yourself smart

Yes, sometimes becoming smarter can be as simple as eating.

Here’s a helpful biohacking guide on some edible memory boosters, but Ben also has some solid advice on “eating yourself smart.”


Avoid processed oils. In his talk, Ben emphasizes the detriment of processed oils by stating that he would rather eat cotton candy — which is basically straight-up sugar, in cloud form.

Here’s the thing; your body can metabolize sugar — do some burpees, run some laps, make some love… However, oils are what make up your cellular membranes, meaning that they make up your body.

So, if you are making up your body with rancid, high-processed vegetable oils, your longevity inevitably suffers.

To dive deeper, read Deep Nutrition by Catherine Shanahan.

Eat organ meats. Eating animal organs, such as cow heart or liver, about once a week is fantastic for your brain health because you get nutrients like vitamin B12 and taurine, which are otherwise difficult to find in nature.

But if the thought of chewing on a cow heart doesn’t appeal to you, you can also take organ meat in capsule form to supplement those happy brain vitamins.

Take five grams of creatine a day. While often touted as a “bro-science” molecule to “pump up the gains,” it’s actually a badass nootropic. The amount of creatine decreases in your brain as you age, so it’s a really wise anti-aging move to supplement it.

5. Live like Limitless and Lucy

So, perhaps you’ve heard the buzz about nootropics. Nootropics work to protect and enhance the cognitive functions of your brain — basically, they are Superhero Serums.


Microdose nicotine. We all know that cigarettes are bad for your health, no question. However, it’s the chemicals in the cigarettes and the act of smoking that causes the extreme damage… Actually, the nicotine, itself, does wonders for your brain power.

Ben suggests either chewing on a nicotine toothpick or putting an organic snus under your lip while you work to give your brain a boost.

Microdose LSD. Studies show that micro-dosing LSD won’t give you the commonly known psychedelic effect. Instead, it will marry the left and right hemispheres of your brain, increasing both your analytical thinking and creativity simultaneously.

NOTE: A microdose of LSD is about 10-20 micrograms.

Take Celastrus Paniculatus. Also known as the “Intellect Tree,” Celastrus Paniculatus greatly enhances both memory and comprehension. You can find this added to many nootropic blends, such as Qualia Mind — you can learn more about this in Ben’s blog, What is Qualia Mind?

Ben Greenfield speaking at A-Fest Sardinia
Ben Greenfield speaking at A-Fest Sardinia

6. Upgrade your head

Being one of the most renown biohackers he is, Ben stays super up-to-date on the latest technology to fully upgrade and optimize your brain power.


Regulate your circadian rhythm. Since we have yet to figure out how to control the sun, science has invented some cutting-edge phototherapy devices to mimic the sun’s light. These devices help keep you in tune with your circadian rhythm, promote wakefulness, beat jet-lag, and enhance cognitive function.

If this technology sounds interesting to you, Ben recommends either light spectrum glasses or an in-ear light device called the HumanCharger, which both give off this wakeful, green-blue light spectrum of the sun.

Charge your cells. PEMF, or Pulsed Electromagnetic Field, technology is a bit bizarre, but totally fascinating. Basically, it directs electricity into your cells to promote healing or to wake up and enhance the mind.

It’s like exercising and charging your cells.

A portable PEMF device he recommends is called FlexPulse, which allows you to change the hertz frequency in order to induce different desired effects — for example, you can set it to 3 Hz for relaxation, 10 Hz for focus, and or even direct 100 Hz on a muscle (or area) that needs healing.

Get more oxygen to your brain. You can do this effectively by combining hypoxic (low levels of oxygen) and hyperoxic (high levels of oxygen) training. Two devices Ben recommends using for this type of oxygenating are Live02 and training masks.

7. Train for speed

Your nervous system is very dependent on how quickly you can make your motor neurons fire. For this, it’s good to know how fast they are already firing, and how you can train them to fire faster.


Test your speed. The CNS Tap Test is a relatively simple phone app that tracks the speed and health of your nervous system by calculating how quickly you can tap on your phone with each thumb.

Train your heart-rate variability. Heart rate variability training is a great way to observe your parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous system and train it to be more variable.

You can easily track your HRV with wearable technology like the OURA ring, or using a phone app like Naturebeat. Naturebeat analyzes your data and provides you with health insights, like what activities engage the health metrics you are currently training.

Spice up your workout. Combine any 10X-style slow training with fast-paced plyometric training, like basketball or tennis. Plyometric training works your fast-twitch fibers and greatly increases your speed-strength, endurance, and longevity.

8. Get deep sleep (10%+)

Deep sleep! We had to include our all-important deep sleep in this biohacking guide because let’s face it: sleep is fantastic for the mind. It is crucial for repairing, recovering, consolidating memory, and feelings of sanity.

Deep sleep can’t be measured by how many hours you spend sleeping; rather, it is measured by the length of time your brain is in Delta, it’s lowest and most relaxed brainwave state.

Ideally, 10% or more of our sleep should be spent in deep sleep.

Unfortunately, when measured, most people are getting incredibly low amounts of deep sleep. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to greatly increase the quantity and quality of your deep sleep.


Expose yourself to red light at night. Switching to a “red light only” rule at night is a great way to enhance your deep sleep. At night, you can change the light bulbs in your home to red light only.

At the same time, do your best to limit your exposure to blue lights, like screens and artificial lighting, before bed. Blue lights tell your brain that it’s time to be awake and can really mess with your natural circadian rhythm.

Switch to CBD before bed. We’ll give you the sad news first. Alas, while smoking or ingesting THC before bed may help you hit the hay like a narcoleptic on Xanax, the psychoactive compounds actually decrease your ability to enter deep sleep.

The good news is that CBD, the non-psychoactive yet incredibly medicinal and relaxing constituent of cannabis, actually improves deep sleep. Bonus — CBD is much easier to attain legally.  

Massage your deep tissue. A quick, self-service (if you must) deep tissue massage just before bed —using a foam roller or even a lacrosse ball— will relax your body and greatly increase the quality of your deep sleep.

Vishen and Ben Greenfield
Ben Greenfield and Vishen Lakhiani at A-Fest in Sardinia, Italy

Biohacking Guide for Optimizing Your Body

9. Become a fat-burning machine

Fat releases inflammatory cytokines, which are detrimental to your health and longevity.

So, controlling inflammation and your glycemic variability (how many blood glucose fluctuations you have throughout the day) are two of the most important things you can do to increase longevity (and to look good naked).


Do Ben’s “Gain-busting” Fat Burning Routine daily. This strangely simple method turns you into a fat-burning machine, and it’s something you can do every single day.

1.  Wake up in a fasted state — preferably a fast of about 12-16 hours.

2. While still in a fasted state, do about 30 minutes of calm, aerobic exercise — walking in the sunshine, doing light yoga, or even slow dancing with your beloved (or yourself) in the kitchen.

By doing this in a fasted state, you tap into your fat stores and burn them for energy.

3. Follow up with 3-5 minutes of cold exposure.

Bonus — add a bit of caffeine to enhance your body’s fatty acid utilization.

10. Own a routine

When it comes to observing some of the oldest, fittest people on the planet, it’s evident that, contrary to popular belief, consistency trumps variety.

It doesn’t matter what your exercise routine is, as long as it’s consistent. For example, Paul Chek stacks rocks every morning, while surfer Laird Hamilton maintains a routine of deep breath work and a hot shower.

This is far from the strategy of bodybuilders, but it is ideal for longevity — it helps you to maintain your fitness while minimizing the amount of stress you put on your body.


Develop an exercise routine. Pick a type of physical activity that you really enjoy — and do it consistently.

11. Clean your gut

The gut microbiome is oftentimes dubbed the “second brain.” Not only is it intimately connected to your mental clarity, but it’s perhaps the most important ally in your overall health, well-being, and longevity.

Believe it or not, the frequency of bowel movement is associated with an increase in mortality.


Do a coffee enema. Turns out that cleansing your colon with freshly brewed, caffeinated coffee and water is incredibly good for detoxing your system and keeping everything running smoothly.

If you travel a lot, you can use compact coffee enema suppositories called Glytamins.

Give yourself a deep belly massage. When many people experience gut issues, it isn’t necessarily because their gut is broken — rather, they may just have really tight psoas or iliacus muscles (located around the gut).

So, in order to do deep tissue work on these rather sensitive muscles, you can use massaging devices like the PSO-Right and the MyoBuddy.

Systematize Your Fitness Blueprint

12. Systematize your fitness blueprint

Let’s suppose you want to look really good naked and live healthily for a really long time. (After all, isn’t living a long, healthy life what biohacking guides are all about?)

So, wouldn’t it be ideal to have a complete blueprint biohacking guide on exactly how to systematize your fitness plan to achieve these results?


Read Ben’s blog post. Luckily, Ben Greenfield has already done the work of putting together a mighty-fine biohacking guide on all things looking good naked and living for a long time.

13. Forget diets

For a fitness expert, Ben Greenfield gives some rather shocking advice — f*ck diets. Why?

Ben says that it’s important to not worry so much about diets and health trends because everyone has a different genetic variety. This means that everyone has a unique way of processing sugars, fats, and proteins, as well as different inflammatory and blood glucose responses to certain foods.

This means that, contrary to popular belief, there really is no one diet that fits all.


Figure out what diet work best for you. You can learn more about testing your genes and interpreting the results by listening to Ben’s podcast with Dr. Ben Lynch, or by reading Dr. Lynch’s book we mentioned earlier, Dirty Genes.

Then, you can more informatively design your diet based on your personal results.

14. Control glycemic variability

Controlling your blood glucose fluctuations is one of the most important things you can do to confer longevity. Luckily, there are a number of things you can do before and after meals to help lower and stabilize your blood glucose response.


Consume bitters and/or digestifs before meals. Consuming any kind of digestif before a meal will greatly help to lower and stabilize your blood glucose response.

Here’s a short list of bitters and digestifs Ben recommends:

  • Mint
  • Ginger
  • Lemon
  • Black pepper
  • Bitter Melon extract
  • Ceylon cinnamon
  • Apple cider vinegar
  • Berberine

Chew thoroughly and mindfully. Chewing your food 25-40 times per bite is a great way to activate your digestive enzymes and stabilize your glycemic response.

Plus, it helps you to slow down and appreciate each bite — there are a cornucopia of health benefits when it comes to eating mindfully.

Exercise before and after a meal. Before a meal, Ben recommends doing as little as 30 seconds of explosive exercise. You can get creative here: a flash dance, burpees, air squats, chasing your kids around the yard, you name it.

Then, within an hour after a meal, do some type of aerobic, zen exercise. This could be as simple as taking a stroll around your neighborhood or doing some yogic stretching.

Recover fast

15. Recover like Wolverine

A resilient body is key to a long, well-lived life. Thanks to science, there are many ways you can recover quickly — just like our main man, Wolverine.


Use peptides. There are peptides called BPC-157 and TB-500 that you can inject into the skin around your joints to enhance their ability to heal.

If injecting peptides into your skin sounds a bit alarming, you’re not alone. You can read about this strange biohack in much more depth in Ben’s blogpost, How To Use BPC-157.

Try stem cell injections. Ben underwent a full body stem cell makeover himself.

The procedure consisted of injecting every single joint in his body with stem cells and cutting-edge molecules called exosomes. Albeit painful, the purpose of this procedure is to increase the amount of stem cells your body has available and, thus, decrease your propensity for aging.

His procedure was done by stem cell expert, Dr. Harry Adelson. To learn more about the produce and the healing powers of stem cells, you can listen to a full Bulletproof podcast about it with him here.

If you are curious about the sexual enhancement properties of injecting stem cells, check out Ben’s blog about this topic.

16. Fortify immunity

It goes without saying that a hardy immune system is crucial to a long, healthy life… and finding new ways to boost your immune system is a sure way to enhance your longevity.


Take colostrum supplements. Kion Colostrum goat’s milk supplement most notably gives your immune system and awesome boost. However, it also has a myriad of other health benefits such as enhancing growth factors and soothing a stressed gut.

Do a weekly Myers’ Cocktail IV. Rather than taking multivitamins and crossing your fingers for full absorption, you can do a Myers’ Cocktail IV. This way, you can get your body chock full of many nutrients that it may have trouble absorbing by injecting them directly into your bloodstream.

Do low-level physical activity throughout the day. The reason for this is to keep your lymph fluid flowing optimally. Maintaining mobility throughout the day can be as simple as bouncing on a mini trampoline (Ben keeps one in his office) or doing light mobility training.  

Hack Your Environment

17. Hack your environment

Sometimes, our work environments don’t provide optimal conditions for varied movements. Remember — motion is lotion! If you are feeling stiff at your desk, or anytime, get yourself in motion.

Thankfully, there are many ways you can hack your environment and optimize it for longevity, health, movement, and flow.


Move while you work. If you work in an office setting, mobility while you work is key. Ben uses a software called Dragon Dictation that allows him record and get an accurate transcription of what he is saying while he moves around freely.

Keep your brain activated while you work. To enhance the left and right hemispheric activity in the brain (aside from microdosing LSD), you can stand on a balance device, like Fluidstance, while you work to challenge your balance and keep your brain turned on.

18. Become a wupermodel

Now, feeling sexy and confident in your skin is important. Being healthy from the inside out will help keep you glowing, but there are other things you can do to amp up your glow.


A weekly clay mask. In case you were wondering, Ben does his weekly clay mask at the same time he does his coffee enema — just to paint you a mental picture and provide some comic relief while you read this rather sciencey biohacking guide.

Weekly clay masks are a supermodel method for intensifying the glow, youthfulness, and firmness of your skin, as well as removing any harmful toxins. Ben recommends the anti aging skin company Alitura.

Supplement 20-40 grams of collagen per day. Collagen is found in our joints, bones, tendons, muscles, hair, nails, and skin — it is what keeps these important body parts strong, supple, and young. However, as we age, our body’s natural production of collagen decreases.

For anti aging benefits, you can incorporate collagen to your diet in supplement form or by drinking bone broth.

Try golf ball rolling. Have you ever seen a supermodel with awful, lopsided posture? Most likely not. This is because posture and body symmetry are very important factors in a sexy appearance and overall well-being.

Your feet affect your posture and, ultimately, the entire symmetry of your body. To make sure your feet stay strong and maintain a good, stable platform for the health of your bodily structure, try golf ball rolling.

It’s simple — keep a golf ball under your desk (or wherever) and roll each foot over it, working the ball into your tissue, throughout the day.

Biohacking Guide For Optimizing Your Spirit

Biohacking Guide for Optimizing Your Spirit

19. Utilize the biology of belief

Above everything we have discussed in this article, your beliefs shape your biology the most. Because your beliefs affect your overall health, well-being, longevity, and even reality.


Read The Biology of Belief by Dr. Bruce Lipton. This book dives into how different beliefs, frequencies, and emotions directly affect your cells and your overall genetic expression. It is an extremely fascinating and life-changing read.

To get an overview of the book’s material, you can check out his summary talk online here.

Other books related to this realm of things that Ben recommends reading are Healing and Recovery by Dr. David Hawkins and Healing is Voltage by Dr. Jerry Tennant.

20. Practice gratitude

A daily gratitude practice is undeniably beneficial for optimizing the health of your spirit

Beyond that, however, it is also hugely beneficial for optimizing your overall biological well-being and longevity — if you read The Biology of Belief, you’ll understand how this works scientifically.


Do a gratitude practice every morning. You can be creative with how you do this. Expressing your gratitude out loud with a partner, pausing to swell in appreciation throughout your day, or keeping a gratitude journal all work splendidly.

Ben recommends his daily gratitude practice — In a gratitude journal, record three different things:

  1. What you are grateful for.
  2. A truth you have recently discovered.
  3. One person you can help, pray for, or serve that day.

21. Heal with sound

We all love music and we are all familiar with its magical ability to uplift our mood and spirit instantaneously. But did you know that the frequencies of sound (in music or otherwise) can actually affect your cognitive function, sleep, heart health, digestion, organ function, and more?

It’s fascinating how everything is interconnected. To learn more about how the healing power of sound, check out Ben’s blog post on sound healing.


Carry a LoveTuner. You can carry a portable LoveTuner with you and blow in it to create a 520 Hz frequency to enhance your ability to express love.  

Listen to Wholetones music. Wholetones music project is a series of beats that can heal your body and elicit certain emotions/moods depending on the sound frequencies you choose to tune into.

Download a sound healing app. There are various sound healing apps you can download to help you improve focus, meditation, sleep, happiness, and a plethora of others. Two apps Ben recommends are and Sleepstream.


22. Love

Love greatly uplifts and sings to your spirit — perhaps more efficiently than anything in the Universe… And anything that sings to your spirit is fantastic for your overall health and longevity (read The Biology of Belief, seriously).


Socialize and be with other people (in the flesh). The key here is to surround yourself with family, friends, and positive relationships — receive an oxytocin-boosting embrace, give an awe-inspiring compliment, or share a hearty, obnoxious laughter.

Read helpful books. In his talk, Ben admits that he used to be rather lonely and introverted, which oftentimes disabled him from experiencing community, relationships, and love.

If you can relate to this, you may benefit from reading some of the same books that helped break Ben out of his Shell of Isolation: The Power of Introverts by Susan Cain, Never Eat Alone by Keith Ferrazzi, Reclaiming Conversation by Sherry Turkle, and The Blue Zones by Dan Buettner.

23. Make sex experiential

Even just the thought of sex is enough to uplift our spirits (and not to mention, immediately alter our biology).  So, how can we take our sex lives to the next level?


Read the January 2018 edition of Men’s Health Magazine. For this edition, Ben Greenfield had the honor of going on a 3-month quest to research everything we can do to fully elevate our sex lives. For that, this edition dives into everything from the spirituality of sex to biohacks that enhance sexual performance.

Learn how to have multiple orgasms. For any man interested in discovering the physical and psychological secrets to fulfill their sexual desires, Ben recommends reading The Multi-Orgasmic Man by Mantak Chia and Douglas Abrams Arava. This book guides you through everything from how to have multiple orgasms to how to maintain sexual vitality and longevity.

Women, don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about you! To learn how to have multiple orgasms and increase sexual pleasure, check out this video by late tantra expert, Psalm Isadora.

24. Create a routine

When it comes to maintaining your health and hacking your biological age, routine is key. Having a consistent daily health routine —for mind, body, and spirit— will help you make health and longevity an automatic habit and daily ritual.


Create a daily routine. Write down a personalized, daily health routine and do your best to follow it every day. Perhaps you can run through this post and pull things from it you would like to incorporate into your daily life.

By writing your routine down, you will have something to refer to and help keep you on track throughout your day. After about 30 days of following a written out routine, it will become an effortless habit.

You can check out Ben Greenfield’s post, My Exact Morning Routine Unveiled Step-By-Step, for inspiration; and don’t worry, he gives you full permission to copy.  

As well, Aubrey Marcus has written a fantastic book called Own The Day, Own Your Life: Optimized Practices for Waking, Working, Learning, Eating, Training, Playing, Sleeping, and Sex. His book walks you through, segment by segment, how to create the most optimal daily routine and completely own the day in order to completely own your life — it’s a highly recommended read.

Ben Greenfield

The Most Important Thing You Can Do

Many of us are very focused, as I was for a long time, on all these biohacks to optimize the body and to optimize the brain, but we’ve got this dry, shriveled up soul and spirit inside of us.

— Ben Greenfield, trainer of Mindvalley’s The Longevity Blueprint Quest

What’s far more important than all the bio-hacks, the six pack abs, the stem cell injections, or even the optimization of neurotransmitters, is the ability to care for and nurture your soul

So, what is the single most important thing you can do to not just live a long time and look good naked, but to fulfill your soul and be happy forever?

Connect with your purpose.

Purpose is soul food.

To connect with your purpose, you must look within. For guidance, you can watch this video by Reverend Michael Beckwith on how to discover your true life’s purpose.  

Your final prescription is to write down what your soul’s purpose is.

You can begin by answering these questions:

Why have you been brought into this life?

What have you been called here to achieve?

What are your unique talents, gifts, and abilities?

Who can you help?

What makes your heart sing?

How will the world benefit from you being you?

Ben’s life purpose is to empower people to live adventurous, joyful, and fulfilling lives.

He seems to be doing a rather fantastic job at fulfilling his life purpose. Perhaps, above everything we’ve mentioned here, it is the fulfilling of this purpose that gives him the zest and biology of a 20 year old.

If you don’t do anything else discussed in his talk —the coffee enemas, the microdosing, the strange clay masks— find your purpose.

Finding your purpose in life and loving others through that purpose is the most powerful thing you can do for your longevity.

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