2 Advanced Lucid Dreaming Experiments for Brave Adventurers

2 Advanced Lucid Dreaming Experiments for Brave Adventurers

2 Advanced Lucid Dreaming Experiments for Brave Adventurers

Once you’ve mastered lucid dreaming, what’s the next level in exploration? Most lucid dreamers are pretty content exploring their dream world and controlling exotic and exciting scenarios, but there are even deeper paths.

It’s no secret that lucid dreaming can have a profound positive effect on the dreamer.

Many lucid dreamers report feeling braver, more confident, and more self-aware after practicing lucid dreaming for some time.

However, once you’ve mastered lucid dreaming, what’s the next level in exploration?

Most lucid dreamers are pretty content exploring their dream world and controlling exotic and exciting scenarios, but there are even deeper paths of exploration available.

We’re going to discuss two advanced lucid dreaming techniques that can take your lucid dream experiences to a higher plane of existence.

With these techniques, you’ll travel to other dimensions, meet higher consciousness beings, and do some serious self-discovery and exploration.

astral projection

Advanced Technique #1: Astral Projection

You may have heard the term Astral Projection or Astral Travel before, but did you know it’s possible to use lucid dreaming to explore the astral plane?

When someone takes an astral journey, they project their consciousness into the astral world and travel, at will, to different locations and experiences that are happening in real-time.

To understand astral projection, think of reality like a radio station.

Right now, your consciousness is tuned in, very clearly, to the physical world.

When you experience astral projection, you are tuning your consciousness into the astral world. Many say that astral projection feels like being a ghost – you can project your consciousness into any location or time and experience the events without being noticed.

So, what’s the difference between the astral world and the dream world?

Your dream world is your own personal inner consciousness.

Typically, when you experience a lucid dream, you are witnessing and interacting with the symbols and constructs of your own mind.

The astral world is different because it contains all of time and space and it is not personal to you. It is everyone’s external experience.

You cannot interact with the personal, internal world of anyone else, but through astral projection, you can witness anything that has happened, is currently happening, or will happen in the future.

Astral travel is usually achieved during a waking state through an out-of-body experience, but you can use this advanced lucid dreaming technique to explore the astral world while you are sleeping.

  • Once you are lucid in your dream, travel back to your room where you are sleeping.
  • Witness your body sleeping in the bed.
  • Walk around the room and try to find an object that you have not paid much attention to before.
  • Examine the object in detail.
  • When you wake up, verify the details of the object. If they are the same, then you successfully astrally projected. If the details are different, you were still exploring the symbols of your own mind. Keep practicing.
  • Once you have a successful astral projection, explore further by walking around your house or your neighborhood. You can always verify your experience by examining the details of an object and then confirming those details when you wake up.
  • Astral projection is an advanced technique, so it will take a lot of practice. Keep pushing yourself further each time.
  • The final test to prove your success is to have a friend place an object for you, without telling you what it is. They’ll need to tell you where it’s at and they should put it in an easily accessible place like a kitchen counter, coffee table, or nightstand. If you can project yourself into their home and examine that object and accurately describe it, then you will have mastered this advanced lucid dreaming technique.
  • Once you master the technique, you can use it to witness any event throughout all time and space!
Meet a parallel self

Advanced Technique #2: Meet a Parallel Self

The concept of parallel lives comes from the scientific theory of multiverses.

Though the theory is pretty complex, the simplified version is that there are infinite timelines contained within a multitude of parallel universes.

In other words, for everything that has happened, there is a parallel universe where something else happened instead.

What would have happened if you had not taken the job you have now? What would your life be like if you had stayed in your last relationship?

For every decision you have made, the multiverse theory states that there are other versions of you living out those different timelines.

Just like with astral projection, you can practice an advanced technique of lucid dreaming to view any number of parallel lives.

  • Use your preferred technique to induce a lucid dream.
  • Once you are lucid in your dream, focus on a decision or event that has happened in your life.
  • Meditate on that experience during your lucid dream and picture yourself in the parallel reality.
  • You can intentionally travel to the moment a different decision was made and follow the new path.
  • You can also intentionally travel to the present moment in the parallel reality.
  • Once you’ve mastered visiting your own personal parallel realities, try to visit alternate timelines of history.
  • Always record your experiences and try to revisit the same reality multiple times. This can help verify your experiences and make them more vivid.

Have fun exploring these alternate universes and parallel worlds. Between the infinite space of your dream world, all of space and time, and unlimited parallel realities, there’s plenty to explore with advanced dreaming techniques.

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