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Your Biggest Questions About Lifebook Online Answered

Your Biggest Questions About Lifebook Online Answered

Serial entrepreneurs Jon and Missy Butcher have not only created a successful life on their own terms…

They’ve also empowered thousands of others to create their own vision for an extraordinary life, unique to them, and turn it into a reality.

All through the Lifebook process created by them which then we’ve brought online and turned into a Quest. Countless students of the Lifebook Quest have shared with us their success stories. In fact, we take all of our team members at Mindvalley through the program because we’ve seen the incredible impact it has on people’s lives.

Watch this video to hear Vishen Lakhiani ask Jon and Missy the community’s most frequently asked questions, like:

  1. How is Lifebook different than countless other goal-setting programs?
  2. What’s the appropriate age for Lifebook? Can you be too old or too young?
  3. Can you do Lifebook with a partner?
  4. Do you need any special software for the templates in this program?

Watch the video above to hear what they had to say.

Which category of life are you most excited to work on in the Lifebook Quest? Share in the comments below.

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Jon and Missy Butcher