10 Reasons Why Yoga Will Boost Your Productivity

Did you know that yoga not only helps you relax and unwind, but that practicing yoga will boost your productivity?

We hear a lot about how yoga can help us relax and unwind but we don’t always hear about the how yoga can help increase our energy and be extension, our productivity.

Yoga Will Boost Your Productivity And Mental Health

It’s true that yoga helps us to reduce stress, unwind and calm down. Yoga also helps us to sleep better. But guess what? These same reasons are precisely what can help boost your productivity.

Let’s take a look at sleep. Like many of us, you may not be getting enough sleep. Combine reduced hours in bed coupled with trouble sleeping soundly, and you can bet your productivity will plummet!

With enough caffeine, any of us can feel like productivity superheroes, but the reality is, caffeine is only a temporary and unhealthy method of increasing your energy.

Researchers now believe that chronic lack of sleep can cause depression. And someone that’s suffering from depression is definitely not at their most productive best.

You may be dealing with a lot of stress. If you are chronically anxious, you will not be able to think clearly. Not to mention, chronic stress is equated with a host of health problems.

So, is it possible to boost your productivity with yoga? Yes. Here’s how.

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Yoga and Prefrontal Stimulation

Yoga, especially yoga meditation, stimulates the prefrontal lobes of your brain. This is where higher thinking and critical decision-making occurs. Having more grey matter (brain cells) in this important area of the brain is sure to help boost productivity. This area of the brain is also where the “feel good” hormones, like dopamine are released.

So, a brain on yoga is a happy brain! And a happy brain is a productive one.

10 Ways Practicing Yoga Will Boost Your Productivity

  1. Improves Sleep
  2. Improves Higher Thinking
  3. Improves Focus
  4. Improves Immunity
  5. Improves Energy
  6. Improves Mood
  7. Reduces Stress
  8. Reduces Pain
  9. Reduces Depression
  10. Reduces Anxiety

Yoga can also act as an insurance plan. If you fell that you’re already doing well, yoga can help you stay prepared and on top of your game.

Imagine being healthy, well-rested, full of natural energy, focused, on task, and feeling happy. Do you think you might get more work done? You bet!

For more on the intrinsic benefits of yoga, watch this video on the spiritual aspects of yoga practice with Mindvalley teacher, Yogi Cameron:


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