Vishen Lakhiani On Crystal Skulls, Healing, Donna Eden And How To Live Long And Healthy

In this short video Vishen Lakhiani explains how Energy Medicine has transformed the way he looks at how the body functions and heals.

Donna Eden was able to see energy fields around the body ever since she was little, but only started to actively work with them when she was facing severe symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis.

She was able to heal herself, has been symptom free for 40 years, and has been teaching over 100,000 people – both professionals and laypeople – how to heal themselves too, since.

Watch the video above to hear Vishen’s personal experience with Energy Medicine, how it impacted his life and what’s so unique about Donna.

A story on crystal skulls, healing, Energy Medicine, Donna Eden and how to live long and healthy…

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Vishen Lakhiani

Vishen Lakhiani

Vishen Lakhiani is the founder of Mindvalley, the education company behind many of the world's top apps, festivals, events, courses and more in the field of human transformation and personal growth.

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