Sending Love From Afar: The Power of Distance Healing

Sending Love From Afar: The Power of Distance Healing

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It’s true; distance healing works, and it’s extremely powerful. Learn how sending out your love energy affects the rest of the world.

Sending good intentions and good thoughts when someone is in need of physical, emotional, spiritual, or mental help is more important than you might realize.

In a universe where everything is energy, your thoughts and intentions can and do influence matter.

People often speak of sending good, loving, healing thoughts to help someone, but do we fully appreciate the power that these positive thoughts really have? And do they work when someone is not present?

Distance healing has been studied for a long time, sometimes with inconclusive results.

But the study of quantum physics has made tremendous leaps in our understanding of the way the universe works.

What Does Distance Healing Look Like?

Everything, including our bodies and our thoughts, are energy. Thought energy is particularly powerful and has been shown to influence matter. This means that distance healing is not only possible but very real.

A 2008 study showed that people trained in distance healingthe sending of healing intentions remotely (outside the reach of the physical senses) – could influence the autonomic nervous system of the recipient of their intentions.

The autonomic nervous system is the part of the nervous system that controls involuntary bodily functions like heart rate, sweat, digestion, etc.

The study showed that when one person transmitted his or her healing intention onto a patient, the recipient’s autonomic nervous system showed an immediate activation. This was measured with skin conductance (the skin’s ability to conduct electricity).

This is a remarkable find!

This well-designed study had people (the “senders”) send intentions for 10 seconds at a time, followed by a break – and every single time they sent their intentions, they activated the autonomic nervous system of the patient (the “receiver”).

But when the sender was taking a break, there was no activation of skin conductance in the patients.

The best results were found with people trained in compassionate intention, but even the untrained participants in the study were able to generate an autonomic response.

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Key takeaways from the distance healing study

The above study wasn’t out to prove that the senders could heal the receivers. It was only trying to prove that the intentions of the sender had some sort of influence on the receiver.

The implication is that healing intentions, such as love, could create positive changes in another person regardless of distance from the receiver.

So, let’s go back to quantum theory: that everything is energy.

Have you ever suffered from a prolonged period of stress and/or depression?

More than likely, your health suffered as a result. There is no doubt that the mind influences the body (and vice-versa). But to use the energetic power of thought (intention) over distance to heal another person – that is powerful, powerful stuff!

Think of your thoughts, emotions, and intentions radiating out from you like music radiates out from a radio. Our ears may not perceive the music when there’s a physical obstacle or distance in the way of the vibration of the sound coming from the radio – but that doesn’t mean it’s not there! It just means we can’t consciously perceive it.

How Does Distance Healing Work?

Here’s a brief look at the underlying principles of distance healing as explained using quantum physics:

  • Intention is energy; our instruments are not yet able to pick up that specific signal or type of energy, so some people doubt its existence, but its effects are measurable
  • Energy does not have any time or space constraints (unlike our physical senses).
  • Particles exist in a field of potentiality – meaning intention can influence the behavior of particles

It’s known that the intention of an experimenter influences the outcome of the experiment – so why is it that distance healing seems to work sometimes, but not others?

More than likely, it’s due to either lack of focused intention (for example, trying to send intentions about a person’s physical health and their emotions at the same time); or, the energy of the patient’s intention is blocking the sender’s intention.

The best results happen when both the sender and the receiver are “on the same page.” They must both:

  • believe that the process works so that the intentions aren’t polluted by contradictory thoughts; this is especially important on the part of the patient – the expectation that healing would occur.
  • focus very directly on a specific topic and not dilute the intention with too many generalizations

Not everyone is equally capable of performing distant healing. However, it’s an ability that can be developed to a large extent.

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How can you develop your distance healing abilities?

The best way to develop distance healing abilities is by raising your own vibration. This will prevent your intentions from being polluted by conditioned negative beliefs and energy blockages.

If your vibration goes higher than 500 – the vibration of love – you will radiate joy, love, health, abundance, and peace. Imagine how your intentions, magnified by these powerful vibrations, will affect other people!

Even without directing your intention, you can help other people around you feel better; and “around you” means the entire planet! Anytime you raise your energetic frequency, you automatically raise the frequency of people you think about.

4 Distance Healing Tips

1. Try the Love or Above Program

Learn to visualize divine light and love entering you and filling you. Feel, experience, and believe this energy within yourself. Then you can radiate it outward.

2. Visualize the person you want to heal

Feel the divine energy moving outward from you to that person. Do this from a state of mind of total relaxation and acceptance, meaning you do not doubt the effectiveness. You simply allow divine energy to do its work.

3. Visualize your loved one receiving love and light

Imagine it filling every cell in their bodies, bringing health, happiness, vitality, and joy instantly and abundantly.

4. Hold your visualization for brief periods

Then take a break. This will help you focus intently and avoid being distracted.

It will also help you avoid diluting your intention with unwanted feelings or thoughts.

With practice, you will enhance your distance healing skills. And don’t forget to work on yourself – raising your own vibration to love or above.

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