How to Use Emotional Freedom Technique (Tapping) to Heal Anxiety

How to Use Emotional Freedom Technique (Tapping) to Heal Anxiety

Tapping therapy for anxiety Jennifer Partridge

There’s an efficient tool for healing out there: tapping therapy for anxiety. Learn how to use the emotional freedom technique with expert Jennifer Partridge.

People are always looking for easier and more efficient ways of dealing with their mental or emotional difficulties. This method for healing has been getting more fame in the world of self-help remedies: tapping therapy for anxiety.

Focusing on achieving the ‘mind-body’ connection will release our emotional struggles on a deeper level, probably better than traditional therapy. That is why it’s worth giving a shot at alternative methods of nurturing this relationship between body and spirit.

Tapping is one solution, and expert Jennifer Partridge will show you the ins and outs of it. 

After suffering from severe anxiety and dealing with health issues, Jennifer discovered the miracle of the tapping technique for anxiety along her journey. In turn, her whole life was changed for the better;, therefore, she decided to help people transform theirs.

Now, she’s a leading expert on how to use tapping therapy for anxiety and many other physical or emotional imbalances. With her guidance, you’ll discover:

Sounds interesting? Let’s tap right into it.

What Is EFT Tapping Therapy?

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) tapping therapy is a tool that supports processing emotional baggage, negative thoughts, limiting beliefs, and physical illness at hyper speed. It’s done by applying pressure with your fingers repeatedly on certain meridian points on your body.

The meridian points are areas of the body where the energy of trauma and unprocessed emotions gets stuck and stored in the physical body. A build-up of this energy could lead to diseases after a while of not being dealt with.

Jennifer, who’s also the trainer of Mindvalley’s Tapping Into Emotional Mastery Quest, describes how the result of letting the energy flow naturally again is an empowered human being in touch with their highest potential, and living in a state of love.

How does it work?

Tapping blends modern psychology, Chinese medicine, and neuroplasticity with deep spiritual practice. It was created by psychotherapist Gary Craig in 1995, and ever since, the method has developed and grown in popularity.

  • Modern psychology: speaking out loud emotions, thoughts, memories, limiting beliefs, so all the pain draws to the surface of your conscious mind
  • Chinese medicine: using the principle of the meridian system (main energy points through which life’s energy flows)
  • Neuroplasticity: rewiring our brain’s neural connections to experience safety and love
  • Spiritual component: actively bringing unconditional love to one’s life

Although EFT is still being researched, there is an evidence-based correlation between acupoint stimulation and treating psychological disorders (which tapping is based on).

How to Use Tapping Therapy for Anxiety in 5 Simple Steps

The great news is that tapping is a simple method that will relax your body and reset your mind and spirit, all at once. 

“How to use tapping for anxiety?” you may ask. To get the benefits of this practice, all you have to do is follow these five simple steps every day that Jennifer recommends:

Tapping therapy for anxiety

#1: Practice the daily soul tap

According to Jennifer, the daily soul tap consists of three questions that will easily connect you to your soul every day. So close your eyes, take a deep cleansing breath, and ask yourself:

  1. What will bring deep fulfillment to my soul today?
  2. What emotions and thoughts are blocking me from this experience?
  3. What would I be thinking and feeling if this was not an issue?

You can write down the answers if it helps you to better reflect on them.

#2: Get familiar with the tapping points

Once you know the meridian points where you need to tap, then everything else flows with ease. It goes as follows:

  1. Start with massaging the points underneath your collar bones. This part is just the beginning of your tapping routine.
  2. Then we tap on the center of the chest.
  3. We move up between the brows.
  4. Then we tap the points on the temples.
  5. Move down to the cheeks.
  6. Tap underneath the nose.
  7. Underneath the lips.
  8. We tap again on the chest.
  9. On the front of the ribs.
  10. Side of the ribs.
  11. And straight back to the head where we tap the head all over, as all meridian points start and end in that area.

And then we go again. Between the brows, on the temples, cheeks, underneath the nose, underneath the lips, chest, front of the ribs, side of the ribs, and back to the head again. As you practice, you won’t have any problems remembering these tapping points.

An important part of the daily soul tap (as Jennifer beautifully calls it) is taking deep breaths as you go on with the routine. As you use the tapping technique for anxiety and breathe deeply, the oxygen will flood the system, which will clear out stagnation and blocks.

#3: Acknowledge your struggle

The second step is knowing what you’re dealing with. It’s about connecting to the truth inside and meeting yourself where you are at. Only then, you can heal.

So, as you start your routine with massaging the points underneath the collar bones, think about the first question. What emotions rise up from that? Is it a feeling of overwhelm? Thoughts of “This is too hard” and “I can’t do it”? Anxiety and resistance?

If you need some help figuring your emotions out, you can check out this emotions list.

Start tapping the meridian points as described above while you say out loud:

  • “I really want to create…”
  • “But part of me feels that…”
  • “Another part of me thinks that…”

When tapping and acknowledging your blockages, you bring out to the surface the unprocessed emotions stuck in your body and subconscious mind.

#4: Love and accept your difficulties

As you lean into feeling the discomfort of your inner blockages and struggles, you create more space for love and acceptance.

Therefore, you can continue tapping and say out loud: 

  • “Even though a part of me has been struggling to create…, I deeply love and accept myself exactly as I am.”
  • “It’s possible to love here.”
  • “I am worthy of love here.”

You can repeat these healing affirmations for another round or two of tapping the meridian points. 

#5: Offer yourself a new vision

After becoming more conscious about your feelings, you can shift your focus to what you’d like to experience going forward. Close up your tapping routine by saying out loud:

  • “I really want to create more…”
  • “And I want to let go of the struggle now.”
  • “It will be easier if I release the struggle.”
  • “I’m in a safe space to let go of this struggle. I can move past it.”
  • “I am ready to create…”
  • “It makes me feel…when I get to create…”

Really lean into the joy and the play. That’s what your soul wants.

— Jennifer Partridge, tapping expert and trainer of Mindvalley’s Tapping into Emotional Mastery Quest

This part of the daily soul tap is supposed to deeply connect you to the life that you desire to live. When your whole body and mind get used to feeling this way, it will make it easier for you to create this reality.

Benefits of EFT Tapping

The amazing benefits of EFT tapping were sworn by Mindvalley members who went along a tapping journey with Jennifer’s guidance. Here are a few of their results:

Tapping therapy for anxiety

#1: More energy awareness in the body

It’s no surprise to find out how much our body and mind are connected. When we get to release emotions held in the body, we’ll find how powerful its healing capacity of it actually is.

“This is such a beautiful life hack for those struggling to really shift stuck pain or trauma in their bodies. Your body knows how to heal itself; you just need to give it the right support to do its best job.

Emotions are meant to be felt and move through your body. There is no place for them to stay trapped in your body and mind. In their expression and movement, you will find freedom.

A beautiful set of practices indeed!”

Bryan Jordaan, Johannesburg, South Africa

#2: Enjoy life to the fullest

You can use tapping for anxiety and depression at the beginning, but sooner or later, you’ll realize this technique is a way of connecting deeply and more intimately with your soul. Living from this place within yourself will guide you to creating the life you love.

“When I started this quest, I thought I would just get a tool to deal with difficult emotions, or stress and anxiety. It turned out to be so much deeper than that! I learned how to work with my limiting beliefs, trust myself again, let go of control, surrender to the care of the Universe, and more!

Every day in the quest just keeps getting deeper and better. Yes, now I have a new powerful tool, but most importantly, it has helped me so much in experiencing life differently and becoming a happier person.”

Tri Nuraini, Jakarta, Indonesia

#3: Experience greater self-love

Once you connect to the abundant love you can have from yourself, everything in your life will start shifting. Tapping may also bring you the benefit of loving yourself more and more.

“I believe that tapping is giving me a chance to really allow my inner self to come out and flourish as a whole.

I now see myself as a very strong and radiant person who is really firm in who he is in all aspects of my life. Not just personal but professional too.

I believe that tapping is giving me a chance to really allow my inner self to come out and flourish as a whole without hiding any mess from the past.”

Kyle, Florida, United States

Tapping therapy for anxiety

Tap Into the Wisdom Within

Tapping can align you to the magnificence of your body, mind, and spirit intelligence.

— Jennifer Partridge, tapping expert and trainer of Mindvalley’s Tapping into Emotional Mastery Quest

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You’ll embark on this exciting journey and have the opportunity to tap into the life of your dreams. The greatest part of it all is that you will have a community to share your powerful transformation with. Welcome in.

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