The Spiritual Awakening That Changed My Entire Life

The Spiritual Awakening That Changed My Entire Life

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I would’ve never thought that I’d have a life-altering spiritual awakening at the age of 21 that would make me question my entire existence and help me find my true purpose in this lifetime. But it happened….and what a journey it was. 

I remember the night so clearly – I was sitting on my couch watching a movie and I slowly started to feel my legs, hand, and feet going numb. My heart started racing and I felt so uncomfortable in my body.

What was going on? Was this just a random panic attack, or was there something more that the Universe was trying to tell me? I was in for a big surprise.

The Journey Begins

After this life-altering out-of-body panic attack, I started to face my inner demons. It was a wake-up call for me to realize how confused and lost I felt. I began yearning for a bigger purpose and mission. 

Prior to this, I was working 3 jobs that felt very unfulfilling. I had unsupportive friendships, I was in an unhealthy relationship and as a result of all of this, I was struggling with severe anxiety and depression. 

All my baggage and my biggest fears started rising to the surface, and I had no choice but to face myself and start changing my reality. Shadow work became my best friend. 

I became intimate with the parts of myself that I repressed for so long. I started to dive into the underworld of my subconscious mind by journaling my feelings, meditating every day, and speaking to trusted mentors. I was devoted to waking up every morning to meditate for at least 20 minutes, journaling my deepest feelings and thoughts, and just allowing myself the space to feel all the things that I was distracting myself from for so long. 

Through all of this, I began understanding why I constantly found myself in unhealthy relationships and friendships. It was time for me to let go of the things that were no longer serving the next level of my evolution and identity. I knew it was going to bring a lot of grief and pain, but I had a deep burning desire to transform and leave my old identity behind.

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What The Transformational Process Looked Like 

I started…. 

  • Reading all the personal development books. One book that changed my life during this time was “It Didn’t Start With You” by Mark Wolynn. It helped me understand how our ancestral lineage plays a major role in the trauma and stagnant emotions we find ourselves carrying throughout our lives. Diving deeper into my lineage helped me heal so many parts of my own identity.
  • Going to workshops. Not only did I learn and expand my knowledge by attending different workshops, but I also met incredible new people that are now a part of my soul tribe.
  • Trying new things and moving out of my comfort zone. Since I no longer resonated with the old activities and hobbies I used to enjoy, I started seeking out new things that sparked my soul on fire. I learned to fly a plane, I went in a hot air balloon, and I started taking dance classes. These were activities that I would’ve never done prior to this awakening. 
  • Traveling alone. Taking this time to visit different places allowed me to expand my view on life and reflect on all the things I needed to sort out internally and externally.
  • Doing the inner work. This looked like challenging my own beliefs and taking action to move out of my comfort zone. Once I realized that I was holding myself back, I felt liberated and free to do what felt right in my soul.

It was a magical period in my life learning about myself and rediscovering who I was. I felt like I was being reborn, and I wanted nothing more than to help others turn their pain into power and discover their sovereignty. 

This realization led me to become a transformational coach and start my own podcast where I could share parts of my journey and inspire others to rise from the ashes. 

As I immersed myself in all these practices and started changing my mindset, my excitement and pure joy for life came back. I felt like I was getting in touch with my inner child — the part of me that was so suffocated and repressed. To finally feel free and liberated from my own limitations felt medicinal, and sharing this process with others has brought me a different type of joy that cannot be matched. 

Becoming Your Best Self

Transformation can be intimidating. When we experience a spiritual awakening, part of our identity withers away and we find ourselves disconnected from the things we once heavily identified with. 

This disconnection can happen in our friendships, romantic relationships, careers, and belief systems. Maybe you’ve realized that you’ve been holding onto an outdated relationship that doesn’t actually align with your core values. Or maybe you’re holding onto some toxic habits and patterns from your childhood that aren’t helping you evolve into the person you’re meant to be. 

This can all lead to a spiritual depression because the things that once made us happy, no longer feel fulfilling.

While this is a scary feeling, it’s also highly empowering. Awakenings are simply opportunities for us to level up and change what is no longer working for us. 

If we allow ourselves the space to surrender and feel into this transformational process, magic can happen. As we loosen our grip on our former identity, we make space for beautiful opportunities and manifestations to happen. 

This is what the Law of Attraction is really about —- letting go of the old so we can attract the new.

Awaken Your Unstoppable

Don’t be afraid of a transformation. Be the phoenix that you came here to be. Allow yourself to feel all the emotions you’ve repressed and learn to face the changes that are happening for you, not to you. 

You’re never a victim of your circumstances; you can choose to alchemize and transmute all the emotions and situations that feel heavy. 

It might not feel like it, but you always have a choice. You can either become a prisoner to your own demons or you can set yourself free. 

Choose to do the inner work to find peace and genuine joy. Choose to unveil parts of yourself so you can be a better and more integrated person. Choose to see the light in the dark moments of your life. 

Remember that you’re always being guided towards something better and if you can find the silver lining within the difficult moments in life, you’ve already won. 

Written by
Yasmin Elzomor