3 Ways To Release Stress And Anxiety With Energy Medicine

Trying to rid yourself of stress and anxiety? If you haven’t tried Energy Medicine before, you may want to start after watching the video above.

Donna Eden, one of the world’s most prominent and successful Energy Healers, shares three simple techniques to release any form of tension. And you can use them at any time of day.

About The Video

When we’re feeling stressed our bodies naturally enter into a state that’s often referred to as the “fight or flight-mode.”

In this state a chemical reaction in our bodies makes sure that more blood is pumped into our arms and legs than into our forebrain. This is our body’s (ancient) strategy to ensure we can use our optimal strength to either run or fight.

Unfortunately, this very reaction limits our capacity to think and make well thought-through decisions.

And nowadays, that’s often the opposite of what we need when we encounter a stressful situation.

The three ways to release stress and anxiety with Energy Medicine shared in the video above will instantly restore your blood flow, so that you are able to tap into all of your brain’s resources and power, and feel calm and relaxed again.

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Which of the three techniques to release stress and anxiety did you try out first?

And what was your experience?

Share it with the tribe in the comments below.

Donna Eden

Donna Eden

For the past 40 years, Donna Eden has been relentlessly proclaiming, teaching, and demonstrating that our body is nothing but a collection of energy systems and that there are scientific means to naturally reclaim our health and vitality. Her life mission is to make Energy Medicine available to anyone and everyone.Today she's certified more than 5,000 people as "Eden Energy Medicine” practitioners and more than 100,000 students (including many physicians, nurses, and other mainstream health professionals) have been impacted by her wisdom.

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