The 3 Most Powerful Elements of a Purposeful Life

The 3 Most Powerful Elements of a Purposeful Life


Ever wonder where you fit in? What your true purpose in life is? Learn the three greatest elements in having a purposeful life.

What defines a purposeful tool? 

The tool is ingrained with its purpose from the start. Once this tool loses the ability to fulfill its purpose then it is useless and thus discarded.

One of our greatest fears as human beings is not feeling purposeful or losing our purpose. We fear that we would become useless and thus discarded by society.

But, like a noble tool, you always have your purpose within, even if you lose sight of what it is.

How to Define What Is Purposeful

The aspects of being purposeful are that of clarity, engagement, and fulfillment.

Being Purposeful is knowing what you are here to do on this earth and the smaller aspects of every part of that. Being fully focused and connected to what it is you are meant to be doing is a truly rewarding experience.

Purposeful Clarity

1. Purposeful Clarity

As Philip McKernan shared in his speech at A-Fest, the first step to clarity is to clear up complexity and attachment โ€“ the two major blockers of clarity.

The best cure for the above two burdens to clarity is the mind-altering and soul-renewing form of meditation. Emily Fletcher teaches about how her complicated life of showbusiness was clarified by meditation.

Emilyโ€™s clarity in being purposeful brought her to become the world-renowned meditation teacher she is today.

2. Purposeful Engagement

Once you have found what makes you purposeful you will be in the perfect space of challenge and support. You will look forward to every day yet come home satisfied that you have had the opportunity to do, express, and contribute all you had to give to the world.

When you live a life that is purposeful your dreams will become bigger as you no longer fear the challenge and wish to push yourself beyond the bounds of who you think you can be.

Vishen Lakhani, founder of Mindvalley and author of Becoming Limitless, speaks about the balance of being in the now and having a vision for the future.

Not only will these dreams get bigger but they will provide their own roadmap on how to behave, what choices to make and what path to take to achieve those very dreams.

It may be that those who do most, dream most.

โ€“ Victor Hugo 
Purposeful Fulfillment

3. Purposeful Fulfillment

Imagine a life tainted by an overall glow of satisfaction. No matter what each hour, day, week or month brings you will always look back with the biggest smile and most powerful gratitude about the life you are living.

This is the power of purposeful fulfillment and the key is gratitude. You may think gratitude comes only when you have achieved your life of purpose but gratitude is the bricks that build that very foundation.

Get into the practice of gratitude daily and you paint your life purposeful. The more you practice gratitude the more grateful you become. The more grateful you become the more purposeful your life becomes. Further, when you are in this state you will attract the manifestations of your purpose.

When you are grateful, fear disappears and abundance appears.

โ€“ Anthony Robbins

The gift of being purposeful is granted through the journey of constant refinement. It is granted through adding value and being grateful for the blessing of life. Purpose is a mindset and a practice that ultimately manifests its physical form of a life of success.