3 Simple But Profound Mantras For Your Meditations

Meditation Mantras

Meditation Mantras are some of the most spiritually-oriented of all mantras.

Music (including brainwave entrainment), focusing on the breath, or focusing on an object are other ways of altering your consciousness — but there is something almost mystical about the sound of your own voice repeating a meditation mantra.

The word “mantra” is Hindu for “word.” Some spiritual or meditation teachers might insist that only certain words or more accurately certain “secret” words (that only a few know) can be used to enter meditation or achieve some level of enlightenment.

That is simply not true.

meditating with mantras

There is NO need to use Hindu words, or words in any language with which you are unfamiliar if you don’t feel comfortable using them. Many concepts are lost in translation anyway so why use a word you have trouble pronouncing, trouble understanding… a word that doesn’t speak to your soul? Just because you want to meditate does not mean you must take on the spiritual or religious practices of others.

Meditation is the journey WITHIN. You alone hold the key to entering that realm, and you should feel free to use any word or words you feel is right for you!

What YOU feel in your heart and your mind to be a spiritual word or a word that can help you alter your state of consciousness, is right for YOU. That said, some words by their very nature have a higher energetic vibration than others, and those are the ones you want to use for meditation.

Try this quick experiment: say the word “anger” and pay particular attention to the way your body feels. Repeat the word twenty times, and feel how your body reacts to it. You’ll be amazed. You’ll notice that you begin to physically feel awful when you say that word! Then, say the word “love” twenty times, and feel how your body reacts to it. This will give you an idea of how words and feelings go together and how they affect you.

There is also no need to repeat complicated mantras if you don’t want to. The repetition of a single word can be just as effective in:

  • quieting your mind by focusing your attention on a word;
  • creating an altered state of consciousness;
  • creating a more positive energetic environment (remember the “anger” and “love” experiment).

Simple Meditation Mantras

You can make up your own mantras. Ultimately that’s the best way to get into your own “zone.” You can use the following single words, or combine them with others to create your own meditation mantras.


Considered the most sacred mantra (and arguably the most commonly used), Om is a Sanskrit word that is meant to convey the “original vibration of manifestation” – in other words, when intention manifests in the physical realm.

This is one word that pretty much anyone can feel comfortable using, no matter your spiritual inclinations. It is an incredibly soothing sound, especially when you allow the vibration to linger in your throat. You can literally feel your body vibrate when you repeat this mantra for a little while!

om mantras

It has been said that the true meaning of Om can only be understood by revelation. In other words, you have to say it to understand it. For starters, you can focus on the silence from which Om originates and into which it dissipates. That will quickly give your mind something to focus on and help you enter and stay in meditation!


Saying the word “love” while focusing on the feelings of love are a powerful way to create the atmosphere of love. Focus on the physical feeling you get when you say the word, Love. It’s such a great feeling! Even if you’re feeling depressed, angry or upset, you can literally feel Love washing over you when you repeat the word. Feel the love radiating outward from your heart…

“I am”

This is the most powerful manifesting mantra. Think about it. Whenever you say, “I am sick,” how do you feel? Whenever you say, “I am happy,” how do you feel? In meditation, you can use “I am” alone to honor and acknowledge your existence. And you can take it a step further and honor and acknowledge your divinity and oneness with all that is.

You can also add positive affirmations while you meditate to help paint a mental picture of what you want out of life. For example, “I am a successful (what you want to be)” and so on.

Using Mantras For Meditation

You can use mantras to enter meditation, to silence the mind, or to achieve a goal.

Entering meditation by using a mantra helps silence the mental chatter and relaxes the brain into the alpha state. Simply sit comfortably with your eyes closed, and repeat the mantra you choose. Repetition and consistency are the keys. Think of the hypnotic effect of ancient tribal drumming, and you’ll get the idea.

Meditating to a mantra while IN meditation keeps the mind silent for the duration. If you are not at the point where you have complete mental mastery, you’ll struggle with this in the beginning as your mind keeps wandering to various topics. Keep at it, and you’ll succeed.

Meditation to a mantra with the purpose of achieving a goal is an amazingly effective manifesting technique. When you are relaxed, there is far less mental resistance to goals so freely visualize them and repeat your “I am” manifesting mantra. This imprints the idea in your mind and helps dissolve the internal resistance you might otherwise feel. Resistance such as “I’m not good enough to achieve this” will go away when you combine visualization with a manifesting mantra.

You can supercharge your efforts by combining Omharmonics and mantras. This is a powerful combination! Your brain will automatically enter the alpha state as you listen to your meditation audio track, and you will accelerate your personal growth as you develop the mental self-mastery of silencing your mind.

Which mantra will you use in your next meditation session? Share in the comments below!



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